Thursday Terrain Corner

We’re continuing our way along the work week. We’ve come over the middle of hump-day yesterday and are sliding our way to the weekend. As predicted, my Wednesday did seem to take a while, but as I mentioned, that’s hardly anything new. We’ll see about making today and tomorrow go by quickly so we can get to Free Comic Book Day, Cinco De Mayo, and gaming! And if we’re gonna be gaming, we should make your gaming tables look good.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New Modular Bridges – Riffled From Tabletop Scenics, Fenris Games Running Rubble City Kickstarter, and Heroic Maps – The Giants’ Cave Now Available.

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Midweek Snippets

Amazing what a difference a week makes. Last week, I was lamenting how long it was all taking. This morning, I woke up and was like, “Whoah… it’s already Wednesday!” That certainly works for me. Faster to get to the weekend, the better. But if we’re going to be going along at this break-neck pace, we should stock up on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Lion Tower Miniatures Launch First Kickstarter, New Statuesque Asylum and Starport figures and a new Statuesque Female Head size, Battlefront Releases Range Finder For Flames of War, Exiles of the Tetsu Clan Miniatures Up On Kickstarter, New ellipse bases from Micro Art Studio, New Norman Kite Shields Available From Tabletop-art, Fenris Games – Rise of the Draugr Up On Kickstarter, Battlefront Releases New Destroyed Markers For Flames of War, Broken Egg Games are coming to Europe, New Quad Mortar Platform Available From Kromlech, Acheson Creations and Evil Bob’s at Cold Wars March 17-19, New Desert Mission Token Set From Battlefront, Ouroboros Miniatures presents: Fey- The Celestial, and Atlantis Miniatures Launches 28mm Dwarf Minis Kickstarter.

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New Electricity Pylons from Fenris Games

Fenris Games gives you some more options for your tabletop terrain with their new power line towers (or electricity pylons, if you prefer) over in their webshop.


From the release:

New in the webshop – electricity pylons (or transmission towers, if you prefer!) – 94 piece laser-cut kit building a 280mm tall tower that’ll suit anything from pre-war (based on a 1930s design) to post-apocalyptic and near future.

Available singly or in sets of 3 for bigger gameboards.

Fenris Games taking pre-orders for H.P. Lovecraft bust

Fenris Games has started taking orders for their new H.P. Lovecraft bust they’ve been working on.

HPL Summoner bust


From the announcement:

Phil Hynes has sculpted a cracking 1/6th scale bust of old longfaced HPL himself and it’s up in our webshop at a pre-order reduced price. 9-piece, 110mm tall kit with an 80mm diameter display plinth.

Fenris Games Clearance Sale

Fenris Games is cleaning up the shop and giving you guys the goods with their clearance sale going on now.



From the announcement:

We’re clearing some space in the overcrowded workshop, so there’s lots of old show stock, slight seconds, and other modelling bits and pieces up for grabs at up to 50% discount – including our ever-popular Sulaco Tile Set at 32% off. Stock is going fast but new items are also being added as I find them.

New Trike Bros. available to pre-order from Fenris Games

Fenris Games has started taking order for their new Trike Brothers. Seems fitting that there’s 3 of them, too.

Trike Bros


From the post:

More pre-orders: the Trike Bros. mutants.

Trigger, Chucky and Stan. 55mm tall prime ceratopsian beef, with interchangeable heads and weapons. Available separately or as a set of 3 at an even larger discount.

Fenris Games – Crisis Pre-order discounts

Fenris Games is taking orders before Crisis and giving you a discount if you do so.

Fenris Games


From the announcement:

With over 925 items now in the webshop there’s not a hope in Hades of us bringing everything we produce to even a big show like Crisis – so the only way to ensure we have what you need is by grabbing a pre-order now. We’re offering up to 20% discount on large orders and obviously there’ll be no postage either !

See you November 1st 🙂

Fenris Games – Innsmouth Cobblestone modular tiles

Fenris Games is taking orders for their new Innsmouth Cobblestone modular tile sets now over in their webshop.


From the post:

Starter packs of the Lazy Forger’s modular cobblestones are in the webshop now – from small basing sets to tabletop/town square covering 400 x 500mm (ish) bundle packs….

Just straight wide/narrow sets for now – Jack will be working on curves, crossroads, gutter/sewer panels (with interchangeable sewer covers), streetlamp holders, etc. and has already designed laser-cut carcasses to fit our existing Innsmouth Terraces – so you’ll soon be able to model an entire town square….

Fenris Games celebrates their 26th Birthday

Fenris Games is celebrating their 26th birthday next week.
*sniffle* They grow up so fast!
They’re having themselves a bit of a celebration.

Fenris Games


From them to you:

26 years ago next week, in a bed and breakfast hotel in Exeter, Fenris Games was born. Back then we were a PBM roleplaying company, and though there’s no time for creative writing any more, we’re reaching a much wider audience nowadays with resin and metal goodies.

To celebrate the anniversary we’re running another double value Loyalty Card scheme. Buy one of our cards before Midnight GMT this Sunday (20th July) and the relevant value will be doubled (so, a £100 Gold Card will be worth £200 in shop credit). Full terms and conditions are on the website.

Fenris Games releases Wave 2 of Cthulhu Wars singles

Fenris Games has their 2nd wave of Cthulhu Wars singles available over in their webshop.

Phase 2 Releases


From the release:

We’ve released the second batch of individual models from the Cthulhu Wars game, including big C himself, as well as Nyarlathotep and assorted SAN-reducing critters. All this and more on the new, much-improved website.

Fenris Games new website goes live

Fenris Games has their brand new website up and running. Go check it out.

Fenris Games


From the launch:

After a much longer gestation period than first hoped, our new website is now up and running, Far easier to read and to navigate, we’ll be adding even more content to the site once we’re sure the basics are working properly. Meanwhile there’s lots of new stuff to coincide with the launch, including Cthulhu Wars Phase 2 and the acquisition of Gribbly Miniatures’ full range….

Fenris Games previews Giant Hornet

Fenris Games shows off the green for their Giant Hornet they’ll be shipping out soon.
I feel like Al Hirt should be playing.

Giant Hornet


From the post:

Finally found the time yesterday to make the moulds for the new Giant Hornet model – hopefully starting casting later today !

Sorry for the delay for those of you who pre-ordered; should soon start cracking through those now

Fenris – End of Site Sale

Fenris Games is getting rid of their old and busted website for the new hotness of a new one. To send off the old, they’re having themselves a sale.

Fenris Games


From the announcement:

We’re working on the last few product listings and tweaks for the all-new website and shop, and hoping to have everything ready to launch next week. To help see off this battered, wonky old site in the best way possible there’s a 20% discount sale with the discount available on everything. Just use promo code ENDOFSITE20 at checkout to get a fifth of your final price knocked off.

Sale discount applies to orders via the webshop here, only – NOT ebay or Loyalty Card orders.

Fenris Games releases Cthulhu Wars minis

Fenris Games also has their crowd-funded products available now in their webshop for everyone. Go check out their new Cthulhu Wars minis.

Cthulhu Wars Phase 1


From the release:

The mighty Mr Sandy Petersen just told us that we’re good to go with sales of the individual models from Cthulhu Wars – so we’ve released the first 12 models from across the range into the webshop. More from the set of 60 to come over the next couple of months….

Fenris/Lazy Forger pre-orders

Fenris Games and the Lazy Forger have some new releases available to pre-order from off of the Fenris Games’ site.


From the announcement:

We’ve just struck a deal with popular architectural modeller The Lazy Forger to sell several of his 28mm scenery pieces. Walls, elevations, roofing materials and medieval machineries are all among the first releases, and are available at reduced prices on pre-order.

Oddity miniatures, big announcement

Oddity Miniatures has a big announcement posted, the main crux of it being that they were purchased by Hasslefree Miniatures.


From the announcement:

The big announcement!

First of all I want to thank everyone who has helped me establish Oddity Miniatures as it has become so far. The last year has been a very learnful experience and I’ve met some great people along the way. For me the highlights were commissioning my first sculpt, the Hogman, done by Paul Muller and getting a chance to get my hands on the rights and moulds for the orcs formerly owned by Fictive Miniatures and launching the Indiegogo campaign. Ironically the downside was that same campaign which failed to reach its target. Luckily I was able to find the funds to complete the transaction and get them anyway. The backers who did pledge, I will be eternally grateful to, and I still can’t wait to see some paintjobs by them on the orcs and more particular the Hogman! HINT!
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New Darkmere bases available from Fenris Games

Fenris Games adds more basing options to your modeling toolkit with the release of their new Darkmere bases.

From the release:

All-new Darkmere swamp bases, DS profile, deep recess for adding water effects, with sandbanks, treefalls, and animal remains.

Four sizes (25,30,40,50mm diameters) in the webshop now

Fenris Games taking pre-orders for new Derrick terrain piece

Fenris Games is taking down names of those of you gamers who want to get their upcoming Derrick terrain piece as soon as it’s available.

From the announcement:

We’re adding another piece of laser-cut industrial scenery to our range – a companion piece to our nodding donkey, Clive. Scaled for 28mm gaming, this picture shows WIP but the finished kit should be available in June. Pre-order now for at least 15% off final list price.

Fenris Games posts up their new releases they’ll have at Salute

Fenris Games is headed to Salute next weekend and will be bringing some new terrain pieces with them.

From the announcement:

We’ve got a couple of new laser-cut kits ready just in time for Salute, and also available at pre-order prices in the webshop.

Fenris Games holding “name that monster” contest

Fenris Games was glad for the service you guys did in helping name their “guy with stick” so they’re doing it again, this time with a monster.
Note: post your name suggestions on the linked page, not in the comments here.

From the announcement:

Morning! Since our “name that hedge wizard” comp proved so popular, I’m going to run another one. This time we need a name for the mutant formerly known as Squidhead Fred, seen below. As before, 1 master casting of the finished 9-piece metal mini for the winner….

Fenris Games “name this guy” contest

Fenris Games is another company looking for help in naming one of their game pieces. Theirs is more of a fantasy figure. What do you think he should be called?

From the update:

I never did decide on a name for this chap, despite asking on facebook previously…so, suggest a name for him now, please. The name we like best will win a master casting of him….

Tabletop Skirmisher Reviews the Fenris Post Apoc Bases

Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher has had the chance to check out the Fenris Games Post Apocalypse resin bases range.

From the review:

Over the last couple of years I have been using the Fenris Games Post Apoc base toppers but I recently found out that they do the same designs in full bases.
A set of these were up as a prize in the Paint the City Pink auctions and were won by Bubba Ho Tep from the Kentucy Fried Gamers Youtube page, as Bubba is a good friend I took some sneaky photos before sending them off.

Fenris Games Loyalty Card special Mayan offer

Fenris Games is also expecting the world to end, but just in case it doesn’t, they’ve got a sale on their Loyalty card going to double your points.

Today only, any Loyalty Card purchased in our 2013 reward scheme will be doubled in value for anyone brave enough to bet the future of the planet against massive savings on Fenris stuff next year. So, buy a £50 loyalty card, get £100 in credit for purchases throughout 2013. This scales across the range of cards – so the Platinum card will be worth £400 to any buyers! These limited Mayan cards will also gain their buyer double the number of entries into the end-of-year prize draw.

On top of that, every order placed today for a Mayan Loyalty Card will get a free copy of our 120mm 2012 base, shown below – perfect for all of your apocalyptic basing needs – sent post free, anywhere in the world.

Full details of the Loyalty Card Scheme and relevant costs inside/outside the UK are on our website.

Fenris Games 2013 Loyalty Scheme

Fenris Games will be rewarding repeat customers again in the upcoming year.

Following the success of this year’s Loyalty Card (with a prize worth over £750!) we’re running a similar scheme again for next year.

Buy a card before the end of this year, and gain 30-50% discount on your purchases for next year, free master castings from next year’s mini releases, and entry into the prize draw to win one of EVERYTHING we produce over the course of the year (worth at least £500 at a rough guesstimate).

Next year’s intended releases destined for the prize box will include: Sulaco walls, more rooms, and more Hive pieces; several Arkham Avenue laser-cut building kits; more APEX investigators, modern horror cultists, 28mm wildlife, several new base ranges, vacformed styrene textures, and (fingers crossed) Snuurg’s long-time-WIP Colossal Dragon….

Full details are on our news page….

Fenris Games PriceBeater Sale

Fenris Games is having themselves a sale over on their website. Go pick up some models for cheaper than you’d usually have to get them.

We were told yesterday of an immediate effect resin price increase from our suppliers, so we’ve decided to run a sale on everything at our old rates before putting our own prices from the beginning of November.

Terms are simple: Make any order over £20 via the webstore and you can use the code PRICEUP to apply a 20% discount to your cart at our webstore. Sale closes midnight, Wednesday 31st October, and there’s no limit to the number of times you can use the discount within the time period. Sale discount applies to everything, not just resin – so feel free to stock up on laser-cut bits and minis as well 🙂

Fenris Games – APEX Investigators 2 Pre-order

Fenris Games is taking names of those who want their Apex Investigators set 2. Be the first gamer on your block with these new models.

From the update:

The second batch of 6 investigators in our modern horror/pulp range are with the casters now, and we’re taking pre-orders for the boxed sets via the webshop. Any other items ordered at the same time earn a 10% discount – full details on the product page and the News section of our website.

Fenris Games 24th birthday Sale

Fenris Games is turning 24 and to celebrate, they’re having themselves a sale.

This month sees Fenris’ 24th birthday as a company….Time for a Sale !
20% discount on your order available, full details on our website.

Sale closes midnight, Friday 31st August, and there’s no limit to the number of times you can use the discount within the time period.