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Ganesha Games

From retro sci-fi to more futuristic sci-fi. Ganesha Games has headed for the stars with Star Eagles, their new sci-fi miniatures space combat game. Build your own squadron of ships and duel it out against your opponent's in the cold vacuum of space. Flexible ship-creation rules let you build entirely new designs, or look to recreate your favorite fighters from fiction. Game is up on Kickstarter now.
How can you really compete with a title like Psi-Paladins and Techno Barbarians? Listening to Devo while typing up this post also just seems incredibly appropriate as well. It's just got a bit of everything going for it. Anyway, Psi-Paladins and Techno Barbarians, from Ganesha Games, is a new set of 28mm miniatures as well as a rules supplement for Mutants and Death Ray Guns that's up on Kickstarter now.
Osprey Game's Of Gods and Mortals lets you play out mythical battles between various deities and their human followers. The first supplement for it, Celts, is now available from Ganesha Games, giving you yet more gods, monsters, and mortals with which to wage your wars.
Many of you are familiar with Ganesha Games' Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes set of miniatures rules. I can think of a couple of games that use it as the basis for their rules sets. Well, this time they're making a game for their own. Axe and Brimstone is a new set of 28mm miniatures, as well as a narrative campaign. It's up on Kickstarter now.
Mutant monkeys. Or I guess they're apes. To be honest, I'm no biologist. I'm not entirely sure on the distinctions between the two. But whichever they are, they will be coming to your tabletop, as Ganesha Games has launched a Kickstarter to fund Project Simian X, a set of sci-fi mutant simian figures for Mutants and Death-Ray Guns.
Programs! Get your programs! Can't tell a Knight from a Day without your Program!
Or in this case, I guess you wouldn't be able to tell a Knight from a Knave without your program. This case, the program would be (appropriately enough) called Knights and Knaves and it is the new supplement for Battlesworn: Bid for Victory and it's available now from Ganesha Games.
The Ganesha Games Kickstarter for their Song of Blades: Hammer and Forge dwarves sets just keeps on rolling along. They are closing in on 3x funded with still 16 days to go. They've unlocked several new sculpts, letting backers add-on even more to their pledge.
Ganesha Games has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for their Song of Blades and Heroes miniatures skirmish system's new supplement, Hammer and Forge. More than just a new set of rules, they're also looking to fund a set of miniatures, particularly of the various dwarven cultures that have been part of the Song of Blades rules set. Of course, if you have dwarves, you need someone for the dwarves to fight, so they'll be included, too.
I know that gamers aren't generally known for their sports knowledge, but you'd have to be willfully ignorant not to know that it's Big Game time (because the NFL is about as litigious as GW, I'll skip out on using the actual term for what's going on today). That's right, here in the US, our American Football championship is happening tonight. Wings, beer, nachos, giant sandwiches, and pizza will be consumed in mammoth proportions.

But before you head to your party, check out some these bite-sized stories.

This time we've got: More unlocks for the Fightin' Fungi Kickstarter, a new release from Hitech Miniatures, New Knights Bundle from Kabuki Models, New Gaming Mats from Deep-Cut Studio, New Mine Tunnel Terrain from Heroic Maps, NOVA 40K Qualifier offered at TotalCon 29, New Previews Posted for Alternative Civil War, New 15mm Houses from Tabletop-Art, New Drunk Goblin Guard from Rebel Minis, and Ludus Magnus Studios announced their relaunch date for Nova Aetas.

Hopefully all our readers up in the North East are safe and warm.
Well, if you're snowed in (or even if you're not, I guess), here's a selection of some of the shorter stories we've come across the past couple days.

We've got: 2nd Special Edition Dragon Head Challenge Coin Kickstarter, RN Estudio's 2nd Master Series Mini release: Alice, Tabletop-Art Previews Meteoric Surface Bases, Assault on the Unknown Cover Revealed, Kabuki Models previews First Knight renders, MiniWorlds: New Pictures of Sepulcrum Expansion Set, Dystopian Wars Demo Event Announced for Gnome Con, New Cyborg Hills from LaserCutCard, Schrödinger's Cats Starts in on Stretch Goals, new pedestal from Thomarillion, and new stretch goals unlocked for the Fightin' Fungi Kickstarter.

We've got another set of shorter news stories for you this afternoon.

These stories include: Sally 4th launches range of Fantasy Football Terrain & Accessories, The Siege of Monstral from Irrational Number Line Games released, New 10mm Sci-Fi Buildings from Brigade Models, new Drop Sled and Cargo terrain from Finger & Toe, Mayhem in Paper releases Foot Knights of Camelot sets, Archiminima Structura Castle Terrain on Kickstarter, Some new Terrain releases from Escenografia Epsilon, Corvus Corax Miniatures previews new green, the launch of the Fightin' Fungi Kickstarter, and an announcement about the Bushido Grand Masters.

Ganesha Games will be looking to add Fightin' Fungi to their catalog and they'll be looking to Kickstarter in order to make it happen. The figures could also be used in any fantasy setting game where malignant mold might mangle and murder. The game they hope to fund will be stand-alone, but be fully compatible with the Song of Blades and Heroes as well. However, there will be updated spell rules, as well as new rules for armors and weapons.


From the announcement:
Ganesha Games has announced they'll be running their first Kickstarter campaign next year. They'll be looking to fund their Fight'n Fungus set of minis.
Hmm, mushroom people... *puts on System of a Down*

From the announcement:

Ganesha Games will be launching a Kickstarter for a new line of miniatures for their popular Song of Blades and Heroes skirmish system. This project will be funded by Kickstarter and should go live in late January.

Play Unplugged helps you game on a budget by showing off some of the more-affordable avenues into minis gaming with a look at BattleSworn and the Reaper Bones minis.


From the article:

Tabletop miniature games can be expensive. This reality is frustrating to both beginners looking for a low-cost entry point and veterans looking for value. Our Budget Wargamer articles highlight inexpensive and exciting games and figures that provide the most bang for your buck. In this article Play Unplugged’s Enrico Nardini looks Ganesha Games’ BattleSworn and Reaper Miniatures’ Bones.

Ganesha Games has their new Swatters bug-hunting rules available over in their webshop.

From the release:

SWATTERS is an exciting, fast-playing miniatures system for simulating battles between forces of humans and aliens. Using 20 to 50 (or more) singly-based figures per player and moving them as units, two players can complete a typical scenario on a 6’x4' table in under two hours. Every figure represents a single man, vehicle or alien. Squads move and fight as units (they are placed on spare CDs used as trays). Single models are removed as casualties.

SWATTERS is an infantry-centric game in which vehicles, gun emplacements and giant monsters play an occasional role. Combat is based on the roll of a single six-sided die for the attacking unit and one for the defending unit. The difference between the scores determines the combat outcome.
Ganesha Games gives you historicals players a new set of rules for Napoleonic battles with their Drums and Shakos Large Battle release.

From the release:

Drums & Shakos Large Battles is a set of miniatures rules for large napoleonic battles. Each player controls a Division of two or three Brigades. Designed to be played in less than three hours, its mechanics force participants to make tactical choices. Drums & Shakos Large Battles rewards good management of reserves, right deployment of artillery, and historical use of cavalry. Maneuver your Battalions and Regiments, react to your opponent's actions, and launch the final attack at the right moment! Victory lies only a few steps away… Innovative mechanics detail the approach and contact phases of combat. Easy measuring system, limited use of counters and markers, no bookkeeping. Clear victory conditions, based on losses and penetration into enemy territory. The rules allow for reactions in the opponent's turn: no player is ever truly inactive. Four Scenarios included. Appendix: playing at Corps or Army level. Playable in any scale, 6 to 28 mm. Divisional army lists for major powers (Austria, France, Britain, Prussia, Russia, and Spain). Simple guidelines to refight historical battles.

Rules published by Ganesha Games. Written by Sergio Laliscia, based on the award-winning "Song of Blades" engine. $16.67 USD for full color softcover and $22.40 USD for the hardcover.

Ganesha Games has a new Tales of Blades and Heroes adventure for you with Vengeance From the Grave.

From the release:

Vengeance From The Grave ($3.99 pdf) is an adventure for the Tales of Blades and Heroes fantasy RPG taking place in an underground necropolis. As the characters explore old tombs and discover a villainous act that went unpunished 100 years before, what begun as a dungeon crawl turns into a revenge story.

Vengeance From The Grave includes full game stats for new monsters, magic items and ready-to-run NPCs. It can be easily inserted into any high-fantasy campaign. It has enough material for 5-6 play sessions.

Suitable for 3 to 6 heroes, each built on 50 to 60 points. 21 pages PDF plus frontispiece, covers and a page for GM's notes.

A paperback version will soon be available.

Ganesha Games has released their Operation Squad: WWII rules on their website. Go check 'em out.

From the announcement:

Ganesha Games is now selling for $9,5 the English language, 48 page PDF of the Operation Squad WWII skirmish rules for 20 or 28 mm miniatures written by Massimo Torriani and Valentino del Castello.

A simple and intuitive game system for heroic infantry battles. A total of 12 Army lists covering AMERICANS, BRITISH, RUSSIANS and GERMANS, from the RED DEVILS to the FALLSCHIRMJÄGER, from the RANGERS to the COMMANDOS.

Weapons have been given a point value.

The whole system is based on addition or subtraction of 6-sided dice to minimize the use of tables.


The download includes a full-color and an inksaving version of the rulebook with page backgrounds removed.

This is a stand-alone, original game system similar to other games by Massimo Torriani and does NOT use the Ganesha "Song of.." system.

Additional army lists will soon be published as free PDFs

Talespinner is a new gaming magazine based around the Ganesha Games systems. Check it out.

From them to you:

Talespinner is a magazine dedicated to roleplaying games published by Ganesha Games (Tales of Blades and Heroes, Familiars RPG). Playable materials are double-statted for Labyrinth Lord (tm) so they can be used by players of "Old School" games. In this issue:

Three short adventures ("The Crystal Heart", "Knock on Wood", and "The Crumbling Tower", all for low-power player-characters);
Swimming Rules for TBH;
New character types for Familiars RPG;
Monster Menagerie: Swamp Trolls (for TBH and LL);
The Martial Artist archetype for TBH;
Sneak Peek: Heroes of the Tales (TBH supplement);
Alternative Initiative rules for TBH;
Submission guidelines.

46 black-and-white pages. Available in PDF for $4.99 USD from here link and soon from all major PDF vendors. Available in print for $8.99 USD as a perfect bound, 6x9 trade format book from Lulu

Ganesha Games makes it easier to keep track of your warbands for Song of Arthur and Merlin with an updated Warband Builder that's now available on their website.

From the release:

The free warband builder for the stand alone version of Song of Arthur and Merlin is now available on our site.

Song of Arthur and Merlin is a skirmish level Arthurian miniatures game which may be played in any scale using any figures. It is based on the popular Song of Blades and Heroes rules. Three versions of the Arthurian myth are provided (historical, Hollywood, and Welsh legend).

Ganesha Games is publishing the new minis game Firebrand by Towercap Games. Have a look at this new game.

From the announcement:

Firebrand is a Song of Blades-based fantasy wargame created by Towercap Games of Melbourne, Australia. $9.99 USD for the 50 pg pdf (no print option at the moment). Distributed by Ganesha Games.

Here are a few features:
Ganesha Games now has their Song of Drums and Shakos rules for Napoleonic skirmish battles available for the Kindle.

From them to you:

A fully indexed, ebook version (formatted for the Amazon Kindle- it won't work on other readers) of our award-winning Song of Drums and Shakos Napoleonic skirmish rules is now available on the Amazon Kindle store. The text has been slightly revised but this is not a new version of the rules.

For those who never heard of SDS, here's our ad copy description:
Ganesha Games has a new supplement for their Fear and Faith minis game, Ghost Rangers.
And yes, you should have a certain theme song running through your head right now. It's only natural.

From the release:

Ghostrangers is a ghost hunting campaign sourcebook for Fear and Faith, the horror skirmish miniatures game by Ganesha Games.

Do you hear strange noises in the middle of the night?
Do strange lights emanate from your fridge or other household appliance?
Do you or any of your family believe in ghosts?
Then call the Ghost Rangers on 1800-GHOSTRANGERS
No ghost or spectral occurrence too small!

Ghost Rangers is a complete mini-campaign for ghost-Hunting with your tongues firmly plainted in your cheeks. It introduces new equipment, characters and new exciting scenarios. 32 pages, $8 pdf.

Tales of Blades and Heroes can now be downloaded as an ebook for Kindle.

From the announcement:

Look for Tales of Blades and Heroes in the Amazon Kindle store. Price varies based on local taxes and currency exchange (approximately $8 USD). This is NOT a PDF -- it is the Kindle version of a 56 page rulebook, optimized for the Kindle (not the Kindle fire).
Ganesha Games has a new Kindle version of their Flying Lead gaming rules. Go check 'em out! It's available on Amazon.

From the copy:

For $7.99 USD, Ganesha Games has made Rich Jones' Flying Lead – modern skirmish rules available on the Amazon Kindle. This version is optimized for the Kindle's e-ink screen and has reflowable text and limited graphics. It is our first experiment in using Amazon's digital distribution platform for ebooks. Soon we will also have a Kindle version of our fantasy RPG Tales of Blades and Heroes.

Flying Lead is a set of miniatures rules for any scale, for small skirmishes playable in one hour with 5 to 15 models per side, based on the popular Song of Blades system. It has rules for the (occasional) use of vehicles. It covers any period from WW1 to the near future. With some work, the vehicle rules may be used to represent battle armor and small mechas.

Rosters of many periods are included, and on the Ganesha site you can find free point-allocation builders to create your own troops or modify the ones in the book.

The text of this ebook is NOT a new edition -- it is identical to the 2009 PDF/Print release.