New Gothica Miniature from Fiendish Fabrications

Fiendish Fabrications has a new Gothica miniature available: the Rocketrix.

From the release:

After a bit of a quiet patch we are releasing our newest VSK miniature: Louise Stephenson – The Rocketrix. Able to jump right into the action with her patented Portable Rocket Unit she is able to bring firepower to bear in the right place at the right time. All for the benefit of her Queen and Empire.

This is a multi-part miniature with a cast metal scenic base which can be used by itself or can be mounted directly onto a 25mm bevelled edge or 30mm round shoulder base.

Some Voodoo Shenanigans from Fiendish Fabrications

Fiendish Fabrications has a touch of the voodoo happening over at their website with their new Ghede models dey be releasin’.

From the release:

Fiendish Fabrications have added new set of 28mm figures to their Gothica Miniatures line. The Ghede are a family of Voodoo Loa whose embody the powers of death and fertility. They are the guardians of grave yards making sure that those buried there don’t get out as well as making sure the living don’t get interred. They are a somewhat rambunctious crew.

This set has three figures each with a metal scenic base that can be used as it is or will sit perfectly onto a 25mm bevelled edge base or fitted into a 30mm round-shoulder base.

Fiendish Fabrications reveals 2 new Gothica miniatures

Fiendish Fabrications has a pair of new Gothica miniatures they’ve got over on their website.

From the update:

Fiendish Fabrications has added two new figures to their growing Gothica Miniatures range. These newest additions are a pair of steampunk beauties – Betty Blockbuster and her loyal side kick Wild Violet Wilde – vigilantes and all round heroines.

Both figures come with a metal scenic base that works perfectly on their own or fit straight onto a 30mm round shoulder or 25mm bevelled edge base.

Fiendish Fabrications has 2 new figures

Fiendish Fabrications has another two gothic horror miniatures for you.

From the release:

Fiendish Fabrications bring you two new Gothica Miniatures for April to strike fear into the little metal hearts of their unsuspecting miniature victims… Both are inspired by the 1922 film Nosreratu – A Symphony of Horror. First is the vampyr himself and to help him spread his evil is his servant the infamous Herr Knock one of the greatest ever fly eaters to grace the silver screen.

Fiendish Fabrications has two new models

Fiendish Fabrications has a pair of new models up on their website, the Bosun and the Pilot.

From them to you:

Ho and Up! – The famous cry of the Imperial Aero Corps. Fiendish Fabrications have added a new set of miniatures to their Gothica Miniatures range. The Bosun & Pilot are the first extension of the Imperial Aero Corps with more planned for the future. Both figures are cast with a metal scenic base that can be used by itself or can be mounted directly onto a 25mm bevelled edge or round shoulder base.

Fiendish Fabrications releases Ogilvy the Astronomer

Fiendish Fabrications has a new Gothica miniature for your enjoyment. Take a look!

From the update:

What are the chances of something coming from Mars” Well just ask the newest addition to our Gothica Miniatures range: Ogilvy the Astronomer. The very man who uttered those very famous words: “…a million to one!” He may not get it right every time but rest assured: When he’s wrong… He’s very wrong.

Ogilvy comes with cast metal scenic base as well as a large, tripod mounted telescope.

Fiendish Fabrications has new flagstone bases

Fiendish Fabrications has a new set of gothic flagstone bases to enhance the look of your minis.

From the announcement:

Fiendish Fabrications have added a new series of scenic bases to their Solid Earth Bases range. The new Gothic Flagstone bases have nice clear detail and excellent 3D relief. The Gothic Flagstones are done in the round shoulder format and are available in three sets.

Fiendish Fabrications Presents Old World Dentistry at its Finest

Fiendish Fabrications introduces Dr Molar and his toothsome assistant Nurse Rictus (and her classic British choppers):

From their post:

Just when you thought a visit to the dentist had lost all of its old world charm we here at Fiendish Fabrications have brought back all those dental nightmares of yesteryear. Be the first amongst your peers to feel the delicate grinding of the clockwork drill. And for those squeamish souls out there Nurse Rictus can always give you a hefty dose of etheric-laudanum.

This set contains 2 figures each with its own cast metal scenic base.

Fiendish Fabrications Announces Two New Releases

Fiendish Fabrications has two nautical themed releases:

From their website:

First up is a new set of figures for their Gothica Miniatures range – Sit Herbert Sogoth-Smythe and Yoggy (his faithful pet & companion). If you’ve ever had doubts about the aristocracy then Sir Herbert could be seen as living proof of dark pacts and inappropriate goings-on. Or maybe it’s just the result of a malodourous inbreeding agenda.
This set contains two figurines each with an individual scenic base insert with all parts cast in metal.

Also released is a set of Nautical Accessories consisting of a mounted spyglass and a heavy harpoon launcher.

Both sets are available a their website at:

Fiendish Fabrications – Gothica Miniatures: Mudman Tribe

Fiendish Fabrications are now offering their Pulp Mudmen Sets I & II as a Mudman Tribe package:

From their post:

All ten Pulp Mudmen are included (9 warriors and 1 Shaman).

From the heart of the New Guinean jungles come these Stone Age warriors of a bygone age. These little 28mm folk are ideal for your pulp adventures because we all know that there’s nothing like a tribe of head hunting cannibals to really give your adventures the boost it needs.

Fiendish Fabrications Releases a New Revamped Figure

Fiendish Fabrications posts continuing with their Tweak Project they have their newest revamped figure:

From their website:

This one is our Agent Provocateur and she has replaced or Agent Lefebvre miniature. She has the same torso and face of the original but has exchanged the piratical look for a more Victorian ensemble.

Fiendish Fabrications Presents More Pillow Fighting Fun

Fiendish Fabrications has their final word for the year 2011 with the release of Set 2 of their Pillow A-Go-Go Battle Babes:

From their website:

with the first, has three battle hardened, pillow wielding daughters of Odin for your perusal at their web site (

Planned 28mm figure releases for the start of 2012 are:
– Pulp Mudman 2 (set of 5),
– Agent Provocateur, and
– Ogilvy the Astronomer.

We are also aiming to release two new games during the year as well as a continuous stream of new miniatures and some new base sets.

Cheers to all and thanks for all the support during 2011.
Happy New Year

Fiendish Fabrications Mudmen Have Invaded

Fiendish Fabrications brings from the darkest reaches of the New Guinean jungles these Stone Age warriors of a bygone age:

From their announcement:

These fine little chaps are 28mm scale and designed for your pulp gaming requirements. Each set features all 5 variants as seen above with a second set to follow soon which will feature weapon variations as well as a leader/shaman type.

So, park your tramp steamer and disembark onto a mysterious dark shore and meet the Mudmen. I’m sure they’d like to have ya’ll over for dinner!

Fiendish Fabrications Announces The Pillow A-Go-Go Girls Have Arrived

Fiendish Fabrications announces the first set of Pillow A-Go-Go Battle Babes have arrived, three of the toughest pillow weilding gals this side of the beauty salon:

From their announcement:

When ‘pillow-rage’ overcomes their nromal ladylike demenour not even a broken fingernail can stop the feathers from flying. This is the first of several planned sets with a second soon to follow before the Yuletide celebrations.

Fiendish Fabrications releases Sir Rupert Fleet

Fiendish Fabrications announces something new and a revamp:

From their announcement:

This month sees the release of Sir Rupert Fleet – newspaper mogul and robber baron and his loyal hound Nelson. This new set includes a cast white metal scenic base in a three part set.

December also sees the release of our revamped version of our popular Professor von Faustleibe. The revamped figure now has stronger arms, a new head and a cast metal scenic base.

Fiendish Fabrications Announces New Products Available

Fiendish Fabrications Announces New Products Available:

From their announcement:

Stop the press! Report just in that a new set figurines have been released by Fiendish Fabrications for your modelling and gaming pleasure. Newshounds; Magda Quill, Fergal McShutterbug and Otto of the simian dispatch section will be on the spot wherever and whenever there is news to garnered.

This 6 piece set is the perfect news crew for all of your Victorian Science Fiction needs. The figures are mounted on our new cast metal scenic bases which sit perfectly on top of a standard 25mm base of fit exactly into a 30mm round-shoulder base.

Fiendish Fabrications Releases New Miniatures

Fiendish Fabrications Releases New Miniatures:

From their announcement:

Straight off the street right outside the door of Fiendish Fabrications come our newest set of figures: The Bully Twins – Frank & Fauntleroy Bullington. They are set on our new scenic bases designs that are crafted to fit perfectly on top of a regular 25mm base or into a 30mm round-shoulder base. The Bully Twins come as a 4 part set with both the figures and bases individually cast in metal. Both figures were sculpted by Andrew May and we’ll be releasing more of his work in the new future.

Fiendish Fabrications Release a New Game

Fiendish Fabrications release a new game:

From their announcement:

Pillow-A-Go-Go is a game of pillow wielding combat where scantily clad young beauties engage in frenzied action for dominance of the Supra-Kingsize Comfy Divan. It is available as a free PDF download at Fiendish Fabrications. Just go to the website and follow the links.

Players take control of teams of 2 or 3 girls and attempt to knock the stuffing out of their rivals using their pillow fighting skills and a few dirty tricks along the way.

Pillow-A-Go-Go is a very easy to learn miniatures game for 2 to 4 players. It uses a card based mechanic and a fun setting that leaves any serious intentions well and truly behind.

Fiendish Fabrications Has a New Look

Fiendish Fabrications has a new look:

From their announcement:

Fiendish Fabrications has undergone a facelift. The site now has some nice updated look and has been streamlined for easier navigation. Some of our older products have been removed from our range as we have seen this as a good opportunity to rework them as part of our ongoing ‘Tweak Project’. However, the new site retains the creative flavour of the original with the inclusion of some new features and some interesting new items to peruse.

The web address for the new site is the same:

So come and visit it don’t cost much guv’nor, an’ we’ll watch your carriage while you’re inside.

Fiendish Fabrications releases Iron Minion B4

Fiendish Fabrications has releases new miniatures for their new line.

From their announcement:

Before the advent of Robot B9 there was B4 the Iron Minion. The newest inclusion to our line of VSF figures: Gothica Miniatures – the Iron Minion B4 is versatile construct with a variety of applications. With the strength of 10 men and an in-built thermic dynamo it can operate in almost any climate or terrain. It also has a mounting port for the attachment of heavy weapons or other useful apparatus. Be it, a mining concern, interplanetary warfare or domestic chores the Iron Minion B4 is destined to be the workhorse of the future.

Fiendish Fabrications Hallowe’en Sale

Fiendish Fabrications is having a holiday sale.

From their announcment:

In the lead up to Hallowe’en Fiendish Fabrications is having a sale on their Sinister Scarecrow range of miniatures. The range includes eight different troopers, two leader types, drummer and Standard Bearer. They are available in various sets including a 10 figure Scarecrow Warband.

Sinister scarecrows also make up one of official factions of Kaiju Kaos the game of gigantic Kaiju combat created by Bryan K Borgman. Field them alongside the colossal Gourdzilla or the equally vicious “Son of Gourdzilla”.

So if the full moon hits you and you get the urge to start painting pumpkins, pitchforks or sack-headed automatons have a look at the Sinister Scarecrows.

Fiendish Fabrications release the Clockwork Brothers

Fiendish Fabrications have added a new set of figures to their Gothica Miniatures range.

Clockwork Brothers

From their announcement:

Well, well, well… It looks like time to get sharp and have some fun. The streets can be a dangerous place but there’s no need to worry when you and your brothers are the danger itself. Canes and chains and a victim are all that are needed for a horrorshow good time. And who knows there may be a bit of pretty polly in it to sweeten the deal.

The Clockwork Brothers are the newest Gothica Miniatures release from Fiendish Fabrications. They are sold as a set of 4 figures.

Fiendish Fabrications release Doctor Pazuzu

Doctor PazuzuFiendish Fabrications have added the Doctor Pazuzu figure to their Gothica Miniatures range.

From their announcement:

Is there a doctor in the house? Please welcome the newest addition to our Gothica Miniature range – Doctor Pazuzu. Left somewhat debilitated after a failed time travel experiment the once hale and hearty doctor was transmogrified into a foetal like body which still retained the stupendous intellect that it once nurtured. Unfortunately the misfortune that distorted the body also warped the once brilliant mind. Through a series of vile experiments the Doctor eventually created a new body: part flesh and part machine. However, this is said to be but one of his many new disturbing and grotesque creations…

This model replaces an older Gothica Miniature – Thaumaturgist Pazu which will no longer be available.

New Pirate Decks bases from Fiendish Fabrications

Pirate Decks basesFiendish Fabrications have released a new series of Pirate Deck bases.

From their announcement:

In the lead up to the International Talk like a Pirate day we here at FF have turned the big brassy dial up to 11. Here for your pleasure we bring you our newest set of bases – Pirate Decks to fulfill your wildest dreams of swashbuckling daring-do. So, folks if you are truly as excited as we are about this latest release then you have a problem and a visit to your nearest physician is highly recommended. (Either that or get yourself some Pirate Decks bases to mount your scurvy miniatures on… Arg!).

Fiendish Fabrications release 28mm Harpoon Guns

Harpoon GunsFiendish Fabrications have released a set of 28mm Harpoon Guns.

From their announcement:

The first item in our new range of “stuff we don’t have a name for yet” is a set of two 28mm Harpoon Guns. They are cast in two pieces and are suitable for anything from pirates or naval or aeronef vessel.

We have several new products coming soon leaning more towards the scenery and accessories category tending toward the VSF genera. So get yourself ready with some new pots of brass paint and hopefully we’ll be able to provide you with enough rivets to warm the cockles of your heart.

Fiendish Fabrications release Clockwork Wasp

Fiendish Fabrications have added the Clockwork Wasp to their online store.

Clockwork Wasp

From their announcement:

Greetings gentlemen, we are pleased to announce that the next of our planned August releases comes from the machine-mind of the amazing Professor von Faustleibe. The Clockwork Wasp is a formidable creature of iron and brass equipped with a gas release valve at the front and a vicious iron stinger protruding dangerously from its abdomen. The creature also possessed uncanny ocular capacity that can be relayed to its controller by means of manipulating certain wavelengths recently discovered lurking within the very aether.

The Clockwork Wasp is sold with the Fiendish Fabrications 50mm Clockwork base pictured.

Fiendish Fabrications release Captain Boadicea

Captain BoadiceaFiendish Fabrications have added the Captain Boadicea miniature to their online store.

From their announcement:

Captain Boadicea of the Imperial Aero Corps and commander of the Aeronef: Chariot of Fire – is the first of our planned August releases. During this month we have some interesting (to say the least) miniatures, a new range of bases as well as the second part of our square Forest Floor bases.

Fiendish Fabrications release Sugar Slave Voodoo Zombies

Fiendish Fabrications have released a pack of three 28mm Sugar Slave Voodoo Zombies.

Sugar Slave Voodoo Zombies

From their announcement:

Fiendish Fabrications Has Raised a New Breed of Zombie

Night falls and the jungle awakens with the sounds of the darkness. Bonfires are sparked and the Voodoo Barons hold court. Incantations fill the air and frenzied dancers leap and writhe and on the outskirts of the revelries’ lurk the dreaded Sugar Slave Zombies. Enslaved to plantation owners in life they are now slaves to their voodoo masters in death. Twisted and perverted they are the sword that will strike for freedom when the time is ripe.

The Sugar Slave Voodoo Zombies come in a pack of 3 and are available now from

Fiendish Fabrications release Mr Malice

Fiendish Fabrications have added the Mr Malice figure to their Gothica Miniatures range of miniatures.

Mr Malice

From their announcement:

Ladies and Gentleman and bald headed babies: Welcome to the Carnevil…

Fiendish Fabrications proudly Introduces the newest addition to their Gothica Miniatures range: Mr Malice – The Master of the Show. He’s enchanting, captivating and evil to his rotten core. Prepare for sights to make your eyes bleed. Be astounded at the amount of blood one body can contain. Bear witness as he pulls a bunny rabbit out of his hat (but don’t let your children see what happens next!). See him Prestidigitate as no prestidigitator has ever prestidigitated before!!!

So be the first to get you ticket to see the Amazing Mr Malice – Master of the Show

Fiendish Fabrications release The Guv’nor

Fiendish Fabrications have released a new Gothica Miniatures figure – The Guv’norThe Guv’nor.

From their announcement:

This week sees the arrival of The Guv’nor at the gates of Fiendish Fabrications. The Guv’nor (aka Chief Inspector Noah Peel) is an intrepid, tough, no frills, streetwise, officer of the law with only slight psychopathic tendencies. As ‘tis said: “When you look long into an abyss, the abyss looks into you”… Some consider that The Guv’nor may have looked overly long in this direction.

The Guv’nor is part of Fiendish Fabrications’ Gothica Miniatures range.

Fiendish Fabrications release Runcible Dancers

Runcible DancersFiendish Fabrications have added the Runcible Dancers to their Gothica Miniatures range.

From their announcement:

The sinuous and lissom Runcible Dancers are the latest addition to Fiendish Fabrications’ Gothica Miniatures range. When the muse takes them these beguiling creatures banish the world of the mundane, laying open the doors to other realms with naught but grace and perfection.
However, a word to the unwise…  This exquisite duo are masters of trickery and Machiavellian schemes for this is their raison d’etre and only a fool believes himself immune to their mesmeric appeal. Don’t be led astray.

New release From Fiendish Fabrications

Mother MuttonFiendish Fabrications have added Mother Mutton to their Gothica Miniatures range.

From their announcement:

Here she is, the lady of your dreams – if your dream involves a large maternal women with a face like a wet burlap sack, wearing steel capped boots, wielding a meat cleaver and covered with blood up to the elbows… Well if this is your dream woman Mother Mutton is ready and waiting for you.
Just be wary on your first date if talk suddenly veers toward sausages.
All Fiendish Fabrications figures are 28mm and available at their web site.

New Solid Earth Bases from Fiendish Fabrications

Fiendish Fabrications have released a new series of Solid Earth basesSolid Earth Square.

From their announcement:

Due to popular demand Fiendish Fabrications have released the first three sets of their newest range of square bases. This release comprises the first part of their Forest Floor square bases. These new sets will be followed up in the very near future by 50mm and cavalry sets as well as an Army Set which will contain sufficient bases for a small to medium fantasy army.
The first sets are available now:

  • Forest Floor 20mm – 10 x 20mm bases
  • Forest Floor 22mm – 5 x 25mm bases
  • Forest Floor 20mm – 3 x 40mm bases


Fiendish Fabrications adds Kaiju Kaos page

Scarecrow WarbandFiendish Fabrications have added a page in their online store for the sale of Kaiju Kaos figures.

From their announcement:

With the release of the new Kaiju Kaos miniatures game from Bailey Records we have added a new page to the site. Our entire Sinister Scarecrow range has been included as one of  the Kaiju Kaos factions as well as several of our other figures including Silas the Pumpkin Whisperer the enigmatic scarecrow leader.