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Let's see if the system decides to eat this one or not. Anyway, it's Saturday, and that means I'm happy. I've been doing various domestic things this morning in order to be ready for when a friend comes over for some gaming (Guild Ball and Ascension are the most-likely games to be played). The other thing I need to get done this morning is type up this post. Yes, I'm typing this up early and scheduling it to post later. The Magic of the Internet, everyone! Anyway, let's get to it.

Today we have: Stone Age, Wits and Wagers: Vegas, Space Editor, Kingsport Festival, Deadline, Herbaceous, and Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft, Tiny Park, Suburbia: 5 Star Expansion, Windup War, Ethnos, Quartz, Medici, Frogriders, Mini Rails, and Drakkar.

Umm... read that like Elton John.
Anyway, it's Saturday (if you hadn't noticed), so that means it's time to hang out and play some games. But it's also time for some reviews.

Today we have: Unearth, Zooscape, Moonquake Escape, Balloon Pop, Purrrlock Holmes, Neuroshima Hex: Death Breath, Deadline, The Butterfly Garden, Sagrada, Mow Money, Century: Spice Road, Slide Blast, Power Play, Monopoly Gamer, and Gang Rush: Breakout.

I deal with deadlines every day. Hell, I sort of have one every hour from 9am to 6pm, M-F. I make it, most of the time. Though, thankfully, none of my deadlines deal with murder and intrigue in 1930s New York. For that, I would have to go play Deadline, the new investigation card game from WizKids, which is available now.
It's murder in 1930's New York! The bustling city is filled with intrigue and danger. Time is ticking and the culprit is getting away. It's up to a crack squad of ace detectives to find the clues and solve the case. That's just what you'll be doing in Deadline, a new card game coming this July from WizKids.