Take and Hold! A Steamroller strategy video

Gearjock’s Academy has posted a new Warmachine and Hordes strategy vidcast.

From their announcement:

A new video has been posted at Gearjock’s academy which tackles many of the various ways the armies of Warmachine and Hordes can take and hold objectives. This is a vital strategy to win in Steamroller scenario beyond the standard “assassination” plan. Feel free to comment with your own strategies for winning by scenario.

Gearjock’s Academy posts new video

Gearjock’s Academy have posted a new Warmachine and Hordes strategy video titled Synergy.

From their announcement:

Hey everyone, Gear here letting you know I have uploaded another video to my site. This video deals with Synergy, a very important topic for Warmachine and Hordes. I explain how it works by going through the process of designing a list with Synergy in mind, graphically displaying the connections between models.