TGN Sunday Snippets

It’s Sunday. Here in the States, it’s Father’s Day. If you are a father, hope you have a great Father’s Day. If you’re not a father, I still hope you have a great day, regardless. As for me, I’m sitting here at the start of the last day of CMON Expo 2015. It’s been a great time. Very busy, lots of panels yesterday. I hope you enjoyed the reports of all the new stuff. I’ll get you a link to the other photo collections here in a minute from yesterday, and there will be some more today.

But anyway, for the moment, we’re getting together the bite-sized stories we’ve come across in the past couple days.

In this batch we have: Dragon Forge Tech-Deck Additions – Expansion Base Set Kickstarter Running Now, Pedion Wall System unlocked, New Dwarves Female Regiment 28mm from Scibor, Fantasy Concept Cards IV: Creatures and Treasures on Kickstarter Now, Dungeon Revolutions is available now from Thomarillion, Amber Portable Weapon and Gun Crew at The Ion Age, 28mm Satyr Group now available from Lone Gunman Games, Khurasan releases planet-killing space monster, Tabletop-Art Ancestral Ruins RL 30mm and 40mm Deals Available Now, Brigade Models – New 15mm Releases, Battle Flag : Cloth Battlemats for Wargames Indiegogo, Q-Workshop to Publish Shadowrun Dice, Secret Weapon Adds Five New Knight Bases, Manorhouse Workshop Launches Underground Terrain Kickstarter, Post Captain Master Index Pt 3 Shore Raids Chapters, and Heroic Maps – Modular Kit: Town – Streets & Houses.

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Some Tuesday Snippets

We’ve got another set of those shorter news stories for you. It’s time for another Snippets posts.

In this installment, we’ve got: A new Sulphur scenario from Terragnosis, New Round-lip Shaleground Bases from Tabletop-Art, New 32mm Bases from Dragon Forge Design, David Lowry from Club Fantasci talks about the “Board Game Messiah Complex”, Shieldwolf Releases 2 Busts and Announces Kickstarter, New Dungeon Terrain Previews from MiniWorlds, Alternative Armies Previews Upcoming Von Rotte Crew, Kabuki Models Previews Alien Hunter, New knight marker kit from Mechanical Warhorse, New Previews from Siren Miniatures, Limana announces War of Wonders

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Dragon Forge Design brings you the First New 32mm bases in its Broken Wasteland range of base sets

Dragon Forge starts bringing you the first of their new 32mm bases for your new Space Marine armies with their Broken Wasteland set. And since 32mm isn’t the only type of base you might need in Broken Wasteland style, they’ve got a whole bunch of new sizes available in that style as well. Get the base you need to create a cohesive look for your force with these new sizes.


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Dragon Forge Design Runs Black Friday Week Special deals

Dragon Forge Design is running special deals all week over on their website. Go get yourself some minis for cheaper than usual.


From the announcement:

This week at Dragon Forge Design I have my annual Black Friday Week special package deals.

They are the following,
$30.00 of Dragon Forge Product for $25.00
$60.00 of Dragon Forge Product for $50.00
$125.00 of Dragon Forge Product for $100.00
$250.00 of Dragon Forge Product for $200.00

Pick and choose your own packages. See website for more details.

Final day for Dragon forge Designs bases on Kickstarter

Dragon Forge Design has less than a day on their Kickstarter campaign. They’ve made it through a bunch of stretch goals, so be sure to check those out.


From the campaign:

Congratulations! Stretch Goal # 10 was unlocked!

Set RL-E – 80 mm Ancient Ruins II with Round Lip Edge.,
Set number one.
Set of 1 Base
At this stretch goal all backers pledging the $48.00 Pick your sets-The Round Lips Pledge level will receive ONE FREE 80 mm base Set RL-E added to their pledge level.

Additional Sets of RL-E 80 mm Ancient Ruins II with round lip edge base may be added for an additional $7.00 Retail Price will be $8.00

Dragon Forge Designs Ancient Ruins Kickstarter busting stretch goals

Dragon Forge Design has started making it through stretch goals for their Ancient Ruins II base series. They’ve got some extras and Kickstarter exclusives they’ve posted up, so check ’em out.


From the campaign:

Dragon Forge Design has added round lipped bases and terrain sets to the Ancient Ruins II Kickstarter that has been going for a little while now.

If you are a fan of Jeff Wilhelm’s work and want some neat looking bases – you only have under a week to jump into the Kickstarter.

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Ancient Ruins Base Kickstarter launches from Dragon Forge Design

Dragon Forge Design has launched their Kickstarter campaign for their Ancient Ruins II line of bases. They’re already over their funding goal, so it’s on to stretch goals for 12 days.


From the campaign:

Since its launch, Ancient Ruins has been one of the most popular base series at Dragon Forge Design. It is now time for a breath of fresh air with a well deserved complement series: Ancient Ruins II. Such additions are usually implemented 2 or 3 sets at a time in order to gradually absorb the financial and labor cost of creating and producing new bases. With Ancient Ruins II, we could not limit our excitement. It is 15 new sets with over 50 new bases that will be released at once. After months of overtime labor, we can say with pride that the sculpting is done, the masters are crafted and we are ready to move to production.

Ancient Ruins II offer you a variation on its little brother. Even though the styles are slightly different, Ancient Ruins and Ancient Ruins II are fully compatible. Furthermore, Ancient Ruins II will offer you great possibilities for water effects with more “Waters Edge” than ever. These are recessed areas that allow you to pour your favorite water medium to recreate water, blood or toxic waste. A tutorial on water effect will be offered with every pledge.

Four New Basic Ruins Base Sets Added at Dragon Forge Design

Dragon Forge Design gives you more ways to put your models on a solid foundation over in their webshop.


From the post:

Today I added 4 new base sets to the Basic Ruins Square base style base series for Fantasy type armies.

They are the following

SRBBR-011 50 mm x 75 mm Basic Ruins Set One, 3 for $15.00
SRBBR-012 50 mm x 150 mm Basic Ruins Set Two, 1 for $7.00
SRBBR-015 50 mm x 150 mm Basic Ruins Set Three, 1 for $7.00
SRBBR-020 100 mm x 150 mm Basic Ruins Set One, 1 for $15.00

They are now ready for ordering.

Dragon Forge Design Adds 55mm Base designs to its store

Dragon Forge Design added new 55mm bevel-edge bases to their webshop.

55 mm Lost Empires Base


From the release:

For all of you looking for 55mm bases for Infinity, you can now find 14 of them in The Dragon Forge Store in these ranges:
Concrete Rubble
Desert Wastelands
Omega Prime
Slate Wasteland
Lost Empires

And coming soon:
Ancient Ruins
Ice World
Pavement/City Streets

New 80mm Ancient Ruins with Round Lip Base at Dragon Forge Design

Dragon Forge Design is showing off their new 80mm Ancient Ruins base. Go get yourself some in their webshop.

80 mm round lip ancient ruins set 1


From the post:

I added a new 80 mm Ancient Ruins with Round Lip base to the store today. Perfect for games with bigger models needing 80 mm bases.

Cast in grey urethane pressure cast resin in three pieces. Base and two pillar sections.

RLBAR-008 1 for $8.00

Dragon Forge Design Releases New Forgotten Empires- Water’s Edge Round Lip Base Series

Dragon Forge gives you even more ways to base your models with their new Water’s Edge Round Lip Bases.


From the release:

Introducing the brand New base series from Dargon Forge Design. Forgotten Empires-Waters Edge.

Waters Edge is a expansion series to go with my popular Forgotten Empires base series.

The bases were designed with recessed areas for the use of water effects materials.

The Series includes the following base sets.
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New Tech-Deck Knight base available from Dragon Forge Design

Dragon Forge Design has a new Knight Titan base available over in their webshop. This one’s their Tech-Deck style. They’ve also got a Tech-Deck conversion kit available.


From the release:

I have added new items to the Dragon Forge Store.

RBTD-040 168 mm X 106 mm Oval Knight Base in the Tech-Deck style – 1 for $22.50

RBTD-041 “3 Pack” of the 168 mm X 106 mm Oval Knight Base in the Tech-Deck style at a 10% discount – 3 for $60.76

TD-CONV-Kit-001 Tech-Deck Conversion Set One,
Includes 1 Grate Sheet and 4 Trim Pieces. I used this to help construct the new Knight Bases. 1 set for $10.00
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Two New “Knight” sized bases added to the Dragon Forge Store

Dragon Forge Design gives your Imperial Knights a firm foundation with the release of two new base styles to put them on.


From the release:

I added two more Knight sized bases (168 mm x 106 mm in size) to The Dragon Forge Store. They are for Slate Wasteland and Goth-Tech ranges.

“Knight Base” 168 mm X 106 mm Oval Base Slate Wasteland Set One (1)
Item # RBSW-060 1 base for $22.50
Knight Base” 168 mm X 106 mm Oval Base Goth-Tech Set One (1)
Item # RBGT-060 1 base for $20.00

This now brings a total of 10 Knight sized bases available from Dragon Forge Design.

Lost Hemisphere looks at Dragon Forge’s Aztex

Lost Hemisphere gets a couple packs of Dragon Forge’s Aztex bases and gives you their thoughts on the situation.



From the post:

Lost Hemisphere takes a look at Dragon Forge Design’s Aztex round-lipped resin base series, with an eye to mounting a bunch of expeditionary Khadorans on them.

Four new Knight Titan Size bases in the Dragon Forge Store

Dragon Forge has some new bases available for all of your Knights you’ve been buying up.


From the announcement:

I’ve now added the first four large oval bases sculpted in the new large oval base size for the new Knight Titans to my web store.

These bases measure 168 mm x 106 mm in size.

Ancient Ruins, Desert Wasteland, Sanctuary and Urban Rubble are the first four bases done.

They are now available for order.

Dragon Forge releases new Aztec base styles

Dragon Forge Design has a new style of Aztec-inspired bases available over in their webshop.


From the release:

I’ve added the first six sets of the new Aztex square base style base series to the Dragon Forge Store.

All 20 mm and 25 mm square bases are done in 20 base sets to build bigger units.

Check them out!

Dragon Forge Design Release New Base Sets

Dragon Forge Design has several new base sets available because every mini deserves a good foundation.


From the release:

Today Dragon Forge Design releases 4 new base sets to its lines.
They are the following

RLBFE-006 Hero Base set for Forgotten Empires 8 Bases for $15.00

RBAR-007 50 mm Ancient Ruins Base set of 3 Bases for $13.50
RBDW-019 50 mm Desert Wasteland set of 3 Bases for $13.50
RBSW-006 50 mm Slate Wasteland set of 3 Bases for $13.50

I am also taking pre orders on my new Round Base series with bevel edge called Badlands
Designed to give the feel of a totally desolated and broken environment totally free of all life.
It could be painted with many environments in mind from deserts and dried lake beds to frozen Ice worlds and even lava planets.
This is a new set releasing in a week.

Dragon Forge Design Free Shipping for Black Friday Week

Dragon Forge Design is offering free shipping on orders from their webshop this week.


From the announcement:

Black Friday Week Discounted Shipping Deals!
During the week of November 25-Dec 2 , Shipping rates are as follows.
Shipping on all US and Canadian orders over $30.00 is FREE!!!

Shipping on all other International orders over $30.00 to $100.00 is $5.99
And all International orders over $100.00 are shipped Free!
I will also be posting daily Black Friday Deals through out the week.


New Mechanika Round Lip Bases available to pre-order from Dragon Forge Design

Dragon Forge Design is taking down name of those of you gamers out there that want their new line of Mechanika Round Lip Bases as soon as they’re available.
They’re available in several different sizes.


From the announcement:

Pre Orders now being taken
Shipping will begin November 15, 2013

If you will be attending Warmachine Weekend in November, I can deliver your bases to you as I will be attending.
Include a note that you will be attending WMW when you order or send me an email to

Also, All Pre Orders will include an extra FREE Surprise!
(No, I wont tell you wihat it is it wouldn’t be a surprise)

Dragon Forge releases their Az-Tech bases line

Dragon Forge has released their new Az-Tech bases line.

From the announcement:

Dragon Forge Design announces the release of its newest base series called AZ-TECH.

Sculpted by Dragon Forges Very own Jeff Wilhelm, this new series may be one the biggest base series not only created but also released at one time.

It includes the following 27 sets of bases, with 87 uniquely different base sculpts.
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New bases and a weapon platform available from Dragon Forge

Dragon Forge gives you some more options to base your models as well as a new weapons platform, available over in their webshop.

From the update:

Added two new items to the web store,

A set of 50mm x 75mm The Slate wastes bases. Set of 3 for $15.00

Heavy weapons platform. 1 for $20.00
Leg width span is 18cm

Both items are now available for sale

Dragon Forge Designs Annual Thanksgiving sale

Dragon Forge Designs is yet another of those having Black Friday sales.

Happy Thanksgiving from Dragon Forge Design,

It’s that time of the year I say thanks to you my loyal customers with my annual buy 3 items at the same price and get a 4th item the same price free.

While I think this is a simple sale, it always seems to confuse one or ten of you so let me explain it simple like this.

If you’re interested in let’s say the Urban Rubble base series to make that new army or add to an existing one and you need a lot of 25mm bases for your troops. Now you can buy 3 sets of 25mm round bases and you get a 4th set for free.

Simple right? And hey that’s a 25% savings!

So it’s simple, Buy 3 items of the same value like $5.00, $7.50, $10.00 and so on and get a 4th free the same value! Yay!

But, this requires a little work on your part. You have to write the code numbers for the free items you want in the comments box at check out or if that’s not there send me an email after you place your order with those codes.

Now Please read this part below.. Are you reading it?
I always get a big response to this sale so please be patient, it may take up to 2 + weeks for me to get these orders cast up and shipped to you. So please don’t write me in 3-4 days asking if it’s been shipped because you have a big tournament or whatever next weekend. It’s not going to happen. Please be patient.
If you don’t understand something or have questions please feel free to write me with questions.

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

Sale ends Sunday Midnight (EST) November 25th 2012.

Three new flight stand kits added at Dragon Forge Design

Dragon Forge Design keeps your flying models suspended up in the air with these 3 new flight stand kits, available now.

From the update:

Today I added thee new Flight Stand
Kits to the Dragon Forge Store.

They are the following.
FS-003 Small Flight Stand Kit with 6 inch long, ¼ inch diameter clear Acrylic Rod, 1 for $3.00
FS-004 Medium Flight Stand Kit with 6 inch long, 1/2 inch diameter clear Acrylic Rod, 1 for $4.00
FS-005 Large Flight Stand Kit with 12 inch long ,3/4 inch diameter clear Acrylic Rod, 1 for $10.00

They can be used alone with your base or with one of my many bases. I will drill the base to match the post when ordered as a set.

Dragon Forge Designs, Build-A- Better Army Sale

Dragon Forge Design wants to help your army be all it can be and is having a sale to make it more affordable.

So are you looking to build a new army? Rebase and existing one and always wanted to use my bases? Well I have a deal for you. It’s my first ever, Build-A- Better Army Package Deal.

Here is how it works
I have six package level deals each with an increasing discount level.
You buy the package of your choice and then after you and I will discuss your army and pick the perfect basing system for you via email.
Then you will send me a complete list via email of the items you want for the package deal you purchased.
The more you buy the more you save.

The Packages are as follows,

$50.00 Package 5% discount is $47.50
$75.00 Package at 7.5% discount is $70.00
$100.00 Package 10% discount is $90.00
$200.00 Package is 15% discount is $170.00
$300.00 Package is 20% discount is $240.00 Plus FREE Priority Mail Shipping World Wide
$400.00 Package is 25% discount is $300.00 Plus FREE Priority Mail Shipping World Wide

The $300.00 and $400.00 Package deals include Free Shipping World Wide.
Please allow 4-6 weeks for dispatch and deliver on these special deals.
This sale will run from September 30, 2012 through October 7, 2012 12:00 Midnight EST

Five new sets Desecrated Lands Bases at Dragon Forge Design

Dragon Forge Design gives you more ways to make your models look unique with their bases. Don’t just leave blank bases for your models!

From the release:

I just added 5 new Desecrated Lands Sets in the Dragon Forge Store. Again they were sculpted by the very Talented Mathieu Fontaine.
They are the following
RBDL-030 25mm x 70mm Narrow Bike Bases set of 5 for $10.00
RBDL-033 40mm x 75mm Wide Bike Bases Set of 3 for $12.00
RBDL -036 Attack Bike Base Set of 1 for $7.00
RBDL-041 120mm x 95mm Oval Base 1 for $10.00 , these are perfect for flight bases 😉
RBDK-044 120mm Large Round base 1 for $15.00
Some have recessed areas to allow for liquid effects like the others in the series.
Mathieu has a few more things yet to sculpt to complete this series.. So soon there will be more good stuff!

New Cargo Container terrain pieces from Dragon Forge

Dragon Forge has several new cargo container pieces for your terrain needs, available in 3 different sizes.

From the release:

Dragon Forge Design releases three new sets of Resin Cargo Containers.

Cast in durable Urethane Resin for use with 28-30mm figures and vehicles

Each set includes Six different size boxes per set.
The three different sized sets are as follows,
CONV-CBS-001 Set of Six Small Cargo Boxes Width 20mm, 6 for $5.00
CONV-CBM-001 Set of Six Medium Cargo Boxes Width 25mm, 6 for $6.00
CONV-CBL-001 Set of Six Large Cargo Boxes Width 30mm, 6 for $7.00

They are now for sale in the Dragon Forge Store.

New Round Lip Base Sets at Dragon Forge Design

Dragon Forge Design has some new base sets out so you don’t have to just leave your models on blank little discs anymore.

From the release:

Dragon Forge Design has now released many new base sets in the last couple weeks in the Round Lip Base Style.

They are the following

Crux Machina

1 Set of 10 Bases – 30mm Crux Machina $10.00
1 Set of 5 Bases – 40mm Crux Machina $7.50
1 Set of 5 Bases – Hero Set Cruz Machina $8.50
4 Sets of 1 Base – 50mm Crux Machina $5.00
1 set of 1 Base – 120mm Crux Machina $15.00

Sector Alpha

1 Set of 10 Bases – 30mm Sector Alpha $10.00
1 Set of 5 Bases – 40mm Sector Alpha $7.50
4 Sets of 1 Base – 50mm Sector Alpha $5.00
1 Set of 1 Base – 120mm Sector Alpha $15.00


1 Set of 1 Base – 120mm Concrete $15.00

Dragon Forge has new Sector Alpha round-lip bases

Dragon Forge has released new Sector Alpha round-lip bases. Don’t have your models just standing on nothing!

From the website (they’re running a package deal as well) :

Sector Alpha Package Deal

2 – 30 mm Sector Alpha Sets
1 – 40 mm Sector Alpha Set

4 – 50 mm Sector Alpha Set
(1 each of the 50 mm Bases)

1-120mm Sector Alpha Base

Retail Price on this is $62.50
Package price $56.25
10% savings.

New Desecrated Lands Base Series at Dragon Forge Design

Dragon Forge wants to make your minis as pretty as possible. For that, the base is as important as the model itself. So they’ve got some new Desecrated Lands bases available for you to beautify your figures.

From the release:

Today I released a new bases series in the standard round base design with a beveled edge.

This new series is called Desecrated Lands.

The concept behind this was a once peaceful nation was invaded by an evil force who conquered and then left its mark by desecrating all the Sacred Temples and Shrines in the land. The New series released by Dragon Forge Design depicts this.

Sculpted by the talented hands of Mathieu Fontaine.

I hope you enjoy! Continue reading

Frontline Gamer is giving away $100’s of Dragon Forge Designs store credit

Frontline Gamer doesn’t have to give away cool stuff to get you to read their blog, but they’re just jolly chums and are doing it anyway. This time it’s Dragon Forge Designs store credit.

From them to you:

As part of my Blogs one year anniversary Jeff Wilhelm of Dragon Forge Designs very kindly donated $100’s of store credit for me to give away to my followers. Well now is the time for me to give it away, so if you want a chance to win pop on over and read the entry guidelines (they’re not that difficult).