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DreadBall Xtreme

Hello to everyone on this cold Saturday. I hope you're having a good day. I'm cracking nuts... for that fruitcake I've been telling you all about all week. They don't use the phrase, "nutty as a fruitcake" for nothing, you know. I hope you have your own projects you're working on, be they gaming-related, culinary-related, or just whatever else you feel like doing.

What I feel like doing at the moment, though, is taking a small break from making small breaks (these are the jokes, people!) and share with you the reviews I've come across in the past week.

Today's articles feature: Black Hat, Ships, Above and Below, Traders of Osaka, The Bloody Inn, Hangtown, Rum & Bones, The World of Smog, Avarium Academy, The Builders: Antiquity, T.I.M.E. Stories, Bang! The Dice Game, Mysterium, Fury of Dracula, Pandemic Legacy, Between Two Cities, El Grandulon for Freebooters Fate, Opel Blitz by Rubicon Models, Star Wars Armada Wave 2, DreadBall Xtreme, and Pathfinder Battles: Red Dragon Evolution Set.

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For those of you not in the US, you probably already know about the Rugby Championships that are going on. For those of you in the US... The Rugby Championships are going on. Also for those of you in the US, rugby is a sport that's sort of like soccer and football put together (and I realize non-US readers are going, "that's a terrible analogy" but remember, we're dealing with the US here, of which I am a citizen and always have been). Anyway, Mantic is running a sale for DreadBall Xtreme (which is like a sci-fi form of rugby... kinda...) over in their webshop during the championships.
DreadBall combines various sports and mashes them together on your tabletop... which invariably has your players mashing into one-another on the tabletop as well. It's a good time had by all (if you enjoy mashing, that is). Xtreme takes DreadBall to the streets. It's wild. It's crazy. It's without rules... well... kinda. I mean, there's the rulebook for the game. And if you buy XTreme this month, you'll get an extra rulebook in the form of the first expansion for free from Mantic.