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Just about every company out there is having some sort of Black Friday sale (many of them already started). Well, I figured I'd help out by collecting a bunch of their announcements into one spot for you.

We have sales from: NonsenseMiniatures, Voodooworx Miniatures, Tercio Creativo, Victoria Miniatures, Deep-Cut Studio, e-Minis, Hydra Miniatures, Micro Art Studio, Kromlech, Hyacinth Games, and Advanced Deployment.

e-Minis is headed to Salute 2012 and wants to see you there! Website's in Spanish, just so you know.

Next Saturday 21st April E-minis will be at Salute
with its own stand (TD04).

It is a pleasure to offer everyone who goes to the Show, a 10% off in all items you pre-order us before next 19th April, in order to get and pay those items in the E-MINIS Stand.

Doesn't let this opportunity go (free shipping and 10% off), and If you go to the show, or you know some friend who goes, get this special offer!!!

We will be on the Stand TD04, where you will find out all our best seller range of brands such us ESCENORAMA, GAMEZONE, AVATARS OF WAR, TERCIO CREATIVO, SCIBOR, CONFRONTATION, TALE OF WAR, RAGING HEROES, KNIGHT MODELS, REAPER,,...

We wait for you at Salute,
in South London Excel Centre (in Docklands)!!!