Attack on Titan: The Last Stand Releasing This Month

I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Attack on Titan anime. But, with so many things, I’ve just not gotten around to watching it. I might just do so, though, as it seems to be a favorite of many of my friends. Also, it might help me with strategy in Attack on Titan: The Last Stand, a new game coming from Cryptozoic and Don’t Panic Games that’s coming out this month.
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Cryptozoic Entertainment and Don’t Panic Games Acquire License for Attack on Titan games

Cryptozoic Entertainment and Don’t Panic Games have teamed up, super-hero-style, to bring you new games based on the popular Attack on Titan series of manga and anime. The first of these new games is being worked on now, with an expected release sometime in 2016.
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Drakerys Kickstarter Pledge Manager Extended a Month

Don’t Panic Games has decided to extend their Pledge Manager allowance time by a month. It was to have closed on January 10th, but now it’s going all the way until February 10th. So if you’d like to join in the fun at the Kickstarter prices, you can. Just head over to their webshop and order what you’d like.


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Final hours for Drakerys Kickstarter

Don’t Panic Games is in their final night over on Kickstarter for their Drakerys fantasy minis game. They’ve made it a long way, but there’s always more stretch goals to strive for.



From the campaign:

Drakerys unlocked the dwarves and the game has less than 24 hours left.

For those of you who didn’t pledge, now is the time…

Lots of things to unlock, and already some huge pledge levels, filled with hundreds of minis.

Short Fuse Designs previews Corridor Set themes

Short Fuse Designs is showing off some of the themes available for their Corridors Terrain Kickstarter campaign.

Dwarven Stronghold


From the update:

The first of three big updates…

Four new themes are available. Bunker, Citadel, Dwarven Stronghold, and Con-Am 27 (let’s see who gets the reference first). These are prototypes and subject to some changes (and improvements – so if any of these interest you and you’d like an idea incorporated, send it along).

Big update #2 will show off the last of the themes – Gothic, Colony, and Egyptian.

Big update #3 will introduce the DIY rooms

Last two days for Drakerys

Don’t Panic Games is in their final 2 days up on Kickstarter for Drakerys. There’s still plenty of stretch goals to get through.

Aurium Dwarves


From the campaign:

2 days. 2 DAYS !!

Friends, this is the last stand. This is the moment when the heroes start chanting about seeing the line of their people, back to the beginning. This is time when you chose to go big or go home.

This Kickstarter went above and beyond all our expectations. We are so proud of you. So proud to count us among our backers, among our friends, among our family. We wouldn’t have dared to dream of a better community to start our adventure.

The whole world of Drakerys will be yours to grasp, in a few months. Thanks to you, The Paladinate will conquer with a ravenous hunger, Ashral will fight with honour and Avaren will slaughter with elegance.

Now… It is time. Time to unleash the people who were waiting in the dark. Time to free the worshippers of the gilded spirits. Time to behold the Ghost Lion ! Time for THE DWARVES !!!!

Final days on Kickstarter for Drakerys

Don’t Panic Games is in their final couple days on Kickstarter for Drakerys. They’re closing in on 5x funded. Do you think they’ll make it?



From the campaign:

The dragons of Drakerys can played in every armies and as monsters, are not limited to one. Heck, some powerful awakened, like Valira can even summon them to fight on her side… Provided she keeps them content and feed them magic and… Flesh.

Drakerys just unlocked more content and thrives

Don’t Panic Games keeps plugging along with Drakerys. They’ve got just over a week left and are still making it through stretch goals.



From the update:

Drakerys jsut went past the $150k mark, unlocking new heroes for the Ashral orcs and the Irosia Paladinate.
They also offer a free additional army box to all their Elemental 5 backers.
Now the dwarves are the next announced step, even though their latest update mentioned some surprise stretch goals before Bastion.
They also posted their 2 part Gameplay video, showing how a game plays, from deployment to magic going through shooting and melee combat.

New Drakerys preview art and game update

Don’t Panic Games is showing off some more Drakerys art as well as giving us a look into the game details some more on their Kickstarter page.

Quaestor Kalirus


From the campaign:

Hey people ! Thanks again for helping us launch the best game you’ve ever played 😉

We have a lot of things to show today, so two updates might do the trick.

First, Kalirus, the mage adventurer. The spiritual son of Gandlaf and Indiana Jones.

The rules of the day are : Ranged Attacks, Morale, and Equipment.

Drakerys closing in on the elves

Don’t Panic Games is getting closer to unlocking the Elves factions for Drakerys. They’ve posted up what the pledge levels will be like for when they are added to the campaign.



From the campaign:

Drakerys is about to unlock elves and they decided to present the pledge levels they were going to open with the arrival of the Avaren Elves.
– A 60$ pledge will offer an army box and a unit box for elves, on the model of what they did for the Orks and Irosia.
– A brand new pledge level, valued $265 (according to some math done with the add-ons values) will be available as an early bird at $235 and then at $250.
-Elemental 5 gets all the elves for free.
– All elves products will be available as add-ons.

Elves… Not the “Ho-ho” style

Don’t Panic Games has made it up and over $100k for their Drakerys Kickstarter and thus unlocked the elves.

Drakerys Elves


From the post:

Xmas in July ? No ! Wait ? It’s still freaking May. But who can think properly in the midst of all this Awesomeness ? Not the staff at Don’t Panic Games ! Why ? Pray tell ? Because YOU DID IT !!! You really freaking did it ! You asked for it. Pleaded for it ! Pledged for it ! Well Baby, you got it. Congratulations ! Bring on the Elves in all their disgusting elegance. I mean seriously, even the chubby ones have oodles of swag.

Drakerys breaking through stretch goals

Don’t Panic Games has made it up and over their funding goal 2 times over and have made it through a bunch of Drakerys stretch goals already.

Air Elemental Overlord


From the campaign:

And it gets better and better, thanks to you all !

Again, we will never say thank you enough. It’s amazing to build a community like ours and to see your support and be able to deliver these amazing miniatures at that pace.

Keep up the good work, as we are planning on showing you more in a not so far future.

Since you’re so awesome, meet the Elves !

Don’t Panic Games launches Drakerys Kickstarter

Don’t Panic Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Drakerys, their new fantasy miniatures board game.



From the campaign:

A miniature boardgame for new and seasoned players alike, where classic fantasy meets modern rules in an elemental world!

New preview art for Drakerys

Don’t Panic Games tossed another preview art piece for Drakerys up for you to see.

Lorn Legendary Adventurer


From the preview:

Lorn, Drakerys’ legendary adventurer, survived his encounter with the dragon called Athora thanks to his newfound power: the ability to call a greater elemental in battle. It saved his life then, and allowed him to win battles since that fateful day!

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Polyhedron Collider Interview with Nicolas Raoult from Don’t Panic Games

Polyhedron Collider sat down and talked with Nicolas Raoult from Don’t Panic Games about Drakerys. Go check out what they had to say.



From the website:

Darkerys is a 32mm skirmish game from Don’t Panic Games about to hit Kickstarter. I got the chance to speak to Nicolas Raoult about the game.

Up until today all I know about Drakerys is a cool little flier I picked up at Salute 2014. Apart from the cool dragon image, what is Drakerys?

Drakerys’ Dwarves are well-armored

Don’t Panic Games shows off a new preview art piece for Drakerys with a look at an armored dwarf.



From the preview:

Of the three main people of Drakerys, Dwarves was the only one to keep some kind of unity. While having different cultures, they recognize their common ancestry and keep some respect to each other. This little dreadnought of a dwarf may make his way to the Valgar Islands soon, and to Drakerys’ Kickstarter!

Minotaur preview for Drakerys

Don’t Panic Games gives us another Drakerys look with a preview of the Minotaur.

Irosia Minotaurs


From the post:

Drakerys’ Minotaurs featured in the Starter Box will come with two handed weapons. Two other configurations are possible: weapon and shield, for a better protection, and twin weapons, to inflict… pain, cause you like it!!
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Karya, a new preview up for Drakerys

Don’t Panic Games posted a new preview for Drakerys, giving us a look at the concept art and painted mini for Karya.



From the preview:

Karya was born a day of major victory for Emperor Alexander of Irosia, and was raised with his deeds of glory along three elder brothers. As adulthood came, she declined family life and soon engaged in the imperial army, to get a name of her own. A few years were enough for her to become an officer and lead her own men. News from the Valgar Island just struck her ears. The time has come to become a hero!

This guy’s hot under the collar

Don’t Panic Games is showing off new concept art for Drakery. This one’s the Greater Fire Elemental.

Greater Fire Elemental


From the preview:

Drakerys’ greater Fire Elemental concept art.

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Drakerys : A new fantasy miniature game by Don’t Panic Games

Don’t Panic Games is happy to introduce Drakerys, their new 32mm Fantasy Miniature Game.


From the announcement:

The game is set in a medieval fantasy world where elemental creatures have been awakened and the people of the world will learn to harness their magic to prevail.

The game uses d10s and an “Action Wheel” to solve all actions.
The miniatures are in plastic and resin and will be modular.

Created by veterans of the entertainment and miniature gaming industry, Drakerys will look for funding through an upcoming Kickstarter Campaign.