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Covert Missions

While the Rebellion and the Empire fight it out in the galaxy, there are many individuals who are just there to stay out of the way and make a credit or two if they can. They're the pirates and smugglers who take the conflict as opportunity to do what they want while nobody else is hopefully looking. In Covert Missions, the upcoming set for Star Wars: Destiny, there's some new pirates and scavenger cards coming, along with their support cards. Let's take a look.

The Force is a strong ally. It turns regular people into superhuman fighting machines. That's handy when you've got a war on. And in the Star Wars universe, there's always a war going on. In Covert Missions for Star Wars: Destiny, new blue characters and their accompanying support cards will be added to the card pool. Get a look at what that will include in this preview.

A new Star Wars: Destiny set is coming out soon. It's called Covert Missions. In it, vehicles will play a heavy role, as will those behind the wheel/stick, the pilots. In this preview, we get a look at just what those pilots are capable of and some of their signature ships that go with them.

As the latest expansion for Star Wars: Destiny starts to fill out your decks, Fantasy Flight has announced a new one on the horizon. It's called Covert Missions and it adds game-changing missions to the game. With cards like Construct the Death Star, players can have an alternate way to win the game.