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Days of Wonder

We've made it to Saturday! Woo! *runs around the place with my arms up in the air* Woo!
*takes a moment from my running around to type up the review articles you so desperately desire*

Today we have: Wibbell++, Play Tray UK, Pocket Mars, Master of the Galaxy, Unearth, Evolution: Climate Expansion, Crabs!, Yamatai, Solarius Mission, Skyward, Lorenzo il Magnifico, Exit: The Game, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Board Game, Brutal Kingdom, Burning Rome, and Lords of Waterdeep.

Well, it's Saturday. My day was looking like it might be a bit dull, but then a friend was like, "Hey, let's have everyone come over and game." and I was like, "done and done. I just need to type up a post first." So, that's the sacrifice I'm making for you all. I could be on my way to gaming, but I know how much you need to get your review articles. Such is my dedication to this site and its readers. :P ;)
The Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Sr., and Roy Acuff are helping, too.

Today we have: Dairyman, Bottlecap Vikings, Cult Following, Game of Trains, Yamatai, The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Balloon Pop, Unearth, Shahrazad, Rhein: River Trader, Dresden Files, Riff Raff, BarenPark, Jaipur, and Sentient.

Blame Canada (Day), but it seems that the post got eaten by the system. It happens occasionally, but it's alright. We can rebuild it. We can make it stronger, faster, better... Or mostly the same but with this new intro.

Anyway, this week we have: Werewords, Caverna: Cave vs Cave, Not Alone, Evolution: The Beginning, Black Hat, Big Bang 13.7, Kingdomino, Match Madness, Lady Richmond, Century: Spice Road, Homes: 2 Player Card Game, Coldwater Crown, Quadropolis, and This War Of Mine.

Summertime. Summertime. Sum-sum-summertime.
It's summer (well, in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway). That means trips to the beach or park or wherever you're going with family and friends. And on those trips, it's fun to play games. Though, due to packing constraints, you can't always bring those game boxes with you. That's where digital editions of those games come in handy. They all fit right onto your tablet or smartphone. And to help fill up with all the games you can, Asmodee is running their summer digital sale now.
And we've made it to another weekend. I'm sure a lot of you are up at the LGS, trying out 8th Edition 40k. But between those games and talking about all the stuff you're going to do with your army, here's the regular grouping of reviews that I know you all love so much.

Today we have: Small World, Galactic Warlord Battle For Dominion, Dice Hospital, Shahrazad, Dark Souls, Bushido, Dungeon Crawler The Thorn Expansion, Star Trek: Ascendancy, VS 2PCG Legacy Expansion, Alchemists The King’s Golem Expansion, Super Dungeon Explore Arena, Terra Mystica App, Tomb Trader, Jaipur App, Bio-Logic, Dragon Tower, Gnomi, and Zombie Tower 3D.

I know. I know. This was supposed to go up yesterday.
Well, WordPress has been flaky lately and it missed its posting window. Hence why it's going up now with a reworded opening talking about it not being posted on Saturday instead of saying, "I'm going to the LGS and gonna pick me up a Minx for Guild Ball!"

But anyway, without any further delay, today we have: Great Western Trail, Click Click Boom, Radiant, Potion Explosion: The Fifth Element expansion, Rone: Races of New Earth, Legendary Showdown, Pocket Madness, Quadropolis, Rocky Road a la Mode, Race for the Galaxy iOS, Warhammer 40k: 8th Edition, Warhammer 40k: Dark Imperium, Port Royal, Flying Kiwis, and Magic Maze.

Congratulations, Vikings! The raid was a success! We pillaged. We plundered. We burned. And we hauled away quite an impressive bit of loot! But, now that we're back home in our longhouse, it's time to split up the wealth. But who will get what shiny bits? That has yet to be determined. That's the story behind Spoils of War, a new board game coming from Arcane Wonders. Pre-orders are being taken now.
Another bit of news about where you'll be able to get your favorite games (like CMON did recently). This time, it's Asmodee North America (which deals with Fantasy Flight, Days of Wonder, Asmodee, Z-Man Games, Plaid Hat, and Catan Studio) who is going exclusive through Alliance distribution.
Days of Wonder has announced Whims of the Sultan, a new expansion for Five Tribes. This set will add Cities Tiles. They are new locations created by the Sultan. But controlling them isn't going to be easy. The Sultan has odd tastes and will often make demands that must be met. Will you be able to meet his desires?
Hey everyone. I'm sure a lot of you are reading this after getting back from Salute. If that's the case... *envy-waves in your direction* I wish I'd been there. Maybe someday. But for those of us in the States, Australia, and elsewhere that can only live vicariously through your photos and videos, we wish we were there. In the meantime, let's get some reviews.

This week we have: Lotus, The Exiled: Siege, Ancient Terrible Things, Ticket to Ride: Rails and Sails, and Hanamikoji, Yamatai.

All aboard! The train's going to be leaving the station soon. Anyone wanting to go to Munich better get on board now. Days of Wonder has announced that a new Ticket to Ride game is going to be coming out. As you can tell from the pretzels, beer, and bratwurst, this time we're headed to Germany.
Without getting too political here, the government is supposed to improve the lives of its citizens. As the mayor in Quadropolis, it's your job to make the populace happy. Well, that job will get switched up a bit with Quadropolis: Public Services, a new expansion just announced by Days of Wonder.
Those of you gamers out there with young kids might wonder what sort of game is best to get them into the hobby, as well as when you might start doing so. There's more and more good kid-friendly board games out there. Soon, there'll be another, based on one of the most popular game series around. Days of Wonder has announced Ticket to Ride: First Journey.
Capital cities are very important to a country. Sure, cities are important, in general, in terms of trade and crafts and such, but capital cities are where your government will be and that means it's where you'll be having meetings with foreign dignitaries. Having a capital city that's the most majestic, beautiful, and awe-inspiring is paramount. And lucky you, you've been tasked with creating a new capital city by the queen. Problem is, she's tasked several people with the job. If you want to be the one with all the prestige, you'll have to make sure your city reigns supreme. That's the story behind Yamatai, a new game coming from Days of Wonder.
It's Christmas Eve and the first night of Hanukkah, so there's a good chance you're hanging out with friends and family. Hopefully that includes playing games of some sort. But how do you know which game might be the best? Good thing there's reviews out there. And that's just what we're here with now.

Today we have: Power Grid, The Bermuda Crisis Discovery Dawning, Grand Prix, Colt Express App, Red7 App, Legendary Inventors, Congo, Master of Orion, Final touch, Great Western Trail, Captain Carcass, and The Networks.

It's the last day of November. We're 11/12s of the way through the year. We just might make it after all.
Actually, I'm looking forward to this weekend. It should be a good time, as they generally are. I mean, weekend, right!?
But, before we get there, we've got some more days to get through. To help, we should power up on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today we have: Nomad Games adds Wizards and Tricksters to Steam Early Access of Smash Up!, Introducing Boxwood Genius Dice, Digital Edition of Colt Express Now Available, New Releases Available to Order From Victoria Miniatures, WarSeer Forum Relaunches Tomorrow, New Chaos Templates From Pyrkol, Old World Leather Gaming Mats for RPG Metal Dice Rolling Up On Kickstarter, Fantasy Football teams available at Flatminis as 2D plastic miniatures, New Release: Kromlech Battle Rulers, New Statuesque Fine & Pulp Scale Female Heads - Bald on sale, Special Artizan Service Miniatures Presents: Contractor On Kickstarter, Yet More Victoria Miniatures Releases, New Release: Kromlech Wound Markers, and Ouroboros Tales 54mm Fantasy Miniatures Up On Kickstarter.

Well, I did my Thanksgiving grocery shopping. It's... well, I'm having 2 Thanksgivings, so there's that. Turkeys, dressing, potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuff to make glazed carrots, rolls (from scratch), and a couple pumpkin pies. Because, you know, if anything's worth doing, it's worth doing right.

But that's for Thursday and Friday. For right now, we've got reviews. So let's get to it.

Today we have: Robots Love Ice Cream, Acquire, Bloodborne: The Card Game, The Arrival, Trick of the Rails, Great Western Trail, 7 Wonders Duel: Pantheon, Inis, Fabled Fruit, Ticket to Ride: Rails & Sails, CO-OP: The Co-op Card Game, Star Trek: Ascendancy, Terraforming Mars, Hit Z Road, Hocus, Ta-Da!, Legends Untold, and Ominoes.

A lot of games are available as a limited release at conventions. Gen Con is certainly one place where a company will ship in a couple hundred copies to sell there during the show. So a few people get to go home with it, but a lot of others just have to wait. Well, if you've been waiting to get your own copy of Ticket to Ride: Rails and Sails, your wait is over.
When most people think about WWII, they think about D-Day and the re-taking of Europe from the Germans. Perhaps you think about the South Pacific and the US Navy Island-Hopping their way towards Japan. Maybe your mind turns to North Africa and Rommel's armored platoons. Most of the time people don't think about the battles between the Japanese and the Russians. But those certainly played their part in the overall conflict. And you'll be able to recreate those using the Battles of Khalkhin-Gol expansion for Memoir '44.
Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream. Just watch out for those pirates. Yeah, I should probably have warned you about the pirates. That's just what you'll have to worry about in Small World: River World, a new expansion for the game that's going to be available at Spiel Essen.
I've mentioned before that it's fun to take board games along with you on vacation, and having digital versions of said games can make it all a lot easier. Well, now Days of Wonder is making that ease even easier, by making it much, much cheaper. They're having a summer sale for the digital versions of their games.
Aaaall Abooooooard! This train's about ready to leave the station. But what if you want to get from London to, say, New York? Hard to take a train. And there's not really regular air travel yet (in the world of Ticket to Ride, anyway). You're gonna have to take a boat. And that's just what you get to do in Ticket to Ride: Rails & Sails, a new version of the game announced by Days of Wonder.
When you're reading this, I'm hopefully using my Battle Chef in combat.

But that's me.

For you who's here reading the site, I've got your Review Roundup for you.

Today we have: Hail Caesar, Force on Force, Codenames, Five Tribes, Legends of Andor The Star Shield, Ninja All-Stars, The Grizzled: At Your Orders, Aviary, Booty, Catan: Explorers and Pirates, Allegiance: A Realm Divided, and The Golfing Dead.

Through your hard work, you've made Naqala a thriving place in the desert. But with wealth and power comes rivals and people would would love nothing more than to take what you've got for themselves. Enter the Thieves of Naqala, a new expansion for Five Tribes coming this summer from Days of Wonder.
Everybody wants to rule the world.
Or so Tears for Fears told us. Obviously, none of us actually do rule the world (that'd be the lizard people who get to do that). Though with some hard work and dedication, we might be able to be the mayor of a city. That'd be pretty cool. Or, we could just go out and buy a copy of Quadropolis. Then we can get to pretend to be a mayor of a city. That sounds a lot simpler.