Found on TGN Desk

Found on TGN Desk: Hogger Logger

Welcome to another edition of Found on TGN Desk. This is our segment where we take a look at a game that’s happened to slide across our desk recently. Just so you know, this week’s installment isn’t kosher. That’s because this week’s game is Hogger Logger by Hogger Logger LLC. Let me just sausage your fears. We promise not to ham it up too much. This look at the game will be a bacon of hope to all who read it. *snort*

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Found on TGN Desk: Legendary Showdown from Killer Robot Games

It’s time once again for another Found on TGN Desk segment, a regular feature where we give you a quick look over a game that seems to have made it onto our desk at some point in time. For this installment, it’s Legendary Showdown by Killer Robot Games. In Legendary Showdown, players are looking to be the last one with characters still in their Character Line. That’s pretty much it. Really simple, until you get into the nuts and bolts of it.

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Found on TGN Desk: Exodus Trading Card Game

Welcome to another installment of “Found on TGN Desk,” a weekly feature where we talk about a game sent our way. This feature gives us a chance to present a game to our readers without going in to full blown review territory. Think of it like the time you were asked to write a book review but actually wrote more of a report because you didn't know the difference… only, you know, this is something we’re doing on purpose. Okay, on to this week’s game: Exodus: The Trading Card Game.
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