DGS Previews Reapercon Release For Freeblades

There’s just all sorts of conventions coming up in the next couple months. And DGS Games is ready for them. They’ll be at Gen Con, and they’ll also be at Reapercon. For both, they’re going to have new figures. In this preview, we get a look at the Wandering Wizard, a Reapercon release.
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DGS Games Letting You Pick Next Freeblades Faction

DGS Games is consistent with their Freeblades Kickstarter campaigns. Each one has had a new faction. Each one has been successful. Each one has been better than the last. And each one has been delivered to backers on time. Well, they’re looking to have a 7th, but they’re also looking for your help. They’ve got two factions they’re doing. One will be the primary in the upcoming Kickstarter, while the other is a secondary. But which is which? That’s for you to decide.
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DGS Games will release the Varkraalan Truthseeker on May 15th

A new mini will soon be making its way to the tables of Freeblades, and just about anyone can use it. The Varkraalan Truthseeker is a new ally that will be recruitable by just about anyone, but also a faction model for the Kuzaarik. As you can see from the headline, you’ll be able to pick up this new figure in just under a month’s time. Figure preview to come soon, I’m sure.
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DGS Games Releases New Living Rulebook for Freeblades

When a company puts out a rulebook, it’s almost inevitable that things will be changed or added to at some point. In the case of Freeblades, they’ve got the rulebook, but they’ve also got the Companion. You could get both, or you could get the new Living Rulebook which combines both into a single handy PDF.
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Demons of Karelon Now Available For Freeblades

All hell’s breaking loose in Freeblades. Depending on which side you’re rooting for, that might not be a bad thing, really. The Demons of Karelon are now available to order over in the DGS Games webshop. You can put your name on the list now, with shipping to commence on Monday. Or, if you’re at Adepticon (I wish I was), you can get them at the show.
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DGS Games Releases New Eclipse Sisterhood Faction For Freeblades

A new faction is making its way your tabletops in Freeblades. DGS Games has released the Eclipse Sisterhood. The company’s been working on the set for a while, and now you can pick them up. This all-woman faction is not to be trifled with. They’re highly-trained and dedicated warriors, looking to oust the oppressive Traazorite Empire from their lands.
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DGS Games Releases The Trilian Bladerider For Freeblades

In Freeblades, there’s more than one way to outfit your characters. Depending on how you want to create your warband, you might want certain weapon loadouts on certain characters. Thankfully, the folks at DGS take this into consideration when they have a new release. For example, the new Trilian Bladerider’s now available, and there’s multiple ways you can outfit this swift addition to your team.
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DGS Games Holiday Sale Happening Now

If you’re worried about all the holiday sales being over, the folks over at DGS Games would like you to know that they’ve still got the holiday savings rolling. Want to pick up some Freeblades minis for cheaper than you’d usually spend? You’re in luck. They’re having a sale that runs until Tuesday.
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DGS Games Posts October-November Development Blog

DGS Games is working hard on Freeblades, their fantasy miniatures game. They’ve got quite a things they’ve been working on, including a new hire in the form of Matt Gooch. They’re also going to be releasing the first of a new faction, the Mershael. You can soon pick up the new figure, the Takar Hunter/Takar Lookout. Check out all the cool things going on with this update.
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Eclipse Sisterhood For Freeblades Up On Kickstarter

The folks over at DGS Games are looking to expand their Freeblades range with a new set of figures, the Eclipse Sisterhood. The dangerous ladies are fighting for equality in the Traazorite Empire, where women cannot hold office, run a business, or serve in the military. Well, they’re going to show that one doesn’t need to be part of the official army in order to fight.
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Midweek Snippets

The week continues on. We’ve made it halfway through. We might as well press on to the weekend. Turning back now would just be silly. But if we’re going to make it, we should rest a bit and get some provisions. Thankfully, there’s a group of bite-size stories here just waiting for us.

Today we have: Ainsty Castings Taking Salute Pre-Orders, Darklight Kickstarter – Gameplay Video Posted, Final Hours for Twisted Game on Kickstarter, Final Day for Traazorites Kickstarter, Brigade Games Launches Post-Apocalyptic Miniatures Kickstarter, and First Modern Canadian WIP from Full Battle Rattle Miniatures posted.

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“Make Your Own Model” Pledge Level Added to Traazorite Kickstarter

Have you ever had an idea for a mini for one of the games you play and really, really, really wished you could get it made? Well, the fine fellows over at DGS Games are letting you do just that for Freeblades as part of their Traazorite Kickstarter campaign. They’ve added in a new pledge level where you can make whatever figure you like (within reason, of course).
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Friday Snippets

Hold tight, people. We’re almost there. We’ve come too far to give up now… Though I’m not sure how you could give up on “time moving forward” and just decide to quit it (without talking about time dilation or other, less-than-savory topics. O,o). Anyway, it’s Friday and that means we’re at the gateway to the weekend. Best to gather supplies in the form of some bite-sized stories.

Today’s snippets includes: Symbaroum Being Translated Into French, DGS Games Previews Sunbringer for Traazorites on Kickstarter, Siren Miniatures Troublemaker Bundle Available Now, Hitechminiatures new releases, Khurasan releases 15mm Afghan Mujahideen/Taliban, and New Panzerschreck team.

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Traazorite Crusaders For Freeblades Up On Kickstarter

Longtime readers of TGN know my love of dinosaurs. I think they can help enhance just about any game. I know several game series that I’d love to play if they were to reskin from some other creature to dinosaurs, or if a dinosaur faction were added to the game. Well, it’s looking like the guys over at DGS Games are making a bid for me to go in whole-hog into Freeblades, as they’ve got a new faction for it up on Kickstarter. They’re the Traazorite Crusaders, and they ride dinosaurs into battle.
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DGS Games Releases Freeblades Rules Companion

When games have multiple releases, with new books and models coming out, every so often you can find yourself at a loss for trying to find where a specific rule for a specific model is. Plus, you might end up having to bring a whole bunch of books along, just to be able to check a couple sentences here and there. Well, DGS Games is making it so Freeblades players don’t have to worry about that so much. Their new Rules Companion is now available.
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Sunday Snippets

Hello, beautiful readers, and welcome to another Sunday. Here at the bear cave, I’m doing a bit of cleaning and then I’ve got some Gen Con prep to work on. Yeah, the show is getting ever-closer. It’ll be here before you know it. Just one more weekend after this before it’s here. Will you be coming to the show? If so, lemme know. Maybe we can talk gaming (one of my favorite activities).

But that’s for a couple weeks from now. At the moment, we’ve got some bite-sized stories to share.

In this batch we have: CROM: Conan Rise of Monsters has a teaser trailer for their Kickstarter launch, Gods and Monsters posts Kickstarter Video, A couple more installments of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, Dead Earth Games Posts The Shattered Crown Gameplay Video, and DGS Games announces Freeblades Kickstarter stretch goals and future Demon Faction.

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Monday Terrain Corner

The weekend is over and we’re once more back to the regular work week. Hopefully yours was good. I got my Age of Sigmar box set all put together. I had no major mess-ups during assembly. Though my right thumb does hurt from getting stabbed repeatedly by little, plastic spikes. Both the Sigmarans and the Khornites (or whatever they’re technically called when referred to in such a manner) do enjoy sharp bits on them.

Hopefully everyone is making their way safely home from SDCC as well. It certainly looked like quite a show this year. Someday I might make it out there for one, but I have a feeling that, knowing me, simply enjoying it from a far (vicariously through all the photos showing up) is probably what I’ll stick with.

But anyway, enough of that, let’s talk about terrain.

In this set of terrain stories we have: Tabletop-Art previews WIP Terrain Components, Heroic Maps – Birthday Sale, DGS Games adds Trial Stones models to Kickstarter options, and Terra Block ‘Tomb of the Serpent God’ from Sally 4th available for Pre-order.

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Mid-Week Snippets

The work week rolls on. We’ve made it halfway through. Just another couple days and we’ll be blissfully back into the weekend. For some of you, that weekend will include San Diego Comic Con. I… will not be there. That’s probably a good thing. I doubt I’d do well in July in California with what feels like a hundred billion other people all crammed into one place.

Anyway, that aside, we’ve got another batch of bite-sized stories for you.

Today we have: Gods and Monsters previews Herald of Moros art and 3D render, Star Crush Starship Miniatures on Kickstarter, BTR Innovations Let’s Play Dice on Kickstarter, The Shattered Crown previews Stag Rider sculpt, Atlantis Miniatures Live on Kickstarter, Meridian Miniatures unleash Chibi Zombies, Syrinscape Releases New Dragon’s Demand Soundscapes and more, Zombie Dice is back from Steve Jackson Games, Oddzial Osmy’s 3mm and 15mm June Releases Arrive at PicoArmor, and Freeblades Specialty Tiered Dice sets added to Kickstarter rewards.

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Friday Snippets

Time to let your hair down, get together with some friends, and hopefully get some gaming in.

As usual, we’ve got some bite-sized stories we’ve collected together over the past couple days and serve them to you now.

In this batch we have: AMP Adventures Collection Available Now, Res Publica by Reiner Knizia returns This Summer, Rebel Minis Releases Earth Force Kodiak Class Battlesuits, Dave Chalker’s Top 10 Tips When Negotiating Contracts, New Perk Added To Another World Indiegogo campaign, Kromlech New Release – Legionary Jump Pack, New Front Arc Marker Released by Tabletop-Art, ClearHorizon Miniatures Releases the 28mm Nemesis Light Strike Vehicle, Club Fantasci Interviews Karl Fenner of Common Man Games About Police Precinct: Uplift, Veil Fall Dark Future Horror Miniatures Kickstarter By Erebus Studios Running Now, and Victrix Ltd 28mm Napoleonic French Artillery – slight delay.

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DGS Games Launches Creatures of Faelon Kickstarter

Freeblades! Freeblades! *ignites lighter and sways it back an forth* Woo!
DGS Games’ Freeblades already has some cool monsters in it, but the guys over there would really like some more. As such, they’ve launched a new Kickstarter campaign for Creatures of Faelon, with the hopes of bringing even more beasts to the fantasy tabletop miniatures game.
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DGS Games announces painting contest

DGS Games wants you to break out your brushes and get to work painting up a 150 gold Freeblades Freeband (no word about Freebird, though). They’re having themselves a painting contest. If you’re chosen as the best, you get some pretty nifty prizes, including a starter box, a campaign map, and some other cool minis. Even if you don’t win, you could still win the random-chance drawing for a Freeblades starter box. So why not get your name in the hat with an entry?

Entries will be taken until March 1st, with winners announced later that month.


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DGS Games releases Kuzaarik Kryomancer figure for Freeblades

DGS Games continues the release of their Kuzaarik forces from their recent Kickstarter. This one is the Kuzaarik Kryomancer. Granted, with how cold it’s getting around here, I’m not sure one’s really necessary. Or, maybe that’s where all this cold is coming from to begin with. I guess you’ve got someone to counter-act the flamethrower guys from this morning.
Anyway, the Kryomancer is a little special, as it was designed to look like Kickstarter backer Bryan Bledsoe. I always think it’s really cool when companies do that sort of thing.
Bryan the Kryomancer is available now over in the DGS webshop.


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DGS Games releases Kuzaarik Wayblocker figure for Freeblades

DGS Games had themselves a successful Kickstarter earlier this year to bring the Kuzaarik faction to Freeblades. The campaign was a success and now that backers have their products, it’s time to release these models to the general public. Hence, the Kuzaarik Wayblocker is now available over in their webshop.

These younger warriors are made up mostly of those just trying to fulfill their mandatory service years. As such, it’s a pretty big force and makes up the core of the Kuzaarik armed forces.


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DGS Games releasing Thief figure at GenCon 2014

DGS Games is also headed to Indianapolis for GenCon. There, they’ll have their convention Thief figure available at their booth.

Thief Figure


From them to you:

DGS Games is releasing the Thief figure from their Black Thorn Freeblades faction at GenCon 2014. This figure completes the Black Thorn starter set, and is complemented by a number of followers already available. Of note this figure comes with two arm choices – one is a large jewel and the other is a bag of loot.

DGS Games notes that the sculptor, Chris Jackson, did an outstanding job of capturing everything in this sculpt. DGS Games, as a company is getting better/experienced at more detailed sketch art we provide the sculptors, all of those extras come from the art, to include the lock picks tucked into the leg straps, and the decision to include an alternate left arm holding a bag of loot.

DGS Games previews The Bandit Thief GenCon release

DGS Games gives us a look at the WIP for the Bandit Thief, their special model for GenCon.

The Bandit Thief


From the preview:

What have we been up to? I’ll tell you what we have been up to – stealing huge gems, that’s what! The Bandit Thief, a GenCon release. Note that the model will come with an alternate arm holding a pouch, recently snatched from a noble who did not need all that money…

Final Hours of Kuzaarik Kickstarter – special printed items added

DGS Games is in their final day over on Kickstarter for their Kuzaarit expansion for Freeblades. They’ve made it to their goal, so it’s looking to get some stretch goals in before the clock ticks to 0.


From the campaign:

With less than 24 hours left, DGS Games has added some special printed rewards in response to backer requests. These are printed rules booklets and model stat cards (previously only available as pdfs from the website).

In addition, we have a set of cardstock stat cards for you. You can get a 6 card set of the Starter Box (1 card for each of the models in the starter set) from any of our 8 released Factions (Black Rose, Black Thorn, Falkaar, Grular, Haradel, Kuzaarik, Trilias or Urdaggar). Each set would be a $10 Add-on. The stat cards are 5″x8″ and you can see an example here.

These are also only available via the kickstarter (although available as a free pdf download on our website).
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Freeblades passes funding goal

DGS Games made it up and over their funding goal for their Kuzaarik Forgers Kickstarter. They’ve got a bunch of updates, including a look at a map campaign, a 360 of one of the dwarfs, a creature pack and more.

Map Campaign


From the campaign:

A huge THANK YOU to all of our backers for funding this project. This makes a Hat Trick (three successful kickstarters) for DGS Games Freeblades, and we could not have done it without a great bunch of backers.

So now let’s go for the first stretch goal – we’ve got 60 hours to go, plenty of time to hit some stretch goals.

New Treasure markers available in DGS Kuzaarik Kickstarter

DGS Games has added new Treasure markers to their Kuzaarik Kickstarter campaign. They’re in their final couple days and are very close to their funding goal.

Treasure Markers


From the update:

DGS Games has added a set of new limited release treasure markers to their Kuzaarik Forgers Kickstarter. The set is six markers made of resin and are sold unpainted. There are two each of three designs in the package: two chests, two maps, and two money bag sculpts. The set costs $6 in the kickstarter, and otherwise has only been available via direct sale from DGS Games convention booths.

The kickstarter has less than a week to go and is about 90% funded.

New Forge Warden WIP shot posted for Freeblades

DGS Games has posted another preview of the Forge Warden they’re working on as part of their Freeblades Kickstarter.
They’re getting ever closer to their goal. Be sure to check it out.

Forge Warden


From the campaign:

Welcome to the new backers! We’ve hit 800 Likes on Facebook, and 75% funded on our KS project. Help us spread the word…..surely you have a dwarf loving friend tucked away somewhere? 🙂

More detail on the face and head…..

New Freeblades update from DGS Games

DGS Games has updated their Kickstarter campaign for Freeblades with a new add-on.



From the update:

This weekend saw us cruise past the 2/3rds mark towards funding which is awesome in and off itself. Add to that, many conversations with new players wanting to fill out their freebands. Something that always warms my heart. To go with helping spread the word, I thought we’d give you a cool Freeblades Kickstarter Backer icon you could use on your favorite forums and social media sites to let people know you are as excited about our project as we are.

Also had a request to add t-shirts to our Add-on list, so if you need a new t-shirt (we have sizes up to XXXL), just add $20 to your pledge. The t-shirts are black and have the DGS tombstone logo on the right breast and our “Where Gamers rules” motto on the back.

Get Ready for the Freeblades Arena

DGS Games is working on gladiator-style Arena rules for Freeblades. Be sure to keep an eye out for further updates.

Freeblades Arena


From the post:

Still thinking about how to back our Kuzaarik Forgers Kickstarter? One way to go is to get ready for Freeblades Arena! The initial test of Freeblades Arena focused on historical gladiators both to make sure we had the feel right and to support some of our fans who wanted such a set of rules. Now it is time to take it to the next level! Freeblades Arena is really about freeblades fighting arena combats, either as part of teams or on their own, in order to make some extra gold, try their skills or gain even more renown. While pretty much any model in our line will be able to fight in the arena, the core of the game is set around the arena fighters – you might consider adding these models as add-ons to your Kickstarter pledge that gets you the Kuzaarik models as a base freeband. The core Freeblades Arena Fighters are:

Black Rose Duelist
Black Thorn Bodyguard
Falkaaran Bladesister
Haradelan Questing Knight (any one of the four types!)
Kuzaarik Hinterguard
Trilian Enforcer
Urdaggar Boar Warrior

The Grular arena fighter is something you have not seen… yet!

Get a Veteran Defender on your team for Freeblades

DGS Games has released their new Trilian Veteran Defender for Freeblades over in their webshop.

Trilian Veteran Defender


From the release:

Trilian Veteran Defender is now available for sale!

About the Figure: High above the forest floor of the Deepwood, Veteran Defenders and their squads stand watch. Their long silk wraps tied to strong branches and unfurling above them, they drop in a whisper. They launch javelins from above and during their falls, saving the deadly herenkal for the close-in work. The Veterans provide steady leadership to the young recruits. They teach them the ways of the forest and the art of treefalling. And when the times comes, they are in the thick of the fighting, showing both friend and enemy the true danger of entering the Deepwood unwelcomed.

DGS Games previews new Kuzaarik Forgers art

DGS Games is showing off some new artwork for their Kuzaarik Forgers Kickstarter campaign.
They’ve made it to half-funded already, go check them out.



From the update:

Ok, you guys are so awesome, and since we’re out the gates so strong, I feel confident we’ll hit stretch goals.

So how about getting a look at our 1st Stretch Goal? Backers that pledged $75+ will get one for free. Anyone can add one (or more) to their Rewards by increasing their pledge by $6 for each one that want to add.

Wayblocker – Mostly comprised of younger Kuzaarik fulfilling their mandatory military service requirement, the Wayblocker formations are the heart of the Kuzaarik military force. The weapons and armor issued to the young warriors are theirs for life. They must be maintained and returned to the State by the family upon the death of the warrior. Agents of the PDC keep a close eye on these formations both in peace and during times of war. Determinations made by the PDC Monitors can affect a young Kuzaarik for the rest of their lives.