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There's a new crop of releases available for Dark Age. Both Skarrd and Outcasts get a new faction box, so if you're looking to join in with one of those, there's a great starting-off point. Added to that, the Outcasts have a new Faction Deck. There's some other Outcast and Skarrd releases, as well as the return of the Brood Howler in fancy, new packaging.
The folks over at CMON are starting 2018 with a bang! Dark Age is looking forward to a really big year, and they've got the first-month releases to prove it. There's a total of 10 new releases over in the CMON webshop. If you're a fan of Dragyri or Skarrd, you'll want to go look at them. However, with the new Faction-Specific Secondary Objective Deck also available, no matter what you play, there's something for you.
CMON has posted up the latest Dark Age releases. And my favorite faction is front and center. What can I say? I'm a polar bear and they have a lot of Ice Caste stuff. So that's how things are. This month continues the new packaging and numbering releases, as well as the updated sculpts and switching to plastic for some models. You'll want to check them out. If you're looking to get into the game, now's a great time.
The latest releases for Dark Age are now available. The Shadow Caste for Dragyri gets a bit of beefing up, as they've got four new boxes available, all filled with new an exciting ways to jump out of the shadows and murder your opponents. The Brood is also getting something new. If you've wanted to start them as a faction, but didn't know where to begin, you can now jump in with the Brood Faction Starter. Seems like a solid choice.
The latest releases for Dark Age are now available. There's some Wind and some Shadow to check out. Both Dragyri casts are getting new Leadership Boxes. Plus, each one's also getting a "big baddie." For the Air Caste, it's the Storm Elemental, while the Shadow Caste gets the Huntress. Arachnophobes beware.
Gen Con is a great place to pick up new releases for the games you love. Well, you don't have to just be at Gen Con in order to get the latest offerings for Dark Age from CMON. They have posted up August's releases in their webshop, and they should be available at your LGS, so you can go pick up yours today.
It's early dawn here at Gen Con Day 2. I... wish I could tell you what happened to Day 1. I swear it was just here a minute ago. At least, that's how it feels. I can tell you that the hall is busy. But what would you expect from a show that's sold out? Thursday already felt like a Saturday. So it's anyone's guess as to what the rest of the show will be like.

Anyway, over on the TGN Facebook page, I've been regularly updating with galleries from the show. Here's what we had yesterday.
Yet more Gen Con releases to let you know about. With all this cool stuff, I might need to get an 8th mortgage...
Anyway, this time around, it's the sci-fi skirmish game, Dark Age, that has posted their new releases for the show. Check 'em out.
The next set of releases is available for Dark Age from CMON. This month, we have the new Haniel Triad Unit Box, as well as the continued repackaging of unit boxes for the Fire Caste, with boxes for the Cinder Slaves, Brimstones, Volcanic Helots, Volcanic Phalanx, and Infernos. Along with all that, there's been some updates to various rules documents on the site.
One of the oldest factions for the game, The Brood have a storied history in Dark Age. They're what happens when genetic testing doesn't just go wrong, it goes wrong, then jumps fence and breeds wild in the swamps. Well, they're getting an update, and you can check out what all will be (potentially) changing. The Beta Test version of the new rules has been posted online.
The Earth Caste are the new kids on the block, even though they're part of one of the oldest factions for Dark Age. They're making their presence known in the battles on the planet's surface, as well as on tabletops, as they've got a new box set available. Not to be outdone, the Forsaken are also getting in on the action with a new battle suit. Plus, the new, snazzy packaging makes its way to the Fire Caste.
The Dragyri are getting a new caste in Dark Age. They're the Earth Caste. You thought the Ice Caste was big on heavy-hitting and some armor. Well, the Earth Caste has that as well, plus several other tricks up their sleeve. The stat cards for the new subfaction have been posted online (I know, because I put them there) for you to check out. They also have a tactics article looking over how to use the new group of minis.
As you all know, last weekend we had the CMON Expo. While there, players of Dark Age were able to pick up the latest releases, and now they're available for anyone who wasn't able to make it to the show. This is one you want to check out if you play, as it includes the new Core Rulebook and Secondary Objective Cards.
One of the big events that happens at CMON Expo is the Dark Age Immortals tournament. This is the culmination of an entire year's worth of qualifying events, with the winners of those getting a Bloodgelt that lets them participate in the finals. The prize? Being able to work with the design team in order to create your own miniature and have it forever be a part of the Dark Age game world. So the stakes are high, and everyone's wanting to get that ultimate prize.
As we should all know, A Song of Ice and Fire is not CMON's first foray into a miniatures game. They're long-standing game, Dark Age, as well as Wrath of Kings, are both still being developed. They've had a couple panels for these two games, hosted by Bryan Steele, Dave Taylor, and David Doust. There's quite a lot going on for you to check out.
The Dragyri are the alien race that has longest inhabited the planet where Dark Age takes place. For too long, they just let the humans do whatever they wanted. Now, they're joining together to retake their now-desolate planet. They're getting another reinforcement shot in the latest releases for the game, available now.
Many, many, many times I have said it's great for a game to have two-player starter sets. With one purchase, you can get yourself everything you need to get going right away with a game (except for maybe needing some glue). Well, with the latest releases for Dark Age, they, too, now have a 2-player starter set. They're also heading over to plastic for this new group of minis. The starter and several new releases are available now.
It might be winter, but that doesn't mean there aren't things that go "bump" in the night you should be concerned about. The February releases for Dark Age are up and they feature a lot of the Dargyri Shadow Caste. But if your response to spiders is "Kill it with fire!" there's the Fire Caste starter set, too. And even then, that's not all there is!
Being firmly into winter (despite what the thermometer says here in Atlanta), that means we've got some rather short days going on. Sure, it's around a month since the solstice, but the days are still pretty short. As such, there's plenty of shadows within which you can lurk. Also robots.
Ok, so maybe I stretched making a metaphor too far at the moment. There's new Shadow Caste and CORE releases available for Dark Age.
The next batch of Dark Age releases are now available. The focus is on the Dragyri this month, with some resculpts as well as some new models for the Shadow Caste.
Arachnophobes beware. There's new releases available for Dark Age over in the CMON webshop and they include some giant spiders. Well, it's a lot more than just some big spiders. The new Dragyri book and card packs are also available. Need something to smush those spiders? The Kukulkani certainly have something that'd fit the bill.
So, it's coming up to 8pm. Day 2 is definitely in the books for Gen Con 2016. It's been a very busy day. I'm tired, but still pretty amped about everything that's gone on. And I'm sure you all would like to know about some of it. There's been about a billion things to see. So, relatively, here's a rather small percentage. More will come tomorrow.
The world of Samaria is harsh and unforgiving. That means the inhabitants of it must also be harsh and unforgiving. Such is the case with the new releases from CoolMiniOrNot for Dark Age. Even the resculpted combat medic is unforgiving. I mean, look at the size of that needle!
You know those people that get along better with animals than they do people? The kind to go to a party and spend the whole time talking to the dog or cat as opposed to talking with anyone else? Lynette, Master Herder of the Durshe tribe is one of those people. She's also making her way to the tabletops of Dark Age and we get a look at her now.
The latest Dark Age releases are available now over in the CoolMiniOrNot webshop. They're a trio of resculpts of some rather classic minis. I'm always a fan of resculpts. I love seeing how a model can be updated with changes in general aesthetic styles in gaming, as well as an increase in technology.