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Empire of the Dead

West Wind Productions now has Empire of the Dead on its way to you. Also, they've announced the winners of their Facebook competition. Did you win?

From them to you:

Hi Empire of the Dead has now shipped , so thanks to everyone who pre-ordered the game. Did you enter our Facebook competition? Check our Facebook page now to see if you have won.

West Wind Productions has been going crazy posting up artwork and new models for Empire of the Dead on their Facebook page. Take a look!

From the website:

Alice and Tom from Empire of the Dead. Strange but this art did not make it into the book. More like this on our Facebook page. P.S. there is still time to enter our competition. See you at Salute......

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West Wind Productions has shown us a new piece of concept art for Empire of the Dead: the Jade Dragon.

From the preview:

I'm supposed to be posting a creative bit of fluff about 'Jade Dragon' a Chinese Assassin for Empire of the Dead, but I cant keep quiet, the book has arrived from the printers 3 weeks early whoo hoo! Its really really good. Don't tell the boss I posted this.

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West Wind Productions is having a contest for Empire of the Dead. Check it out.

From the announcement:

Meet Feasal the Weasel, a genuine snake oil salesman. Feasal would love nothing more than to sell you a bottle or two of Cobra Juice. But hey Feasal wants to give you something, must have been at the Adder Oil, all you have to do is like us on facebook and we will enter your name into the draw. What will you win? Oh Im not going to tell you that, lets just say its a great prize. Competition ends at the end of April, that should give Feasal the chance to catch a few more snakes.........

West Wind Productions has some new Empire of the Dead artwork up on their Facebook page. Go take a look!

West Wind Productions put up a couple new pieces of concept art on their Facebook page. I suggest you go check 'em out.

From them to you:

Empire of the Dead Concept art. This is the conceptual artwork for Cedric Hyde. The byblow son of the imfamous Mr Hyde.You can discover more of the conecpt art on our new Facebook page.

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West Wind Productions has the Empire of the Dead Quick Start Rules available for download (for free!) on their website!

From them to you:

You can Download for FREE the new Quick Starter Rules for Empire of the Dead from the West Wind Website. This taster set pits Holmes & Watson against Jack the Ripper. Think you can stop him? Then try it now.

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