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Free League Publishing

If you were going to release a new, illustrated version of one of the classic horror stories based on one of the classic horror monsters, what day would you say would be the best day to do that?

"Arbor Day?"

... No... Halloween!

"... oh... yeah, I suppose that would be better..."

It is, and that's just what Free League Publishing is doing with their new The Call of Cthulhu book.

A new expansion for the award-winning Tales From the Loop RPG is coming in just under a month's time. Free League Publishing has announced Out of Time, a new campaign that, as one would expect, involves time travel in order to save the world.

Winter is coming.

I realize that's the tag line for an entirely different fantasy world, but it's what's going on here, too. Free League Publishing is running a Kickstarter campaign for The Bitter Reach, their new (and massive) expansion for the Forbidden Lands RPG. What does it have in its 200+ pages? New rules, new monsters, new encounters, and an entire campaign set in the cold reaches of a new region. The new book is up on Kickstarter now.

Those that have been waiting for the release of Mutant: Elysium, the sci-fi RPG from Free League Publishing, your long wait is over. You can head on down to your LGS and grab your copies now.

It's good to be the King/Queen. Except, of course, you have a whole kingdom to run. And then there's the assassination attempts, dealing with nosey neighbors invading, bratty heirs, and all other manner of stuff. And that's what you'll be handling in Crusader Kings, now available from Free League Publishing.

The next expansion for Mutant: Year Zero is coming in August. Free League Publishing has announced that Mutant: Elysium will hit store shelves August 1st. So, what can you expect? New Enclave human character creation. A detailed description of Elysium I. A complete campaign. And much more.

It's good to be the king... or so they say. There's a ton of stuff you have to take care of and let's face it, you're going to make a lot of people mad in the process and there's always going to be someone out to get you and take over your kingdom. That's where you'll find yourself in Crusader Kings, a new fantasy board game coming from Free League Publishing this August.

Just because otherworldly horrors invade the normal world doesn't mean that everyone's life will change immediately. There will still be jobs to go to, school to study for, daycare to pick up your kids from. And that's the alternate world of 1990 that you find yourselves in in Things From the Flood, the new expansion to Tales From the Loop, the RPG from Free League Publishing. You can pick up your copies now.

Here's one that I know has been highly anticipated since it was announced. Free League Publishing will open up pre-orders for their official Alien RPG tomorrow. Head out into space with your crew and try to avoid getting too close to any funny-looking eggs.

Free League Publishing has released a new book for the Forbidden Lands RPG. It's called the Spire of Quetzel and it includes four different adventuring sites for players to visit. They can head to the titular Spire, or perhaps meander their way through the Bright Vault. Maybe they'd prefer to traverse Hexenwald. Finally, they might seek some peace in the Graveyard of Thunder. You can pick up your copy of this book now.

Free League Publishing has the next installment in the Chronice of the Throne of Thorns adventure line for Symbaroum up on Kickstarter. But don't worry, if you've not played the previous, you can jump right in with Mother of Darkness, as it's designed to be just that. Though Free League is Swedish, they've got their Kickstarter in English.

Or, if you're Henrix, you can read the Swedish version, also on the page.

One of the classic stories that pretty much every gamer knows at least of, if they've not actually read it, The Call of Cthulhu is one of H.P. Lovecraft's greatest works. Now, Free League Publishing is looking to create a new illustrated version, with art by Francois Baranger, having launched a Kickstarter campaign for it. While the initial funding is for just the illustrated novel, a stretch goal adds in a full RPG to it.

Ia! Ia!

The stars are right. Or, they will be right on February 15th. Get over all that lovey-dovey stuff from the day before with a whole heaping helping of horror. Free League Publishing has announced that's the date they'll launch their new Illustrated Call of Cthulhu Kickstarter campaign.

It's here. The newest expansion book for the Corliolis RPG from Free League Publishing. You can go out and get your hands on Emissary Lost, the first part in a new adventure series.

We're just two weeks (Twoooooo weeks!) away from the release of the new expansion for the Coriolis RPG from Free League Publishing. They've announced that Emissary Lost will be hitting store shelves on January 31st. Start saving your nickels now.

It's an RPG where it shows a guy on the back of a dinosaur-looking thing. So you know it's got my attention from the start. Free League Publishing is happy to announce that Forbidden Lands is now available. You can order your copy, or download a version, now.

It's often that you find an expansion for a board game that also counts as a stand-alone game ("expanshalone" is what I remember calling something like that back in the day). What you don't quite see so often is an RPG that's a stand-alone expansion. But that's what we have here. Mutant: Elysium is the 3rd of the Mutant: Year Zero RPG expansions, but while it's an expansion, it's also a stand-alone game on its own. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

Most fantasy RPGs have you running around as heroes looking to do good deeds in the world. Save the prisoners, overthrow the evil tyrant, stop the necromancer... that kind of thing. In Forbidden Lands, it's much less heroic wargaming as it is trying to scratch out a living in a world that obviously does not want you to survive. The new fantasy RPG will be coming to Kickstarter this December.

Sweden's two biggest RPG makers are joining forces. The folks at Free League Publishing and Jarnringen are becoming one company. This means taht games like Symbaroum, Mutant: Year Zero, and Tales From the Loop will all be made by one company. Considering the acclaim those titles have gotten, I expect big things from them going forward.

The gaming world collectively adored Tales From the Loop. Now, Free League Publishing is running a Kickstarter for the next in the series, the new stand-alone expansion, Things From the Flood. And, it would seem as though everyone's going pretty wild over it again (rightly so, mind you). Their campaign's off to one hell of a start.

While nowadays, it seems like everything is moving from the analog world to the digital, there's still items headed the other direction. For example, take Crusader Kings. This computer strategy game is now coming to your gaming tabletops as Crusader Kings The Board Game. Free League Publishing and Paradox Interactive have teamed up to bring this game to life, and you can pledge for their Kickstarter campaign now.
A new horizon is just up ahead. The Third Horizon, to be exact. In this case, that means a new cluster of star systems. As one of the first to adventure into this territory, you'll come across strange structures left behind by the Portal Builders. What sort of creatures (sentient and otherwise) will you encounter? What hazards will you face? Will you make it out alive? That's just the sort of questions you'll be answering when you play Coriolis - the Third Horizon, a new sci-fi RPG from Modiphius and Free League Publishing. It's available now.
Mutant: Genlab Alpha is the first major expansion to the Mutant: Year Zero RPG. This new book by Free League Publishing and Modiphius Entertainment is both expansion and stand-alone to the original game. It's also up now on Kickstarter and looking for some funding love.
Hey, it's got bears, so I'm interested.