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Center Stage Miniatures

Center Stage Miniatures has announced a new miniature for their new line.

From their announcement:

Center Stage Miniatures is proud to announce the release of the first miniature in their Giants range, CSG-001, Mountain Giant.

The Mountain Giant stands 60mm at the top of the head and comes with a 50mm plastic base. Sculpted by Nicolas Genovese.

A new giant will be released every three months.

Also available is CSM-003, The Lamia, sculpted by Patrick Keith. This re-sculpt replaces one of our earliest releases, and the old model has been permanently retired.

Center Stage Miniatures is proud to produce 28mm fantasy miniatures for use with the world's most popular fantasy role-playing game.
Center Stage Miniatures are offering a discount on select gift certificates. From their announcement:
For a limited time, Center Stage Miniatures will be offering $65 Gift Certificates for $50. These virtual certificates are available until August 31st. With no expiration date, these gift certificates will help jumpstart our sculpting commissions for 2012 while saving customers a substantial amount of money. Certificates can be purchased for $50 ($65 in online store credit) or $100 ($130 in online store credit.) A limited number of these are available and can be used on any current or future product in our online store - including our upcoming Giants range and second module/miniatures set. For more information, visit our website at Thanks in advance for your support.
MolydeusCenter Stage Miniatures have added three new figures to their online store. From their announcement:
Three new releases are now available in our online store. First up is CSM-008, Molydeus, by Tim Prow. He’s the first in our “Denizens of the Planes” product range, and stands over 3” tall. In addition to our first demon, we’ve got a pair of dungeon denizens – a blister of two Mimics (CSM-009) and a package of 6 Stirges (CSM-011). Center Stage Miniatures produces 28mm miniatures intended for use with the world’s most popular fantasy role-playing game.