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Coldwater Crown

Blame Canada (Day), but it seems that the post got eaten by the system. It happens occasionally, but it's alright. We can rebuild it. We can make it stronger, faster, better... Or mostly the same but with this new intro.

Anyway, this week we have: Werewords, Caverna: Cave vs Cave, Not Alone, Evolution: The Beginning, Black Hat, Big Bang 13.7, Kingdomino, Match Madness, Lady Richmond, Century: Spice Road, Homes: 2 Player Card Game, Coldwater Crown, Quadropolis, and This War Of Mine.

They say a bad day of fishing beats a good day at the office. I'm not 100% sure that still holds true with tabletop fishing games, but I'm willing to bet it does. Coldwater Crown is a new fishing board game that's up on Kickstarter and they'd love to reel you in.