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Dark Souls

I'm guessing it's not a big, friendly giant by any means. Things in the Dark Souls universe don't tend to be friendly. But it is apparently the last giant, and it's running amok. It's up to the Hunters to stop it. That's where you come in. The Last Giant expansion for the Dark Souls board game is available to order from Steamforged now.

Quite a lot of you are at Gen Con this weekend. But I know that you still want those reviews you so desperately desire. So let's not waste any words.

Today we have: MegaLand, Magic Maze, Vengeance, Mountains of Madness, Ghost Fightin' Treasure Hunters, Dark Souls, The Edge: Dawnfall, The Artemis Project, The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31, Neuroshima Hex, Senshi, Warhammer Champions, and Thunderstone Quest.

You died.
That's a pretty common thing to see when playing a Dark Souls game. Well, come September, you might be seeing it more often if you're playing the Dark Souls board or card game from Steamforged. A new batch of expansions will be available, and you can get your name down on the list so you're the first gamer on the bock with them when they're released.
Dark Souls isn't a very forgiving game. Death awaits you around every corner. The same is true for the card game from Steamforged. But with every monster comes new opportunities. And the Forgotten Path expansion, coming this September, is certainly full of new monsters. It also has two new characters that you can play. Set things on fire as the Pyromancer and pick people's pockets with the Thief. This set is available to pre-order now.
Once more it's early in the A.M. and I'm up. That's just my schedule. But I've got another batch of galleries to show off from Day 2 of Gen Con. Remember, the best way to see these immediately is to follow us over on our Facebook page. Anyway, let's get to it!
Sort of a double-whammy of an update from Steamforged Games in this one. First, they're going to reopen their Backerkit for the board game. So if you're interested in picking up some more extras for it, including a couple new ones that they've got, this is your chance to do so at the Kickstarter prices. Second, they have announced that they are coming out with a Dark Souls card game. See? Told you it was a double-whammy.
And we've made it to another weekend. I'm sure a lot of you are up at the LGS, trying out 8th Edition 40k. But between those games and talking about all the stuff you're going to do with your army, here's the regular grouping of reviews that I know you all love so much.

Today we have: Small World, Galactic Warlord Battle For Dominion, Dice Hospital, Shahrazad, Dark Souls, Bushido, Dungeon Crawler The Thorn Expansion, Star Trek: Ascendancy, VS 2PCG Legacy Expansion, Alchemists The King’s Golem Expansion, Super Dungeon Explore Arena, Terra Mystica App, Tomb Trader, Jaipur App, Bio-Logic, Dragon Tower, Gnomi, and Zombie Tower 3D.

One of the bigger stories from last year was the Dark Souls Board Game from Steamforged Games. The Kickstarter campaign did very well and the game, itself, will be coming to tabletops near you later this year. Well, so you can know what you're going to be getting, Steamforged has posted up the rulebook pdf.
Steamforged Games has a couple new releases available over in their webshop. There's a pair of new Guild Ball players. There's also a new Card Game, Shadow Games. Plus, if you want, it's the last day to join in the Dark Souls Late Pledge.
Hey everyone. Gen Con has closed up shop for another year. The going consensus seems to be that it was a great show, but also an exceedingly fast one. I can certainly relate. It seems just this morning (which was actually Thursday morning), I was joking, "So, it's Sunday tear-down, right?" and here it is, even after tear-down. However, before I post up the day's few galleries and get some rest before a long drive tomorrow, I need to tell you about my demo this morning of the Dark Souls board game over at the Steamforged Games booth.
So, it's coming up to 8pm. Day 2 is definitely in the books for Gen Con 2016. It's been a very busy day. I'm tired, but still pretty amped about everything that's gone on. And I'm sure you all would like to know about some of it. There's been about a billion things to see. So, relatively, here's a rather small percentage. More will come tomorrow.
We don't always talk about late-pledge opportunities for games, but this time around, we'll make an exception. If you weren't able to join in on the Dark Souls Kickstarter campaign, this is your chance now via the Late Pledge campaign over on the Steamforged Games website.
Well, the moment we've all been waiting for is here. Steamforged Games has launched their Dark Souls Kickstarter campaign. And yeah, it funded damn-near immediately. As if nobody saw that coming.
So, Dark Souls 3 was just released today. I'm sure a lot of you are checking the site after having just died in the game (again) and wanting to take a quick break. Well, before you get back to it, you might want to read on, as Steamforged Games has posted up some new details about their upcoming Dark Souls board game that will be hitting Kickstarter later this month.
Looks like Guild Ball isn't the only thing Steamforged Games has in the works. They've announced a new board game based on the popular Dark Souls video game.