Mid-Week Snippets

We’ve made it to another Wednesday. And at the time of this posting, it’s halfway through the workday. It’s like the Wednesday of hours on the Wednesday of days. If only it were the 15th of the month, too. Then it’d be the Wednesday of the month on the Wednesday of the week on the Wednesday of the hour.
… or maybe I’m just taking things too far now.

Anyway, we’ve got another bunch of bite-sized stories we’ve collected.

This installment we have: The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic about Tesla vs. Edison, Kromlech gives you the bird, New 2mm Coastal Items from Brigade Models, Special Deal on Pulp Figures from Sally 4th, Pretty Pretty Pictures & Shipping Update for Super Dungeon Explore, MiniWorlds: Finally Mini-Texture arrived, Dies Irae news from Tercio Creativo, Rebel Minis Releases More 15mm Pulp Packs, Ral Partha Europe Miniatures Sci-fi Amphibians kickstarter now live, New Print-and-Play Cedar Mountain Board Game from Wargame Shop, Mage Company Previews 12 Realms: bedtime Story Kickstarter, Deep-Cut Studio releases new sandy desert theme mats, Big Book of Bloodlines Kickstarter launches, Embers Design Studios Launches The City of Brass web-based tabletop RPG app Kickstarter, 15mm Fantasy Buildings pre-order offer at 15mm.co.uk, Open Combat hits initial funding level, and the Figopedia now available from Figone.

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Tercio Creativo posts Fredrick Willem all painted-up

Tercio Creativo always stuns us with the painted-up version of their minis and these latest two don’t fail to continue the trend.


From the post:

Here you are Fredrick and Laut Frau painted by Emuse Studio.

Remember, this guy and his “friend” were created by Adam Oligschlaeger for our I Stories Competition.

Wagon Pieces preview by Tercio Creativo

Tercio Creativo has posted some more WIP photos of the wagon that they’re working on.
I never realized there was a horse inside the thing.


From the preview:

Here you are the base (in progress) and new pieces for Wagon. As you can see one of the pieces is for covering its lower side, and it has bull legs, so everybody can see one of the “engines” of this war machine.

Dies Irae, Ride of the Valkyries and Toccata and Fugue

Tercio Creativo is showing off their new cannon they’ve made for Dies Irae and are about to have spun up.


From the preview:

Some time ago we showed you Fredrick Willem, one of the Mercenaries we did for out last crowdfunding. Well, now here you are his “Laut Frau” ( personal cannon ) and its Impact Marker.

Tercio Creativo announces new stretch goals for Dies Irae

Tercio Creativo has announced some new stretch goals for their Dies Irae expansion to 1650. They’ve got less than 2 days left, so if you want to get in on the action, now’s the time.


From the update:

You have been asking for them… and you win. We’ll ulock Domini Canis and Ordo Calamitas bands as add-ons if we get to 15000 Goal. As Armored Wagon and Espectro de Dunas Rojas.

Tercio Creativo previews Toro Desbocado for Dies Irae

Tercio Creativo gives us a look at another green for Dies Irae with a preview of the Toro Desbocado.


From the preview:

Toro Desbocado (“Rampant Bull”). This Antagonist will be an extra GIFT for all those backers of our crowdfunding who have got perks D, E, F, F-Conquered and G, and for all those who do so ’till the end of the crowdfunding.

Tercio Creativo previews Padre Norberto for Dies Irae

Tercio Creativo gives us a look at the painted-up Padre Norberto for Dies Irae, another fantastic miniature that you can get as part of their Indiegogo campaign.


From the preview:

Padre Norberto, Leader of the Domini Canis band, painted by Emuse.

And remember, there are still 10 days for Dies Irae crowdfunding ;]

Tercio Creativo previews painted Confidente and Hideputa for Dies Irae

Tercio Creativo has the painted versions of their Hideputa and Confidente up on their website. Go check them out.


From them to you:

Here you are Confidente (“Informer”) and Hideputa (“Sonofabitch”), painted by Emuse, and which were unlocked in our Dies Irae crowdfunding some days ago as gifts for perks C, D, E and F.

Tercio Creativo adds more add-ons to Dies Irae Indiegogo campaign

Tercio Creativo gives you some more options with their Dies Irae Indiegogo campaign with some new add-ons available.


From the update:

Added new Add-ons. These exclusive pawns come from our last crowdfunding (they’re not available at shops). They were made for Indiegogo, this is a new Indiegogo crowdfunding, and you have been asking for them, so HERE you are.

Tercio Creativo adds new perk level to Dies Irae Indiegogo campaign

Tercio Creativo added a new perk level to their Dies Irae Indiegogo campaign that’s got some pretty neat rewards as part of it.

From the announcement:

New perk added to our Dies Irae crowdfunding. It’s the same as perk F (with all what you and a partner could need to play) plus Conquered Buildings kits (sold out a day after releasing) AND an EXCLUSIVE miniature designed by and for you, and painted by Emuse.

… Although be sure to design something useful for 1650 ;]

Tercio Creativo reaches €6k goal for Dies Irae on Indiegogo

Tercio Creativo made it up and over their €6k goal for Dies Irae, the first expansion to 1650, over on Indiegogo.

From the update:

Thanks to you, first Dies Irae’s goal has been ACHIEVED. Now let’s see how far can we go. ;]

Tercio Creativo previews another model for Dies Irae – Sacerdote Absorto

Tercio Creativo continues previews for the Dies Irae with a look at Sacerdote Absorto.

From the preview:

Here you are Sacerdote Absorto (“Engrossed Priest”), Leader of the Ordo Calamitas band, and another pawn for Dies Irae, The Boardgame.

Tercio Creativo previews Padre Norberto for Dies Irae

Tercio Creativo shows off their progress for Padre Norberto for Dies Irae in their latest update.

From the preview:

We are still far away from Stage II, but we thought you would like to see more previews, so here you are Padre Norberto (“Father Norbert”), Leader of the Domini Canis (that will be release if we get 25000€), and one of the pawns for Dies Irae, The Boardgame (if we get 60000€).

Tercio Creativo previews Adrian de Rivero for Dies Irae

Tercio Creativo is showing off another of the models for their Dies Irae Indiegogo campaign with a look at Adrian de Rivero.

From the update:

Here you are Adrian de Rivero, painted by Emuse, and created by David García Diéguez. One of the Personalities availables for the Dies Irae crowdfunding.

Delay announced for Dies Irae from Tercio Creativo

Tercio Creativo announced there will be a delay in the launch of their Dies Irae funding campaign until they have shipped out everything from their previous campaign.

From the announcement:


After weeks of hard working to get ready the new Indiegogo crowdfunding of Dies Irae, we have found several ethical problems. The shipping of the packages of our last crowdfunding has been delaying for long time because of difficulties of all kind. The last problem has been the lack of stock in some products. Easy to solve, but which delay the shipping of the last packages.

For this reason, we will delay this new crowdfunding a few weeks. This way we will ensure that ALL your packages have been shipped, before starting the new crowdfunding.

Tercio Creativo announces Dies Irae, their upcoming board game

Tercio Creativo has announced their next project, a board game called Dies Irae.
I’m actually listening to Verdi right now.

From the announcement:

The next and darker Tercio Creativo’s project. Dies Irae will be a board game that will bring you throught paleo christian caverns in a fight against the most radical positions of Faith.

From the deeper depths of the 1650’s universe, we hope Dies Irae become your worst nightmare.

Stay tunned and pray…