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Foursight Games

We're getting there, people. We're getting there. The weekend is damn-near here. I've got a couple Guild Ball teams to put together. It's so close that our friends over in Australia are already there. Hello people in the future! How's the weekend starting out? Good, I hope. My you're up late.

Anyway, whether you're enjoying a midnight snack, some dinner (for those in, say, England), or an afternoon snack (those here in the Eastern part of the US), now's a good time for some bite-sized stories.

In this installment of Snippets we have: Win a C'thu Dice Bag From Tor Gaming, Fate of Akalon: Tribes Returning To Kickstarter Next Week, New Legionaries Vibro Talons Available From Kromlech, New 15mm Sci-Fi Minis Up On Kickstarter, Khurasan releases more 15mm Mutant Supersoldiers, Pacific Coast Creative Publishing To Release Age of the Wizard Lords RPG, DayTrippers Golden Age Coming Leap Day, and Counterblast Hero Builder Beta v.1 Available.

If you're a regular reader, I'm sure you've figured out that my favorite day of the week is Saturday. And, I mean, it's gaming day. What's not to love about it? Hopefully you've found some gaming to be had.

And if you're looking for a new game, I've got just the post for you. Get a look at a game before you buy it and see what others are saying about it in our Review Roundup.

This week's Reviews/Previews include: Plastic Soldier Company's 45mm anti-tank gun set, Eaten By Zombies, Flip City, The Networks, Fate of Akalon: Tribes, Viceroy, Samurai, Imperial Assault, Metro 2033: Breakthrough, Less, Longhorn, and Dark Seas.

Just yesterday I posted my review of Fate of Akalon: Tribes by Foursight Games. I really enjoyed the game. I was initially a little dubious, but I found a lot of tactical depth in the game play. Well, the Kickstarter campaign for the game has just gotten underway.
War! Yeah! Huh! What is it good for? … killing some time when you’ve got a pack of cards and an opponent. Everyone knows the age-old game of “high card wins.” But what if you want something a bit less “just random-shuffling determined?” That’s what the guys over at Foursight Games thought. As such, they came up with Fate of Akalon: Tribes, their new card game that’s going up on Kickstarter soon.


They sent me a prototype version of the game to test out. Much of the art wasn't done on the cards yet, and the box isn't what the final ones will like, but neither of those effect game play. And so I’m here now to give you my thoughts.