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FG MiniZ

It's Friday. So tomorrow's the weekend. It's also the last weekend before Gen Con. I know some people that'll be headed towards Indy as early as Monday morning. That means there's lots to get done this weekend to prepare for the show. And if there's lots to get done, that means we need all the energy we can get. That means fueling up on some bite-sized gaming stories.

On today's platter we have: Acheson Creations Running Heavy Metal Pewter Minis and Accessories Kickstarter, Magic: The Gathering Puzzle Quest 1.5.8 Update Adds PvP, Kill the King Coming To Kickstarter This Fall, NonSenseMiniatures new Swat team and gangs, Superheavies & Flyers for 1p40k released, First Teaser posted for Cretacea: A game of gargantuan survival, Battle Valor Games Latest 15mm Fantasy New Releases Posted, 54mm NeoProspector Kadmon Available From Hitech Miniatures, Only Four Days Until the Start of the 2016 Windhammer Prize, Free Shipping In August From FG MiniZ, and Legion Armoury Weekend Promo From Kromlech.

We've made it to the halfway mark. Just the rest of today, and then two full days and we'll be back into the sweet embrace of the weekend. How will you be beating the heat? Inside gaming? Outside trying to catch them all? A little of both? Just be sure to hydrate. A group of friends want to wander around downtown Atlanta on Sunday... when it's supposed to get to 99F out. Whoof. Too hot for this arctic ursine.

Anyway, being the middle of the week, it means we need to stock back up on bite-size gaming stories.

Today we have: Team Canada Adventure for Save the Day Super-Powered RPG, Precision Polyhedral Floating Face Dice On Kickstarter, Siren lands in Purgatory, New 28mm 1806 Prussian Hussars, Semi Realistic Portrait Generator for your games, New Numidian Cavalry Available From Victrix, 3rd Annual Great Wargaming Survey Posted, Another World Miniatures Releases Alfred - Steampunk Monkey Assistant, and Baueda Releases new 15mm Sicilian Normans range.

FG MiniZ has an Indiegogo campaign underway for their 28mm Iron Brigade at Gettysburg.


From the campaign:

Our goal is to create a range of 28mm ACW miniatures depicting the Iron Brigade at Gettysburg, ie figures representing troops in their distinctive outfits: the 1858 Hardee Hat and the Frock Coat.

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FG MiniZ has started taking pre-orders for their new 14th Brooklyn (84th NY) from their American Civil War line.


From the post:

Let's go !! Pre-order Starts now !! It will end on the 10th of December 2013 and pre-orders will be shipped from the 11th of december in order you can get the figures for Christmas( erf I hope so..).
Prices benefit from a 10% discount on our regular prices. After the end of the pre-order phase, prices will come back as normal
Next week we will make another announcement about a small surprise for the end of the year.

FG MiniZ is showing off their 14th Brooklyn (84th New York) models from their American Civil War line. They've got them on pre-sale right now.


From the post:

Well here is something a little bit different to depart from Napoleonics: those who know me well will not be surprised as it is well known that ACW is my favourite period (with 1870 and AWI).

So what was my own and individual project at first is going to become available to everyone.

When I contact our new sculptor in march at first, I asked him to release one of my favourite unit in the ACW because no one makes them.

I spent a lot of time to make reference material to be sure the sculptor will have all the infos needed to make them.

After some months waiting feverishly to see dollies and castings the final result is awesome and exactly what I want. After showing the figures to our inner circle of gamers I was surprised they all want some.

So I decide to add the figures to our shop: as I really do not know if someone else is interested I will start with a kind of pre-order with a 10% discount in a few days.

Now here are the pictures I hope you will enjoy them.

FG MiniZ helps you paint your historical minis in the right colors with their new Prussian Army Uniformological Plates.


From the release:

As promised here is a nearly unique painting guide for the 1806-1807 Prussian Army: Plates have been hand painted.

It is rare to have so many reference in one document and I think it will help a lot of people looking for Prussian uniforms and flags.

I hope you will enjoy it

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FG MiniZ has some new Prussian Infantry available over on their website, so go take a look-see.


From the release:

Hi, Gentlemen!

I am very happy to announce that our Prussians are now available for sale, and that our online shop is running.
The next release will be Fusiliers and Command.

FG MiniZ has made it to their funding goal on Kickstarter for their1806-1807 Prussians over on Indiegogo. They've still got 12 days left, so it's stretch goals from here on out.

From the update:

Thank you very much to all who participates in our campaign and who kindly placed their confidence in our project. Thanks to all the people who spread the word about our campaign on TMP, Facebook and their blogs. And thank you very much fro all the advice given for enhancing our project.

It is great to have reached this limit before the end of the campaign BUT it must not be an achievement.

There are still a lot of beautiful things to unlock: to give a boost to our project we have decided to make something on our side.

We are going to change the stretch goals: 9000 € and 10000 € for Jaegers and Battalion Artillery do not change but we have decided that Hussars in Mirliton and Busby with their command will be unlocked at 11500 € rather than 13000 € ( ie 12 cavalrymen), the 3 Generals and AdCs will be unlocked at 13000 € rather than 15000 € , and the new infantry phase that is to say 36 new figures in charging/advancing poses will be unlocked at 16000 € rather than 18000 €.

I hope these changes will encourage some new participations.

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FG MiniZ is now teamed up with GMB Designs for their 28mm Prussian campaign over on Indiegogo.

From the announcement:

I am glad to announce that Grahame at GMB Designs is going to be our partner for our Indiegogo Campaign.

GMB flags are certainly among the best and most researched flags on the market and it is an honor for us that he accepted to be associated with our campaign.

As Grahame wrote: “By coincidence I have recently been updating the artwork for the SYW / early Napoleonic Prussians to conform to the quality of my newer ranges - I'm very pleased with the greater depth of colour and increased detail.
You will already know that the Prussian flags of this time were very colourful. I've gone to great lengths with my research and I think I've been successful in reproducing the many colours and shades ( the greens alone include, apple green, copper green, olive green, Peacock green, sea green...)”

No doubt that these new flags will be a huge addition to any Prussian Unit.

We have 300 packs of 1806 Prussian GMB flags to offer to level 5 and above from the 03/12/13 at the rate of one pack of your choice per battalion.

To thank our first customers, someone who had already signed for any level before that date will benefit of this offer too.

Grahame has sent us some samples: I will post photos as I get them

FG MiniZ gives us a preview of their upcoming model line with a look at the green for a Prussian Mounted Colonel.

From the preview:

Our Indiegogo Campaign has been launched from few days and I want to warmly thank all the gentlemen who have trusted us.

Ebob has kindly sent us the first picture of the unfinished green of our first mounted Colonel.
There is still some work to do but I hope you will enjoy it.

I would like to detail some points about the advantages of participating our campaign.

Beyond the fact that the foot figure can come as low as 1.18 € and that you will receive at least 1 promo figure “The Wounded Grenadiers” depending on the perk you choose, there is what we have called “ The Backer Development Program” which can be translated as a kind of “Fidelity Program for our First Contributors”.

You will receive a special newsletter, the right to pre-order new figures with special discounts even before they are announced by usual advertising, the possibility to enter contest to have a chance to win figures painted by renown painters and opportunities to buy special figures only available to members of the Backer Program.

FG MiniZ posted up a size comparison for their new Prussian models compared to some other Napoleonic lines as well as a little FAQ about their Indiegogo campaign.

From the update:

Here are two pictures of our models among figures from various manufacturers: as you can see, the sizes are roughly the same for all the figures.

I would like to clarify some points about our indiegogo campaign and about the risks of this operation because a lot of people wrote me about that and I want to warmly thank them for the time they took to contact us.

FG MiniZ has launched an Indiegogo campaign in order to fund a new line of 28mm Prussians (years 1806-1807) as the start of a new line of Napoleonics figures.

From the campaign:

I have the pleasure to let you know that our indiegogo campaign is now live !!
Our goal is to create a 28mm range comprehensive range of Prussians for collectors and wargamers

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