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Copper Mine Miniatures

Wednesday is once again upon us, dear TGN readers. We've been having a busy week at the office. I'm working on a few review articles that're coming up, and yesterday we shot a new unboxing video.

But that's as may-be. We've also collected various bite-sized stories and present them to you now.

This batch has: Okumarts Games releases Star Sailors for White Star, Two New Cowboys Added to Steam Horses Kickstarter Line Up, New Skirmish Sangin Scenario Free to Download, New Installments of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, The Last Days for The Last Spike on Kickstarter, Heer46 Announces Upcoming Indiegogo Campaign, Space Goblin Campaigner free during June at The Ion Age, New Aegis Suit Satin Varnish from The Army Painter, Celestial Knight by Kabuki Models: WIP, Age of Tyrants website launched, Golem Miniatures Launches Indiegogo Campaign, Pedion Modular Battlefields Kickstarter Going Into Stretch Goals, New Range rulers for WWII armies from Warchimera, New Orc Flying Ace from Kromlech, Manorhouse Workshop Update #29 – Modular Underground Project – First Pieces in Hard Plastic, and Deep-Cut Studio releases new gaming mat for futuristic football.

My fellow TGN readers, welcome to another Sunday Edition. I hope your Saturday was good and your Sunday is being productive. My D&D group from yesterday came close to TPK at least twice. But that's what happens when you charge up to 4 Dire Bears and basically give them a turn to munch on your character before the next character from the party is there to help. Oh well. Nobody hit -10, so they were able to keep-on keepin'-on.

As for today, we've got another batch of bite-sized stories for you.

This set includes: New Kromlech Releases - Static Grass and Battle Dice, Oddzial Osmy’s 3mm April Releases Arrive at PicoArmor, Heroic Maps - Explorer: Wild Places released, Manorhouse Workshop Update #26 – Modular Underground Project – In the box, Copper Mine Miniatures running Mechanical Steamhorse Kickstarter, Brutal Force - Icarus Miniature Preview Jesse Pope, and Victrix Ltd. Limited Edition Rude Roman shield transfers.


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