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Welcome to November. While October might be my favorite month in terms of weather, November contains my favorite holiday of the year: Thanksgiving (yes, Canadians, I know you have Thanksgiving in October). I've got 4 weeks to prep for Thanksgiving and then Thanksgiving 2: Thank Harder on Friday. But while I make sure my dinner table will look great, I currently need to make sure that your gaming tables look great.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Tabletop Scenics Releases Ork Troop Transmitta and New Gaslands Game Mat Available From Deep-Cut Studio.

From what I can tell from my friend's feed on Facebook, they simply can't get enough Gaslands. They're picking up any toy cars they can find, slapping all manner of weapons and improvised armor on them, and taking to the tabletop. Osprey is certainly helping by providing extra supplements for the game, the second of which is available now. And hey, they're free.

It's very early on Saturday morning. Well, not as early as it was when I first got up (Now: 6am. Woke up: 3am). I'd love to know why, on weekdays, my brain is all, "man, I dun wanna get up!" while on the weekend it's like, "3am, homebear. Be awake now!" Maybe I'm just so excited about D&D today. I guess we can go with that. But while I get ready for all the things I'm gonna do today, I also need to get you your reviews I know you so desperately desire.

Today we have: Go Nuts for Doughnuts, Sushi Go!, Bamboleo, Cry Havoc: Aftermath, Down in Flames: WWII-Guns Blazing, Gaslands, Dinosaur Island, Dr. Beaker, and Crusader Kings.


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