Dropfleet commander

Monday Terrain Corner

Well, it's Monday and we're back into the office. I can't say that it was the best of weekends, but at least Sunday was a bit productive. D&D got cancelled due to half the players having outside things they needed to do. Sunday was full of a deep-cleaning of the apartment because I like to have a clean place for the holidays and the new year. So, not a lot of gaming going on. But that's alright. There will be later occasions. And for those occasions, making sure the gaming table looks as good as possible is of high priority.

In today's Terrain Corner we have: Combat Plaza: Pwork Wargames Sci-Fi Gaming Mat Now Available and New orbital game mat for Dropfleet Commander released from Deep-Cut Studio.

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Thursday Terrain Corner

So, not tabletop gaming related, but as a Chicago native, waking up this morning to hear the Cubs won the World Series was pretty awesome, even though I've not followed baseball for quite a long time.
Too bad we don't have MLB Showdown or that MLB Clix game around anymore.
Anyway, that aside, let's talk about making sure your gaming tabletop looks as good as possible.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: 15% Off All Sarissa Single Terrain Pieces At Warlord Games, New Releases From ESLO: 3D Game Elements for Boardgames, Dicey Ventures Running Earth Brewery Kickstarter, New Snowfields Dropfleet Commander Game Mat from Deep-Cut Studio, and Tabletop World Posts Watermill Sneak Peek.

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Gen Con Day 4 Photos

Well, it's getting to be bedtime. Gotta get to sleep so I can make the epic migration back to the sauna that is Atlanta in August. I'm going to miss Gen Con. This was a good year. Despite the fact that I didn't get really much of a chance to hang out with too many people (Gen Con, if nothing else, is hundreds of "we'll hang out later" comments said in passing that, sadly, never get to actually happen), it was still a pretty good show. Lots of things to see. Lots of big announcements. And lots of photos. My phone says I've taken over 1,600 in the past several days, a good portion of which have been posted here for you. Speaking of which, here's the last galleries from the show.

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Hawk Wargames Launches Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter

Hawk Wargames takes to the air with their latest Kickstarter campaign. Well, more to the air than they already were with Dropzone Commander. How did those drop ships get to the planet they're commanding, anyway? That would be the spaceships of the various faction fleets. That's where Dropfleet Commander comes in. Take control of your own armada of ships, fighting off your enemy's fleet, in order to dominate the upper atmosphere.

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