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Crits Happen

Crits Happen posted up a video preview of the new Chaosmos board game from Mirror Box Games coming to Kickstarter soon.


From the preview:

Tox previews the new Kickstarter from Mirror Box Games, Chaosmos!

Crits Happen posted up a video preview of Ars Victor.

From the video:

"Tox" from CritsHappen takes the Ars Victor claim of "The One-Hour Wargame" and puts it to the test.

Crits Happen takes a look inside the board game that is... Zombicide.

From the review:

"It's like a B-Movie!" - Tim Norris, Grey Elephant Gaming

That was one of the funniest, and yet appropriate ways, I've heard Zombicide described to me going into this Critical Review. I unfortunately was under a gigantic boulder of a rock last year and didn't pledge into the Zombicide Kickstarter from Cool Mini or Not and Guillotine Games. However, have no fear, as our Friendly Local Game Store, Dragon's Lair in Austin, has provided us a copy of the base game to provide a review for you, the Critical Fans!

Zombicide is everything you can imagine, just by looking at the cover. It's filled with zombie minis, a handful of unique, quirky survivors, and a lot of weapons to destroy, kill, and maim said zombies. While not quite Last Night on Earth, this game is slowly carving its own place in the zombie world like a machete through undead brains... but is it fun? Let's gear up and check it out!