The Game Publishers Guild created

The Game Publishers Guild is a group of small, independent role-playing game publishers who have banded together in order to help strengthen their overall forces in this topsy-turvy world of gaming. Initially created by Aaron Huss of Mystical Throne Entertainment, the 7 charter members (Arcanum Syndicate, Cakebread & Walton, DramaScape, Imaginary Empire, Mystical Throne Entertainment, Rogue Games and Scrying Eye Games) hope that by joining together, they can achieve greater reach through conventions and retailers, where such action had not been previously possible.
Membership is open and if you’re interested in joining, you can contact any of the Guild members to see about the application process.

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CityScape 6 x 6 Tiles Vol 1 now available from DramaScape

DramaScape has new CityScape 6 x 6 tiles available to help your tabletop look better.


From the release:

CityScape consists of modular 6 x 6 tiles that can be used to build a small city. CityScape uses connective tiles such as roadways, bridges, and railways to build the transportation network of the cities. These lead to destination tiles such as a bar, barbershop, basketball half court, bathroom, café, fountain, gas station, grocery, hot dog stand, Laundromat, motorcycle shop, office, park, squatter’s home, subway entrance, and town art statue. Some tiles are obstacle tiles such as barricades, potholes, and narrow alleyways created by dumpsters that can cause problems in a chase. Construct a transportation system and a town for today’s game. Then put away the tiles and you can make a brand new city for the next game!

New tabletop map available from DramaScape

DramaScape has a new map available to download. It’s been a while and it’s good to see them with new releases again.


From the release:

DramaScape Fantasy Volume 24

This Product is a 48 x 30 inch, full color floorplan of a hidden Gorge.

It comes with Square, Hex and No Overlays and includes the VTT files for online use.

New fantasy paper models available from DramaScape

DramaScape has a new set of paper models available. These are humans and orcs and are seen from a top-down view.

From the release:

Top Down Armies: Human V Orcs

Dramascape Miniatures Volume 08

This product contains two topdown miniature armies, one orc and one human army set on a green field in addition to a 48 x 30 inch grass battlefield map with a road running north to south in the center of the map and a plateau along the eastern side of the map. Each army has melee, missile, magic, gunpowder guns, and mounted characters. The human knights are riding warhorses and the orcs are riding ankylosaurs. The orc army has a bolt thrower as a siege weapon as well. Each miniature is included as a 300 dpi png file and the board as a 100 dpi jpeg file so that you can make use of this product on your virtual tabletop (VTT). In total there are 12 different human footman miniatures, 3 human knights, 18 orc footman miniatures, 2 orc riders, and 1 orc artillery that you can print out and use on the tabletop or use with your VTT.

This product is the first one in our Versus line which will pit two topdown armies versus each other on a single battlefield map. Each new Versus product will include two topdown armies and one battlefield for them to fight on expanding both the number of places to fight and the types of armies that can be paired together.

New SciFi Floor tiles from DramaScape

DramaScape has a new set of SciFi floor tiles available over on Wargame Vault.

From the release:

This product consists of modular 6 x 6 tiles that can build a multitude of science fiction facilities in space or on the ground. There are 59 tiles (front and back for 118 total). The set includes connective tiles such as hallways, doors, barriers, stairs, hatches, lifts, access tubes, access shafts, and other connective pieces. The set also includes destination tiles such as an armory, a bridge, a cargo room, a command center, a computer room, a cryo room, an engineering/power room, a med lab, a mess hall, a meeting room, personal quarters, and a security room and security scanner. With this many connective and destination tiles, you can construct a vast number of different science fiction locations for use in space or on land. Then deconstruct them and then recombine them for a totally new adventure location in next week’s session!

This product has both a clean version and a rusted version of all the tiles. The clean version is great for a brand new facility or spaceship that was just opened or commissioned. The rusty version works well for an old facility or derelict spacecraft that needs explored by the group. Combining the clean side and the rusty side, you can create a ship or facility that was refurbished in some sections with the clean side while using the rusty side to denote the older sections of the ship or facility.

Basilisk Lander and The Protocursor maps from DramaScape now available

DramaScape gives you more sci-fi maps for your gaming sessions with the Basilisk Lander and The Protocursor.

From the update:

Game Masters need quality maps for their miniatures. DramaScape™ is committed to bringing Game Masters the maps they need

DramaScape Maps Now Available in Printed Format

DramaScape has their first map available that you can now order in printed format: the Ancient Temple Interior.
Don’t cross the light beams.

From the announcement:

Our first Print on Demand Map is now on sale, it comes on high quality 12 pint card, and is UV coated, which means they wipe clean and you can use dry wipe markers on them. If you love maos but hate printing them out these are ideal for you.

Vaztstar Shuttle floorplan map from DramaScape now available

DramaScape gives you more terrain map options with the release of their Vaztstar Shuttle floorplan.

From the announcement:

The Vaztstar is meant for in-system quick travel. One idea for using the ship is that a wealthy entrepreneur who loves using it to race and joyride owns the Vaztstar.

The Protocursor from DramaScape

DramaScape put out another of their battlefield terrain maps with the Protocursor.

From the release:

The New Protocursor floor plans from DramaScape, a crashed ship on an Ice Planet.
“It was a rough landing. Is everyone still alive back there? Well we made it this far and survived. Lets see if we can find some materials to fix the ship.”

Marines and Aliens Paper Miniatures available from DramaScape

DramaScape doesn’t just do maps, but does paper minis as well. Here’s their latest set: Sci-Fi Marines and Aliens.

From the release:

Our second paper miniatures set has just been released, good for the bug hunt games or you could just nuke the site from orbit.