Hand Cannon Online updates progress for the Foodmachine 2013 army

Hand Cannon Online gives us an update about how things are coming along with the Foodmachine 2013 Convergence of Cyriss charity army.


From the update:

All of the crew behind Foodmachine and Project Orange Crush would like to thank all the painters from the community as well as at Privateer Press who have stepped up to make the Project Orange Crush Army possible once again.

So far this year we have 36 people participating in painting models for the army! This Breaks down to a ton of models as seen on the Project Orange Crush page.

With so many people stepping up to paint models we would normally start adding options like mercenaries to keep expanding the army. However with Convergence of Cryiss this is not an option available to us. So after some discussion we have decided to split the models into two forces. We have a rough outline below of what the final armies will look like based of current submissions.

Now that we have two forces we are hoping to find more painters who would like to contribute to this amazing project, and help even out the force selections.

Foodmachine 2013 events are coming soon

Foodmachine brings gamers together to raise supplies for local food pantries. Events for the year are starting to form. Be sure to get in on the action.
I love gaming for a good cause.


From the update:

It’s time to kick off another exciting year of Foodmachine! Year 8 of this enduring charity drive by the Privateer Press community is upon us and it’s time to start preparing your clubs and stores to hold an event. For players new to the concept, Foodmachine is our chance to help out families and individuals less fortunate than ourselves. It began as a way to collect cans of food for needy people and has since grown into a world wide effort with dozens of events. Last year we collected the equivalent of 50,000+ cans!

Foodmachine 2012 is coming!

Foodmachine, the Warmachine/Hordes tourney that raises funds to help the less-fortunate, is coming soon. They’ve got the rules packet and such online for you to start getting your forces prepped.

We hope to see you and others running Foodmachine events around the globe from November 1st through December 31st. This packet includes all the information and resources we think you will need to plan and run your event. We’ve included rules, player registration sheets, event reporting forms, and guidelines on working with the media to get the word out. Additional information, including some logos you can use for your promotional efforts, can be found at this website, as well as at the Foodmachine Facebook page. All you need to do is arrange a location and run the event just like a regular tournament and follow these extra guidelines. If you get stuck, the NJ SOBs and the Privateer Press community are always here to help. Click the “contact us” link below to email us with your questions.