Flatlined Games Running SteamRollers Board Game Kickstarter

When the Transcontinental Railroad was completed in 1869, it opened up seemingly endless opportunities to move people and goods all over the country. But one rail line wasn’t going to do it, alone. It was going to take many, and those had to be planned out and built. It’s this time of rapid rail expansion that players will delve into with SteamRollers, a new board game by Flatlined Games that’s up on Kickstarter now.
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CMON to Publish Cthulhu in the House

One of the comics I’ve read for longer than pretty much any other is Dork Tower. I remember getting some compilation issue decades ago and carrying it around with me in my gaming backpack. I think it finally disintegrated a couple years back. So I love seeing when John Kovalic has a new game coming out. Such is the case with Cthulhu in the House, a game that CoolMiniOrNot will be publishing soon.
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Game Developer Consultation Pledge Level Added To Argo Kickstarter

The campaign for Argo, the new sci-fi miniatures board game from Flatlined Games, is just about done. There’s only a couple days left in the campaign. Its made it over its funding goal, so it’s just breaking through some more stretch goals. To help that along, Flatlined has added a new, and somewhat unique pledge level for the campaign.
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Flatlined Games Launches Argo Kickstarter

You’re just minding your own business aboard the space station, checking some computer monitor for a bunch of system statuses that haven’t changed seemingly in forever. You yawn, take another sip of coffee, and wonder if anything exciting will ever happen aboard this dumb station. But be careful what you wish for, because with that, a giant jolt rocks the ship and suddenly you find yourself running for your life down the corridors of the Argo, looking for an escape pod. That’s the story anyway, behind the Argo board game that Flatlined Games has launched on Kickstarter.
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Flatlined Games Launches Argo Kickstarter

Aliens are invading the space station Argo. It’s every astronaut for themselves as they rush to get to the escape pods. Unfortunately, the a descendant of the guy that built the Titanic was put in charge of deciding how many seats to have on the escape pods, so there’s not enough room for everybody. Those that are left behind face a horrible fate. Such is the story behind Argo, the new board game on Kickstarter by Flatlined Games.
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Essen 2015 – An experimental Essen fair for Flatlined Games

Essen Spiel. It’s one of the biggest shows of the year. Certainly the convention season can’t be considered over until after that show concludes. Too bad it’s just a bit out of my driving range to get to. It’s not out of Flatlined Games’ driving range, though. They’ll be at the show, but they’re doing things a little differently this year.
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Look good in green tights

Flatlined Games has announced Robin, a new card game based on the plucky thief of Sherwood forest.



From the website:


You just joined Robin Hood’s merry men in Sherwood forest. You can help at the Sherwood forest camp, rob travellers on the road to Nottingham castle, bring messages from Robin, and scout the neighbourhood for information.

The more risk you take the higher the rewards, but be careful : If you get too close to the castle you will need to go back and hide in the forest before the sheriff’s guards can catch you!
You want to be the first to accomplish 7 missions of the same type in order to become Robin’s new lieutenant. Of course your friends want to become lieutenants too so you will have to be swift and daring to succeed before them.

Twin Tin Bots does America

Flatlined Games will soon have their Twin Tin Bots game available at a retailer near you.

Twin Tin Bots


From the announcement:

After having been on hold for a while at the US customs, our shipment of Twin Tin Bots to the US eventually cleared customs and is on its way to US retailers as we speak !
Philippe Keyaert’s new game was only available to a happy few KS backers in the US, and will now hit the shelves, thanks to our distributor Iello USA.
This first batch is limited in quantity (about 850 copies), so get them while they’re hot! 🙂

Flatlined Games posts Board Games Publishing and Marketing Chapter 11

Flatlined Games has a new chapter in their eBook, Board Games Publishing and Marketing up on their website. This time it’s printing cards cards and cardboard components.

Flatlined Games


From the update:

Hi all.
I slowly continue to publish the free guide to board games publishing on the Flatlined Games website.

The newest chapter is Chapter 11, production part 1 : printing, cardboard and boards.
As usual, feedback from other industry sources if welcome and will be integrated in the book !

Iello to be worldwide exclusive distributor for Flatlined Games

Flatlined Games has a new worldwide exclusive distributor in Iello. So if you want Flatlined Games, you’ve gotta go talk to Iello.


From the announcement:

The current US distribution model is quite complex, and different from what we know in Europe. Flatlined Games has been working for two years with IELLO in Europe, and they have done a fantastic job in distributing our games in Europe and Canada.
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Flatlined Games posts Board Games publishing book – chapter 10 online : tendering for production?

Flatlined Games is working on a book to help you game-designers out there get your games published. They’ve posted up Chapter 10. Go and take a look.


From the update:

I slowly continue to publish the free guide to board games publishing on
the Flatlined Games website.

Chapter 10 has been put online today and covers the quote request for a
boardgame manufacturer.
The chapter includes an actual production quote request document as example.

Flatlined Games will be headed to Essen 2013 and is taking pre-orders for product if you’re going to be there, too

Flatlined Games will be headed to Essen Spiel 2013 and is taking pre-orders for Twin Tin Robots as well as other merchandise if you’d like to pick it up while at the show.


From the announcement:

Flatlined Games will be at booth 1D139.

This year, we’ll eventually be able to release Twin Tin Bots, by Philippe Keyaerts

For those of you attending the Warmup Day, we’ll be doing Twin Tin Bots demos the wednesday evening before the fair opens : http://www.warmupday.com

Philippe Keyaerts will be on our booth 1D139 Thursday from 14.00 to 15.00 and Saturday from 13.00 to 14.00 so it’ll be a good time to get an autograph 🙂

We will offer the game at a special fair price of €50 instead of MSRP €55, and you can preorder it right now at a special preorder price of €45!
Please note that we will only have a limited quantity of games at the fair. Preorders must be picked up before Saturday 14.00.
We will also have a limited quantity of exclusive T shirts at the fair 🙂

We ask Kickstarter/Ulule backers who wish to pick up their copy at Essen to fill the preorder from on our website.
Make sure you provide the same email and username as you used to support us because this is what allows us to match your information with the kickstarter info.
We will also require a valid ID with a photo (ID, passport, driver’s license) so we can make sure we do not hand over your game to some stranger.

Final days for Twin Tin Robots up on Kickstarter

Flatlined Games has less than 2 days left up on Kickstarter for their Twin Tin Robots game. They’ve made it to their funding goal (yay!) and so it’s some stretch goals ahoy for them.

From the update:

With the combined amount of the ulule and kickstarter campaigns, we just met the $25k stretch goal!

We’ll add team play in all game boxes, along with the previously-reached rocks and teleporters.

The $30k goal is in now sight : a component upgrade that will bring thicker playmats to all game boxes (if we reach that goal the play mats will have the same thickness and linen finish as the game board and programming tokens).

There’s 3 days remaining so who knows ,we might even reach further goals such as the $35K capture the flag play mode or the $40k level that will add a set of 18 exclusive glow in the dark robots and bases to each Kickstarter/Ulule ‘game’ reward!

10 days left for Twin Tin Robots from Flatlined Games on Kickstarter

Flatlined Games has a little more than a week left on their Kickstarter campaign to fun Twin Tin Robots and they’re almost to their funding goal.

From the update:

What’s somewhat ironic here is that this campaign is running parallel to a french language campaign on Ulule, which is now at 120% funded (€6.005 with a goal of €5.000). I count the funds levvied in both campaigns to calculate stretch goals, so as soon as this campaign is funded on Kickstarter ($15k), the european campaign’s €6.000 ($7.800) will be accounted for when calculating the stretch goals. This means that when we pass the $15.000 mark, the $20.000 stretch goal will be reached instantly! (and maybe more, who knows ?)

Twin Tin Robots reboots their Kickstarter campaign

Flatlined Games revamped and has rebooted their Twin Tin Robots Kickstarter campaign.

From the re-launch:

Flatlined Games is proud to announce it re-launches the crowdfunding campaign to publish Twin Tin Bots, a game by Philippe Keyaerts (Author of Small World, Olympos, Evo and Vinci).

The campaign is on Kickstarter.com for the english version of the game. European publishers do not have access to Kickstarter yet, so our US distribution partner Game Salute, will be running the campaign for us through their Springboard program.

Springboard is a label that ensures supporters that a Kickstarter project is professionally produced, and has received the level of playtesting, development, and graphical design that you expect from a published game. They also will help us promote the game to the American audience.

A french language satellite campaign will also be run on french crowdfunding platform ulule.com for the french version of the game. Both campaigns are linked : money raised from both campaigns will be used to determine stretch goals releases, and the satellite french version will automatically gain any stretch goals reached on the main english campaign.

Flatlined Games revamps Twin Tin Robots Kickstarter, adds print-and-play update

Flatlined Games listened to the comments and critiques of you, the gaming community, and has revamped their Kickstarter main page as well as adding a print-and-play version of the game in their updates.

From the update:

Today, we have released a print and play version of the game for 2
players. The best way to evaluate a board game and to know whether it’s
a game for you is indeed to play it : ‘The proof is in the pudding’ as
they say in the U.K.

Twin Tin Robots up on Kickstarter from Flatlined Games

Flatlined Games has put up a new board game on Kickstarter called Twin Tin Robots. It looks interesting. Go check it out.

From the campaign:

In Twin Tin Bots each player programs two robots to harvest crystals. The available orders are simple (forward, turn, harvest, unload, …) but there are two robots to control, and only one order can be changed each turn!

Furthermore, the other player’s robots are after the same crystals, and will push your robots, or might even rob crystals from them.

Flatlined Games announces Rumble in the Dungeon game

Flatlined Games announces their Rumble in the Dungeon game is coming to you soon!

From the announcement:

Flatlined Games is pleased to announce our third game : Rumble in the Dungeon, by Olivier Saffre.

Rumble in the Dungeon will be released in October, during the Essen Spiel’12 Game Fair.
Flatlined games will be present at Essen Spiel’12, in booth 4-216.

Flatlined Games wants you to name their next game

Flatlined Games is coming out soon with a new board game. Trouble is, they don’t know what to call it. So they’re asking for your suggestions.

Flatlined Games will release at Essen Spiel 2012 the new game from acclaimed designer Philippe Keyaerts (Vinci, Evo, Smallworld, Olympos). In the game, players program two robots to harvest gems and bring them back to their bases. Robots don’t fight, but they can push each other and of course steal gems.
However, the game has no name yet. We have a few ideas, but I’m sure you have lots of ideas, so we’re calling for help.
This is not a contest, but we will of course find a nice way to thank the best entries.
If you think you have a great name for this game, let us know!

Flatlined Games has a special Easter download

Flatlined Games has a special Easter download on their website for Dragon Rage.

To celebrate this holiday weekend, we’ve placed an exclusive Dragon Rage Easter Special on our website for you to download.

Defend Esirien and Nurkott against the onslaught of the ferocious giant bunnies, and chase the Dragon Eggs!

Flatlined Games Updates

Flatlined Games has provided some updates for the games from Essen.

From their website:

Dragon Rage updated player aid
At Flatlined Games, we want our products to be of perfect quality.
The reprint of Dragon Rage was tainted by a small typographic error on one of the player aids : the Dragon target values for the wings (4+) and legs (5+) had been inverted on the Dragon Combat Summary player aid.
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Rumble in the House to be released at Essen Spiel

Flatlined Games will be releasing their Rumble in the House boardgame at Essen Spiel 2011.

Rumble in the House

From their announcement:

Flatlined Games is pleased to announce our second game : Rumble in the House, by Olivier Saffre.

Rumble in the House will be released in September, shortly before the Essen Spiel’11 Game Fair.
Flatlined games will be present at Essen Spiel’11, in booth 4-216.

About the Game
Living together in a small house is not easy… When the pressure is too high, it’s time for a big rumble in the house! Try to keep your secret character inside the house as long as possible.

Rumble in the House is a very simple game of bluffing and guessing.

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