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DC Deck Building Game

A new Crossover Pack is coming next week for the DC Deck-Building Game. It's a character that a lot of people are incredibly intrigued by: Batman Ninja. Players can take on the role of Batman, Catwoman, Robin, Nightwing, Red Robin, or Red Hood. They'll interact with the new Ninjutsu keyword on the cards. They'll be working to fight against new forms of The Joker, The Penguin, Poison Ivy, Deathstroke, and Two-Face. Will you be able to take them out?

With the DC Deck-Building Game: Rebirth set coming out in just a couple days, Cryptozoic wanted to let you know about how the game works. For those coming to the system for the first time, you'll see how the game plays out as you fight against the forces of evil. For those long-time players, you can read up on what has changed and what's stayed the same. Let's take a look.

All good things must come to an end, but that doesn't mean they're over. There can be a new beginning for them, and that's what we've got here. Just like comic universes sometimes rebooth, the same is happening with the DC Deck-Building Game from Cryptozoic. They've announced Rebirth, a new edition of the game that adds in elements like linked scenarios, character progression, and being able to visit different places around the DC universe.

Cryptozoic has announced a new expansion set for their DC Deck-Building Game. This time, it's playing out the fight between the Green Lantern and his greatest nemesis, Sinestro. Who will win these color wars? That's up to you to decide.

It's always interesting to see a classic character we all know and place them into different cultures and see how they might've been envisioned if they had originally be created in those cultures. In this case, what if Batman had been created in Japan, and was a ninja instead of a detective? Well, you can see how that'd work out on your game tables with DC Deck-Building Game Crossover Pack 8: Batman Ninja, coming soon from Cryptozoic.

Those of you that are up in Indy get a chance to pick up the newest releases before the rest of us do. Those that stop by the Cryptozoic booth, for example, have a chance to get the DC Deck-Building Game's latest pack, the Crisis Expansion Pack 4. It adds new cooperative play, as well as Unity cards. Take a look for yourself.
The DC Deck-Building Game is getting a new expansion. This one is Crossover Pack 7: New Gods. In it, players can take on the role of one of the New Gods, both heroes and villains. Want to ride around on your little glider-thingie as Orion? You can. Maybe you prefer some long, silvery locks as Granny Goodness. Go for it. Or, be eternally looking for some moisturizing skin cream as Darkseid. The new set will be available on July 11th.
Yeah, I know, it's a funny headline, but it's what we've got. Cryptozoic has posted up a preview of the games that they will be previewing at New York Toy Fair 2018 (which is less than a week away). They'll have two Rick and Morty games, two DC Deck-Building sets, and a pair of standalone board games.
Comic books are filled with confrontations. I mean, it wouldn't be all that interesting if Superman just went to work as Clark Kent, had a standard day where nothing happened, and then went home at night. Not really thrilling. So you've got supervillains and even rogue superheroes and all other sorts of things going on. If you want to play some of those out on your tabletop, especially as a group effort, you can check out the new expansion for the DC Deck-Building Game. It's called, appropriately enough, Confrontations. It's due out in just under 2 weeks.
The all-woman superhero group, the Birds of Prey, are getting their own Crossover Pack for the DC Deck-Building Game. The set also includes a new Rotation mechanic. Cards can be rotated to various orientations on the field, giving players bonuses for controlling them in such a way. So while they may be powerful, be careful for others taking those abilities away from you. The new set is available now.
Game storage is something we all have fought with at some point, I'm sure. This can particularly be troublesome with games that have lots of expansions. You want to have all the parts together, but the original box the game came in might not really be able to hold everything. So you are forced to figure out your own solution. In the case of the DC Deck-Building Game, however, Cryptozoic is helping you out with the Multiverse Box. Though it's more than just a big box to place your cards and expansions, it has its own expansion cards, as well as rules for using all your previous sets together in one.
Villains aren't really known for doing team-ups. Most of the time, they tend to work on their own. But sometimes they realize that they, alone, won't be able to finish their goals like they want. In such times, tenuous alliances have been formed. You get to do just that same thing in The Rogues, the 5th crossover pack for the DC Deck-Building Game from Cryptozoic. It's available now.
Sometimes it's good to be bad. Sure, most games have you playing as the goody-two-shoes heroes. But that can get old after a while. Well, thankfully, there's occasionally times where you get to play as the villains in a game. Cryptozoic is letting you do just that with the next Crossover Pack for the DC Deck-Building Game. It's called Rogues and it's due out this week.
So, I mentioned in the last article that gamers love exclusive swag. You can get that sort of thing via pre-release sets, like in that other article, or you can get them via Organized Play Kits. If you're a fan of the DC Deck-Building Game from Cryptozoic, you'll be excited to know that this summer, you'll have a chance to get some cool, exclusive stuff.
Ok, so the set's actually available tomorrow, but Cryptozoic posted their big announcement today so you can all be ready at at your LGS' doors tomorrow morning to get your copy (ok, it'll possibly not be there right at open. Be kind to your LGS staff. They work hard to keep you happy). But anyway, tomorrow you can get your copy of Crisis Pack 3, the latest expansion pack for the DC Deck-Building Game.
It's good to have a plan. Here, early in the year, planning out what you might want to purchase later on can help you create a budget. That way, when a game you're looking to get comes out, you've saved up for it and you can buy it. Well, Cryptozoic is certainly here to help you with that. They've posted up their release schedule for the rest of the year.
Who watches the Watchmen?
Ever since the comic came out in 1986, The Watchmen has been one of the most popular comic books ever. A stunning graphic novel, it's full of twists and turns, and a look at what a world full of super-heroes might actually be like. Well, now you can add that sense of noir to your games of the DC Deck-Building Game, as Cryptozoic has released Crossover Pack 4.
Cryptozoic has released the 3rd Crossover Pack for the DC Comics Deck-Building Game. Expand your plethora of cards with the Legion of Super-Heroes pack. Though, of course, a hero needs a villain to fight. And a Legion of Super-Heroes needs a Legion of Super-Villains. So those come with the set as well.
I love deck-building games. I'm also a big fan of superheroes. So of course, I'm excited to see the Teen Titans and Arrow sets available now for the DC Deck-Building Game from Cryptozoic Entertainment. The two sets alter the game in very different ways, as one is a new "base game" set and the other is a smaller add-on.
Superheroes are certainly a thing these days. *old man voice* I remember back in my day, you were a social outcast if you knew about superheroes! */old man voice* But now it's pretty common. If you want even more adventures with at least some DC superheroes, you could pick up the DC Deck-Building Game from Cryptozoic. They've just announced the release date for two new expansions for the game.
YayforFriday! That means group lunch here at the office. We did Indian last week. Not sure what we'll do this week yet. But when this posts, assume I'm eating yummy things.

Speaking of bites, we've got our regular section of bite-size stories that we present to you here.

Today's batch includes:
New Word War II Single Storey Houses from Warlord Games and Sarissa Precision
DC Comics Deck-Building Game Playmats are now available from Cryptozoic
Critical Injury and Critical Hit Decks Are Available Now for the Star Wars RPG from Fantasy Flight Games
Khurasan releases 15mm Napoleonic Persians
Last Hours for Swamped on Kickstarter
New Female Raider mini from Brother Vinni
Rebel Minis Releases 28mm Earth Force Pathfinders
New Bank terrain kit from Burn In Designs
Inverse Metal Dice Currently Funding on Kickstarter
Grinning Skull Wave 2 Set Released
Topside Minis Releases WWII Atlantic/Med Sets
New range of 28mm post-apocalyptic vehicles from Pardulon Models

Cryptozoic Entertainment has their next expansion for the DC Deck Building Game available over in their webshop. Featuring new "Impossible Mode" villains, Crisis 2 is the toughest challenge yet to face the heroes of the DC Universe.
The expansion boosts both competitive and co-op play. So whichever version you prefer, there's something for you in this set.


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