Review Roundup

It’s the weekend! Wooooo! Partaaaaaaaaaay!
And by “Party,” I mean gaming!
Working on getting this Review Roundup and then gonna head out to the LGS to play some Guild Ball.

Today we’ve got: Tiny Epic Quest, Sagrada, Azul, InBetween, BONK, Stop Thief!, Agility, Cast the Ritual, Fog of Love, H.I.D.E., First Class: All Aboard the Orient Express, and Go Nuts for Donuts.

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Z-Man Games Bringing First Class To English Audience

All aboard!
Z-Man Games is bringing First Class over from Europe. The game involves players looking to create a train that rivals in majesty even the vaunted Orient Express. By adding cars as they go along, they’ll look to be the train to be on if you want to be seen.
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