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Dice City

Well, it seemingly took an eternity, but it is now Saturday.
And, as I expected, from the time I clocked out until even now seems to have gone by very quickly. So, by the time I finish this, I guess it'll be time for Monday's Terrain corner...

But that's as may be.

Today we have: Cauldron Master, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows Of The Past Board Game Review, April O'Neil Hero Pack For Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past, Dice City, Picassimo, The Who Were 8, Cosmic Run: Rapid Fire, Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age, Dragoon, Dubai: Rebuild the Ruins, Mage Wars: Paladin vs. Siren, Firefly: Crime and Punishment, and Frostgrave Expansions.

November's a pretty big month for game releases. So begins the big push for the holiday shopping season and everyone wants their products on people's lists. Well, the folks over at AEG have posted up their releases they'll be coming out with this month so you can plan your purchases ahead of time.
Show of hands here who wish that they could go to Essen. *raises hand*
Maybe someday.
Well, if you're one of the lucky ones that do get to go, and you want to get Dice City, the new city-building game from AEG, then you can go put in a pre-order for it and pick it up at the show.
Dice City... sounds like a paradise (paradice?) for a gamer... or an alternate name for Vegas. But really, it's a new game that AEG has just announced. In the game, the Queen of Rolldovia has decided that the wants a new capital for her country, and you're the ones who are going to build it for her. You must use your resources as heads of the noble houses in order to grow the city. However, it's the people and the Queen who will decide whether you've done a good job or not.