Dark Deeds Giveaway

So, the guys over at Games & Gears wanted to throw in something a little extra with the Demo Report I just did for Dark Deeds (see the post directly below this one). As such, they gave me an extra game, an extra Adepticon promo pack, AND an original sketch by artist Mark Gibbons. Yes! And I’m giving it all away!
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Dark Deeds Demo Report

Andy Chambers and Mark Gibbons.
Those are two names that really don’t need an introduction for the people that tend to frequent this page. But just in case you didn’t know, Andy has been writing game rules for… oh… forever. And Mark has been doing artwork for those games just about as long. They worked together back in the day for Games Workshop and there’s a very good chance that you’ve had a codex in your hand and both their names were on the credits page. Well, they’re teaming up again, this time with Games & Gears to bring you Dark Deeds. It’s a brand new card game and they’ve got it here at Adepticon. Ruxton from G&G was nice enough to give me a demo.
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Final hours for Games & Gears and Ichiban Studios Brushes

Games & Gears and Ichiban Studios are in their final day for their paint brush Kickstarter campaign. It’s far and away over their initial goal, so check out the add-ons and stretch goals.

Paint Brushes


From the campaign:

This is it 24 hours to go. Because of all of you we have created a high quality hobby line that innovates and advances the hobby experience. Your immense support has been amazing and you are all truly innovators. Make sure if you have not done so to check out & add your final your final bits from the Gear Shop. Once again thanks again for your tremendous support. With you we are changing our hobby experience for the better.

The products we make are from the heart because it is actually what we ourselves wanted to have and it is humbling to know that you want it too :).

The Shell Case reviews Ichiban brushes

The Shell Case posted up a review of the new Games & Gears and Ichiban Studios paint brushes.

Ichiban Brushes


From the review:

With a week to go of Ichiban Painting and Games & Gears’ kickstarter to go we’d had the opportunity to take a look at the brushes themselves and report back on our findings. With the kickstarter (at time of writing) 1907% funded it may seem arbitrary to do a review but far from it.

Whilst we go way back with Hugo and I had great fun writing some rules for one of his Golden Demon entries in 2012 we pride ourselves on impartiality and that means reviewing them.

Games & Gears and Ichiban Studios launches paint brush Kickstarter

Games & Gears and Ichiban Studios have launched their new Kickstarter campaign for their line of brushes. They’re very well over their funding goal, so check it out.

Paint Brushes


From the campaign:

The Product:
Hair: High Quality Sable Hair
Ferrule: Silver Chrome
Handle: High Quality Aluminum Handle

Delivery time: First 500 Early Bird Pledges June. Next 1500 pledges September. Next 1500 pledges after that October. These take longer to make than our Master Hybrid Brushes and is a slow process so there will be finite amount we can make every month. Due to Strict quality guidelines on these and from our experiences we cannot make any more faster that the above. Pledge early to get yours early.

Games & Gears Ichiban Studio Pro line Brushes coming to Kickstarter

Games & Gears and Ichiban Studios are teaming up to bring you the next generation of their miniature painting brushes. They’re coming to Kicsktarter on the 25th, but will only be there for 20 days. So be prepared.


From the announcement:

Games & Gears & Ichiban Studios Proudly announced their next generation hobby brush line: Games & Gears Ichiban Studio Pro Line

Using the finest Sable hair in the market and an innovated handle design that is also another extension of a brush cap. We are proud to present the next generation of hobby brushes. Test & approved by Ichiban Studios a world renown miniature painting studio and more accreditations to follow from more master painters. This is built to be the ultimate hobby brush.
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Games & Gears taking orders for new terrain

Games & Gears is taking orders for some new pieces of their Warsmith terrain they’ve been working on.


From the announcement:

These are the final versions of our Games & Gears Warsmith Terrain lines in high quality resin. We will update our website soon with these pictures. To get your terrain piece and set. To place your pre-order got to: http://www.gamesandgears.co.uk and go to the hobby gears section to place your order! Your support helps us create and extend our terrain lines! Thank you!

Games & Gearscon is coming

Games & Gears is having their own convention and you’re invited.


From the announcement:

“The Home Of Your Hobby.”

Crowne Plaza , London Gatwick August 29, 30 & 31, United Kingdom

3 Day Convention Pass: £35.00GBP
2 Day Convention Pass: £25.00GBP
1 Day Covention Pass: £15.00GBP

Hotel Rooms per night: Starting at 49.00GBP!! Pre book before it sells outs.

Announcement of Tickets to go live coming soon in March 2014.

Games & Gears is proud to announce 3 days of Epic Gaming.
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Final Day for Games & Gears Battle Boards Kickstarter

Games & Gears is under 24 hours left for their Battle Boards Kickstarter campaign. If you’ve been waiting until the very end to pledge, your time is at hand.


From the campaign:

“We are elated to were we are at right now and excited to see how far we can go. With Games & Gears with just a little over a year old. We already have produced some awesome products and brought them successfully to market. Delivered on time and with our community changed the industry for the better. Because you and those before you we have been able to prove that you can offer great prices, great quality and deliver on time, we are proof of this and will continue this path of trail blazing. All of this is possible because of you! Our humble thanks and lets see how far we can take it!” – C.G

Final week for Battle Boards on Kickstarter

Games & Gears has just a week left on Kickstarter for their Battle Boards. They’ve unlocked their Tier Level 7 and have posted up some new previews.


From the update:

“Hell has been liberated. Three more battlefields to unlock! Lets get there and go beyond for total liberation!” C.G.

Games & Gears and Ninja Division team up for new Battle Boards on Kickstarter

Games & Gears has announced a team-up with Ninja Division to create some new Battle Boards over on their Kickstarter project.


From the update:

Anime Wars, Dropzone Commander Cityscape, Hawk Urban Battlefield 6th Designs Revealed! + a whole load more

Games & Gears new Pick & Mix Custom Pledge and Warsmith Terrain in Battle Boards Kickstarter

Games & Gears has added a new pick & mix custom pledge level to their Battle Boards Kickstarter. They’re also offering new Warsmith terrain with it.


From the update:

Pick & Mix Battle Board. 6by4. Select a theme then pick and choose which designs and how many you want of each up to a maximum of 6 designs. Tailor your battle board to your specification.This reward is for one Games & Gears 6 by 4 Battle Board, select one of the five battle board themes.FREE SHIPPING to: USA, UK, EU, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, JAPAN & SINGAPORE. EVERYWHERE ELSE PLEASE ADD 26.00GBP TO YOUR PLEDGE FOR SHIPPING. Estimated delivery: Jul 2014

Games & Gears announce adhesive Battle Board Grid system for Dust Tactics

Games & Gears has announced adhesive Battle Board Grids for Dust Tactics for their Kickstarter campaign.


From the update:

Games & Gears LLP and Dust Studio have partnered to produce a new add-on item for the current Games & Gears Battle Boards. Games & Gears will be producing an adhesive transparent grid sheet, specially made to the measurements of Dust Tactics grid system, to be layered on top of their Battle Boards. Dust Tactics players will now be able to add this item on to their existing pledges to enable them to play this fantastic game on their brand new Battle Boards!

“As fans of Dust Tactics and admirers of Dust Studio’s amazing game. We are excited that Dust Tactic players, including ourselves will be able play and have cinematic games of Dust Tactics on our Games & Gears Battle Board. Good times!” – Creative Gamer.

Games & Gears unlocks stretch goal 4 for Battle Boards over on Kickstarter

Games & Gears made it past stretch goal #4 over on Kickstarter for their Battle Boards.


From the update:

Table of Contents for this Update:

-Level 4 Unlocked
-Anima Revamp, how long?
-Hellscape Alt Scheme now available
– “M.G” Deadzone Grid Update
-What about the other grid sheets??
– Games & Gears W.M.D Carrying Case. Made by Kreator Hobbies
-Recommended Build Strategy
-Warsmith Fantasy Barricade
-Grass Roots Inititiave
-The Plan

Games & Gears posts update to Battle Boards Kickstarter campaign

Games & Gears is getting close to 2x funding over on their Battle Boards Kickstarter and they’re showing off some new designs and layouts.


From the update:

Again, thank you what an amazing 5 days. Because of you. So We have a table of content list here as this is a big update:

– Hawk Wargames Urban Battlefield designs
– Level 3 Unlocked
– Anima 5th Design, Where is it!?!?!
– Deadzone (TM) 3″ Square Grid Sheets 24″ by 24″
– Brush4Hire Sci Fi Terrain Kit
– G&G Clips Kit
– G&G Grass Roots Community
– The Plan
– What we are Doing

Games & Gears launches Battle Boards Kickstarter

Games & Gears has launched their Kickstarter campaign for their Battle Boards terrain boards.
Those that were at GenCon and stopped by the Hawk Wargames booth saw the prototypes of these boards in action.


From the campaign:

Games & Gears has been working hard for the last year to put together a new battle boards project. We have worked closely with Cipher Studios, Soda Pop Miniatures, Ninja Division, and Hawk Wargames to create 5 bespoke high quality battle boards that we hope you will be able to game on very soon!

Each of the 5 themed boards is a 6′ x 4′ (approx 180cm x 120cm) gaming surface and are highly detailed and textured.

Each battle board comes in 2 foot square pieces and can be easily combined to create a diverse range of layouts, along with being easy to pack away and transport.

Games & Gears has also created a unique clipping system which will enable the battle boards to hold together firmly and securely. These clips are durable, tough and simple to use, allowing for easy mobility and ensuring the whole gaming surface is long lasting and hard wearing.

Games & Gears announce their Warsmith Terrain lines

Games & Gears is pleased to announce their Warsmith Terrain lines.


From the announcement:

Games & Gears LLP announces a new product line: Warsmith Terrain (TM). High Quality Resin Terrain. Warsmith Terrain is the feature terrain line arm of Games & Gears LLP. Here Games & Gears gets to focus on producing some of the best terrain in the market covering many fantasy/steampunk/sci-fi themes. Each themed set will come a Warsmith Foundry starter pack set.

Warsmith Terrain (TM). Will be available initially via the upcoming Games & Gears Battle Board Kickstarter. Packing out your Games & Gears battle boards with some awesome terrain. Each theme to match a battle board!!

Games & Gears previewing Dropzone Commander Battle Boards at GenCon

Games & Gears will be headed to GenCon next week and are bringing their Battle Boards for Dropzone Commander with them to the Hawk Wargames booth.

From the announcement:

Attending GEN CON 2013 INDIANAPOLIS? Go to the Hawk Wargames Booth and get a demo on one of our Games & Gears Dropzone Commander Battle boards!! Where Simon & Anna will be happy to demo you a game via the battle boards! Booth NO: 572

Games & Gears announces Masters Hybrid Brush Line

Games & Gears has announced a new line of brushes they’re going to be coming out with soon.

From the announcement:

Games & Gears has announced a custom version of their Games & Gears Pro Studio Line. Their Masters Hybrid Series Brush Line is an evolution to the Pro Studio line. Intended for Master Painters all over the world this superior higher end series consist initial of a mix of brush sizes on the Games & Gears dual head brush system. The following to be released in a few weeks:

00 – 0 Games & Gears © Masters Hybrid Brush
1 – 2 Games & Gears © Masters Hybrid Brush
3LX – 4RX Games & Gears © Masters Hybrid Brush

So you get two different sizes on the Games & Gears dual brush system. Pictures and more to be released within July. Release to follow very soon after.

Games & Gears Pro Studio Seven Samurai Brush Stand previewed

Games & Gears is showing off their Pro Studio Seven brush stand that got funded in their Kickstarter project a little while back.

From the announcement:

Here is our Games & Gears Pro Studio Brush Stand. This will be available to retail once we have delivered these to our Kickstarter backers first. Join our facebook page and keep up to date with all our Products.

Games & Gears posts photo of their sci-fi city board

Games & Gears gives us a look at the sci-fi city board they’re working on for their upcoming Kickstarter.

From the preview:

From the highly acclaimed game: Dropzone Commander by Hawk Wargames. Here is a taster of the Dropzone Commander Cityscape Battle Board. This 2D print will be transformed into highly detailed and textured plastic injection molding battle board. Purposely built for you 28mm/10mm miniature Sci-Fi War Game check out our previous posts on our facebook page to see our highly detailed textured gaming boards. Drop by our facebook page and give us a hell yes on our poll for the hell of it. We are going to do it anyway.

Games & Gears to launch game board Kickstarter

Games & Gears asked you to vote whether you’d want a new terrain board Kickstarter from them and apparently you voted “yes” in such number they’re going to be trying their project again.

From the announcement:

Games & Gears will be relaunching their Games & Gears Gaming Boards in the next few months. 200+ gamers have given Games & Gears a “Hell Yes” and in response our 6 by 4 battle boards will 200.00USD and our 4 by 4 boards will 60.00USD. Each board will have 16 heavily detailed textures in sync to make a 4 by4 and a 6 by 4. We are also dong Partner battle boards we will make for some great miniature gaming companies! Here are some picture of just some of textures

Games & Gears announces: Dropzone Commander Battle Boards

Games & Gears has announced a partnership with Hawk Wargames to make new battle boards for Dropzone Commander.

From the announcement:

Games & Gears & Hawk Wargames announce Drop Zone Commander Battle Boards.

Games & Gears has announced a custom version of their battle boards which will be created for Dropzone Commander, the 10mm tabletop sci-fi mass-battle wargame by Hawk Wargames. The Dropzone Commander battle-boards are high quality battle boards that can be used to play any Sci-Fi miniature wargame on, and will also be compatible with the Dropzone Commander Cityscape buildings. More will be announced in the coming weeks and months.

Games & Gears Supports Bodacious Babes

The Susan G. Komen 3-Day is coming up soon. There’s a group going calling themselves Bodacious Babes and are walking for all the gamer girls out there (well, and everyone in total, but you know…). Games & Gears has helped support them and it’d be awesome if others out there would, too.

From them to you:

Games and Gears LLC has generously donated $300 to the sponsorship of the Bodacious Babes Busting Breast Cancer in their efforts towards the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3-Day walk in Washington, DC, October 11-13th. Sam Sedghi collaborated with Team Captain Erica Folange for the donation. With the prevalence of the disease (someone is diagnosed every 19 seconds and dies from the disease every 74 seconds,) this will allow the Susan G. Komen Foundation to further their research, outreach and awareness campaigns. To donate to the cause, go to www.the3Day.org and choose one of the Babes to donate to: Melissa May, Marcia Oxford or Erica Folange.

Roll Models reviews the new Pro Studio Brushes from Games & Gears

Roll Models gives us a look at the new Pro Studio Brushes from Games & Gears.

From the video:

The highly anticipated Pro Studio Brushes dropped onto my mat this morning.

Very excited to see them, they look fantastic. Cant wait to break them out too.

Games & Gears Episode 4 released

Games & Gears has posted episode 4 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.

In this episode:

Cast: Ross Thompson, Mouth Of The South, John Cadice (Soda Pop Miniatures), David Lewis (Dropzone Commander), Craig Gallant (Wild West Exodus), Kia Nesbit (Cipher Studios), Kevin Clark (Cool Mini Or Not), Micheal (Cool Mini Or Not)

Show notes:
00:00:00: Intro Music “The Constitution, death of the tyrant.”
00:01:12: Intro segment and hobby!!
News Round:
00:15:22: Soda Pop Miniatures, Super Dungeon Explorer new expansion set coming soon!
00:32:33: Privateer Press new releases!!
00:40:57: Fantasy Flight Games: Relic!
00:45:20: Cipher Studios with Kia Nesbit. Helldorado Kickstarter!
00:59:00 Cool Mini Or Not With Kevin Clark & Micheal
01:26:35 Games Workshop: WarhammerQuest Game APP!
01:31:35: We go ove the fluff of the UCM faction from Dropzone Commander with David Lewis
02:10:30: Wild West Exodus Fluff exclusive with Craig Lead Writer of Wild West Esodus. The upcoming Miniatures game on Kickstarter.
03:06:02: End of show. The rise of Liberty.

Games & Gears in their final hours on Kickstarter

Games & Gears is coming to the end of their Kickstarter campaign. Are you in on the action? If not, there’s not much time left to be.

From the campaign:

This is it under 20 incredible hours left. Lets spread the word of mouth once more and once again achieve more success together for we are all Gamers & Gears winners. For the community and by the community absolutely.

Games & Gears: Early Delivery on Stretch Goal Pro Studio brushes

Games & Gears is rushing towards the end of their campaign. They’re now confirming that they can send out all the brushes in one, big wave once the project comes to an end and the brushes are ready to ship.

From the announcement:

Under 48 hours left. We can now confirm delivery of all 8 Pro Studio brushes in wave one!! Check out our update for more details. Great quality & great delivery

Games & Gears posts load-out summary for Kickstarter campaign

Games & Gears have just over two days left for their campaign. They’ve gone very far up the funding ladder and some people might not know all the options available, so they’ve posted up a handy guide for those that want to back the project in these final hours.

From the update:

Under 70 hours left for our Games & Gears Pro Studio brushes kickstarter make sure you get in and don’t miss out!

Games & Gears Level 6 Revealed & a whole lot more

Games & Gears has unlocked another level in their Pro Studio Brushes Kickstarter. This one lets your brush be a hoopy frood.

From the announcement:

Level 6 revealed. Pro Studio Specialist Size 2 Kolinsky Sable dual head brush & Pro Studio Master Brush Towel. Another two high quality products let do this together and unlock the 6th Stretch goal. Check out our update number 30 for the full details.