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ClearHorizon Miniatures

We all know my love of 2-player starter sets. They're a rather economical way to get you and a friend into a game system. Or, even if you don't have a friend to immediately split the cost with, you still get two playable armies that you can use to start teaching others to play. Well, if you're interested in learning to play Gruntz Lite, you might want to check out the Sigma Event 2177 2-player starter set that's up on Kickstarter now.
Hey kids. It's Tuesday once again here and that means it's time for another Podcast Roundup.
It would seem a lot of podcasters are back in action in the new year, so without further ado...

Today's episodes include: Epic Gaming Night Podcast Ep 36: Gamelyn Games, Meeples & Miniatures Podcast Ep: 162: Review of 2015, Blue Peg Pink Peg Ep: 64: Tail Feathers & 2016 Predictions/Resolutions, Tales of Malifaux 21, Dungeons & Dragons Podcast: Enter the Adventure Zone, Man Battlestations Podcast Episode 2, In The Garage Podcast Episode 3, and News of the North – 2016-01-12.

Friday! Woo! *tosses papers in the air*
*remembers that there's still a good half of the day left*
*scrambles to try and put all those thrown papers back in order*
*has his boss lean in and say, "Polar Bear! Do you have those TPS reports all set and ready for the presentation? It's time!"*
"Uh, yes, boss! Just a second!"

Ok, that little creative writing exercise aside, let's get on with the bite-size stories from the past couple days.

In this batch we have: Free Stowage with all tanks From Warlord Games, New Morbid Egzekutor Amarath from Hitech Miniatures, Ramshackle Games Water Seller Competition, Space Duck Games Announces El Presidente Kickstarter, Kromlech New Release - Stygian Legionary Backpacks, Stonemaier Games announces Kickstarter project for Scythe board game, Cyclops-Class Assault Armor now available at ClearHorizon Miniatures, Playmore Games'Race to the North Pole begins October 2015, Rocky Mountain Gaming vacation announces Special Guest, Steve Barber Models Posts "About Us" Video, New Female Orc From Brother Vinni, and New Renders For Wild West Exodus From Outlaw Miniatures.

This week just keeps humming along. There's buzz around the office here as people are getting ready to head downtown for Dragon Con. I will not be going to the show. I have other things I'll be working on. Some of those things will include the weekend updates.

But we're only midweek. So lets get our Midweek Snippets post typed up here to you.

In today's batch of bite-sized stories we have: New Life for Bladestorm Tabletop - Quick-Start Rules Released, ClearHorizon Miniatures releases the Apocalypse-Class Superheavy Tank, Khurasan releases 15mm Great Orcs, Hitechminiatures new release: Monk Luther, Pulp Alley expansion Pulp Leagues up for Pre-Order at Statuesque,

Welcome back to Friday, beautiful TGN reader.

Do you have any gaming lined up for this weekend?
I... don't...
I'm going to be cooking. If you want to talk about that, I'll meet you down in the comments section. :P

As for now, we've got some bite-sized stories for you.

In this batch we have: HADES Banshee VTOL now available for Pre-Order from ClearHorizon Miniatures, Kromlech New Release - Legionary Shields, Willy Miniatures Undead & Necromantic Team video advance, New 28mm Napoleonic Ottomans from Matchlock Minis, Sabresquadron Has Gone To Print, Dragon Head Coins Series #2 on Kickstarter, New Bases from WarGamma, and a couple new installments of The Fiver.

Welcome back to Wednesday, beautiful readers.

As is our custom, we've collected up some of the bite-sized stories we've come across in the past few days and present them to you now.

In this batch we have: Expedition Adventure Card Game Coming to Kickstarter, New Undead Warband releases at Pendraken, Blackwater Gulch Savage Beasts Kickstarter Coming Soon, Hitech Miniatures Releases Lord Cruentus, First Team Yankee Models Sighted at Breakthrough Assault, Fireforge Crusader Archers Pre-Order available, Treasures of the Haunted Tower Now Available, Ironwatch releases their State of the Watch for 2015-2016, Primer on Patrol Angis Posted, ClearHorizon Miniatures releases the 15mm Armadillo APC, and New 30mm and 40mm Cobblestone Base Deals from Tabletop-Art.

Time to let your hair down, get together with some friends, and hopefully get some gaming in.

As usual, we've got some bite-sized stories we've collected together over the past couple days and serve them to you now.

In this batch we have: AMP Adventures Collection Available Now, Res Publica by Reiner Knizia returns This Summer, Rebel Minis Releases Earth Force Kodiak Class Battlesuits, Dave Chalker’s Top 10 Tips When Negotiating Contracts, New Perk Added To Another World Indiegogo campaign, Kromlech New Release - Legionary Jump Pack, New Front Arc Marker Released by Tabletop-Art, ClearHorizon Miniatures Releases the 28mm Nemesis Light Strike Vehicle, Club Fantasci Interviews Karl Fenner of Common Man Games About Police Precinct: Uplift, Veil Fall Dark Future Horror Miniatures Kickstarter By Erebus Studios Running Now, and Victrix Ltd 28mm Napoleonic French Artillery - slight delay.

We've made it to another Wednesday. The previous weekend is as far away as the next one is. Some comment about camels.
Hopefully the week has been treating you well.

Anyway, we've got some of those bite-sized stories to give you. In this installment there's: Angry Mojo Games opens up Webshop, Brigade Models Releases New British Spaceships, Menhir Games posts new renders for KStarter stretch goals, Beasties & Bygones posts Jester Class preview, Quantum Gothic re-releases Quantum Cannon and Sentry-platform twin gun systems/rocket v1, some more sessions of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, New Army Men Combat Update from One Page Rules, Acheson Creations Releases new Skull Tower, 15mm Hades Ghost Team has been released by ClearHorizon Miniatures, Manorhouse Workshop Update #20 Modular Underground Project, and EZPainter Price adjustments.

ClearHorizon Miniatures gives you more ways to play Gruntz with the release of their new SpeCops module. This book is packed with new weapon stats, new rules (including hacking enemy soldiers), new missions (including a new campaign system), and new off-field buffs (because orbital strikes never go out of fashion).


From the release:
ClearHorizon Miniatures has started taking orders for their new 28mm Nemesis Light Strike Vehicle.
Be the first gamer on your block with this new mini when it's released.


From the announcement:

The 3D print of the 28mm scale Nemesis arrived today!

Here are some pictures next to 28mm Infinity figures for size comparison!

I'll be doing a video and formal announcement later, but it's available for preorder now at

If you preorder it's only $26.99 USD, saving $2.00 USD!

Note: This is a test print, we noticed that the right side tire treads go the wrong way! This is already being corrected and will be fixed for the final model.

ClearHorizon Miniatures has a pair of new vehicles up on their website that they're taking orders for. They're the Nemesis and the Aurora.


From the release:

The Aurora Stealth VTOL is designed to take a team of two or three operatives into the most heavily guarded enemy worlds. Able to disembark from an orbiting stealth strike cruiser the Aurora can transit operatives into the heart of enemy strongholds as well as provide advanced air-to-air and air-to-ground strike capabilities.
ClearHorizon Miniatures now has their Activation Cards for the Gruntz 15mm sci-fi minis game available over in their webshop.


From the release:

The new Gruntz Activation cards are now in stock at ClearHorizon Miniatures!

They are on sale for only $7.00, which is the cheapest price anywhere!

Check out the product page for a video overview of how to use the cards in your Gruntz games by Robin.

ClearHorizon Miniatures is showing off some artwork for their new 15mm VTOL ship they're working on.


From the preview:

Designed to carry up to three passengers (four in emergencies) the Aurora can transport it's payload from orbit to any place on the surface of an enemy-controlled world without being detected.

The Aurora also carries an internal payload system giving it land and air intercept/attack capabilities.

The Aurora will be available soon!

ClearHorizon now has the Gruntz 1.1 rulebook available over in their webshop.
Go get your 15mm sci-fi gaming on.



From the announcement:

We now have the Gruntz ver 1.1 rulebook in stock and ready to ship. We are also offering it at the lowest price anywhere for $18.00.
About Gruntz:
ClearHorizon helps your little mans scout the enemy and upcoming terrain with their Recon Assault Transport Buggy.



From the post:

Available now is the M-19 RAT or Recon Assault Transport. Designed for long range recon missions the RAT can be transported via the Raven-Class VTOL or the upcoming Heavy-Duty Condor-Class.

The RAT is a multi-part Resin Kit and comes with a separate roof, gun and gunner!

As part of the new release promotion it is on sale for $8.99, $1.00 off the normal $9.99 price!

ClearHorizon Miniatures has some 3D renders up of their new Light Strike Vehicle up.


From the preview:

A WIP render for the Hell Divers Light Strike Vehicle... Being sculpted by coolhand3d. One person vehicle designed to be small, stealthy, quick and deadly.

ClearHorizon Miniatures has been working on this cool bit of footage of a drop pod being deployed and they wanted to show it off.


From the post:

Newly unclassified footage has been released showing off the deployment of a HEL/DIV Drop Pod deploying a squad of Hell Divers into enemy territory.

ClearHorizon Miniatures has released their high-anticipated Zeta Squad Hell Diver Power Armor unit over in their webshop.


From the release:
The Zeta Squad comes with:

6x Power Armored Troops
Separate Torsos, heads and arm options
3x optional torso mounted heavy weapons
6x Unique leg poses

The Zeta Squad is $12.99 for six, and available now at ClearHorizon Miniatures!

ClearHorizon Miniatures gives your 15mm little mans some air support with the release of their A-47C Falcon over in their webshop.


From the release:

An upgraded attack variant of our popular Sparrowhawk VTOL, the Falcon comes with a selection of weapons for mounting on heavy duty pylons and an upgraded landing gear.

ClearHorizon Miniatures will be making their way to LA for Strategicon in a couple weeks. Will you be there?

Hell Divers


From the announcement:

Only 10 days to go! ClearHorizon Miniatures will be at Gateway 2014 at the Hilton LAX! This Labor Day Weekend, Aug 29 - Sep 1! We'll have two tables set up in the main hallway. We'll be carrying our entire line plus several brand new releases!

We'll also have the printed Gruntz Rulebook for sale at a discounted price and our entire range will be 10% off.

Our second table will have multiple gaming boards setup just for 15mm Gruntz Gaming! It's free to check out the dealer area and our tables, so come on by!

ClearHorizon Miniatures can't make it to GenCon, so they're having a sale over on their website.

ClearHorizon Miniatures


From the announcement:

Can't go to GenCon 12% Store Wide Sale!
(Excluding Bundles and Shipping)

Use Code GENCON – Until 8-18-14

ClearHorizon Miniatures gives your little mans a firm foundation with their new acrylic bases.



From the post:

20mm Laser Cut Acrylic Sci-Fi Bases for 15mm Miniatures (12)

These are laser-cut Acrylic bases with a sci-fi hexagon pattern etched on them. They come in clear, but are easily painted with standard paint.

They are almost exactly the same size as a US Penny.

Check out the Videos tab for tutorials on how to cut off the integral base on many 15mm miniatures and attach it to the Acrylic base.

They come 12 to a pack.

Note: They come with a blue protective film that should be removed before priming or painting. It will simply peel off.

ClearHorizon Miniatures made it past their funding goal and also their first stretch goal already in their 15mm sci-fi miniatures Kickstarter campaign.



From the campaign:

With three weeks to go we've already unlocked our first stretch goal and everyone at Squad level or higher will get a free extra squad!

We also have the WIP poses of the Epsilon Squads and Hura Squads.

We will have the WIP heads of the Epsilon Squads very soon. Each Epsilon Squad member will come with a choice of three different heads to increase variety and customization options.

ClearHorizon Miniatures has their new sci-fi minis Kickstarter up and running. They're already more than 50% to their funding goal. Check it out.



From the campaign:

The Kickstarter is Up and Running! Check out the different pledge levels and all the different reward options as well!

As we hit funding goals I'll be getting feedback from backers to help steer the direction of the miniatures as well! Thanks for your support!

ClearHorizon Miniatures is showing off some more WIPs of the greens for their upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

Hura Technocracy Hell Diver and Epsilon Squad Member


From the preview:

Here is a comparison picture of the Hura Technocracy, Hell Diver and Epsilon Squad Member.

The Hura and Epsilon will be the subject of an upcoming 15mm Sci-Fi Miniatures Kickstarter. More info coming soon!