Bushido weekly update

GCT Studios have posted their weekly update on the status of their Bushido game and miniatures range.

Nezumi Green

From their announcement:

The Bushido Wednesday update it now up.

This week, the greens of the upcoming Nezumi release for the Cult of Yurei. Introductory story for the next Temple of Ro-Kan release the Kitsune. And the lastly the Studio announces its first Painting Competition!

Bushido the game update

KitsuneGCT Studios have sent along their weekly update on the status of their Bushido Japanese inspired fantasy game.

From their announcement:

GCT Studios is very happy to release the first Chapter of the Nezumi’s tale. For those of you eager to read the next instalment, see upcoming concepts, greens of miniatures, do not worry there will be weekly updates from now on. Here’s the link to the “Curious Incident of the Rat in the night time”, and for those Temple of Ro-Kan players out there here is the concept art for the next release for the spiritual guardians and followers of the enlighten path, The Kitsune.

GCT preview Child and Gorilla

GCT Studios have posted photos of the greens for two new Bushido miniatures.

Child monk and Gorilla

From their announcement:

After a very close vote, the first of the Bushido People’s Choice Preview is revealed.

Please enjoy the greens for the Temple of Ro-Kan characters; Child Monk and Gorilla. The characters game names, profiles, studio paint jobs and stories will be released closer to their public release.

Bushido Starter Blisters available for pre-order

GCT Studios is now offering four Bushido Starter Blisters for pre-order.

Prefecture of Ryu Starter Set

From their announcement:

With less than two weeks to go before the launch of Bushido, GTC studio is happy to announce, we are now releasing the four Starter Blisters for pre-order.

We felt it better to offer all starters at the same Price so player’s choice of faction would be solely based on the faction that appeals to them the most and not on the cost. Each Blister contains between 5-7 miniatures, profile cards, thirteen D6 dice and a free quick start rule book. The retail price is set at £27.95, for each Starter Blister, please look on the webshop.

As a thank you to players pre-ordering two or more starters we are pleased to offer a 20% discount, so if you are undecided on a faction why not get two and save yourself some cash in the process. Or buddy up with a friend to share the discount. This offer is valid until the 5th June with all orders being shipped on the 6th June. Just enter the code bushido in the voucher box to receive the discount.

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GCT Studios make Bushido Quick Start Rules available

GCT Studios have posted a free PDF with the Bushido Quick Start Rules.

From their announcement:

These are the Quick start Rules in PDF format. Currently they are only available in English but translations for our French, German and Spanish customers are in progress and will be made available in the near future.

Bushido set for Release at Games Expo 2011

HiroGCT Studios will be releasing their Bushido miniature game at Games Expo 2011.

From their announcement:

After what seems like an age we are very excited to announce that we will be attending Games Expo 2011 to launch Bushido. On the weekend we will be running demos of the game on our own scratch built board attached to our stall. Available to buy will be four faction starter sets and free quick start rules booklet with all purchases. Each starter set contains a balanced faction force, its profile cards and dice.

The game uses an intuitive, quick to pick up mechanic with lots of tactical flexibility. This will be the first opportunity to get your hands on the Bushido miniatures before the online store goes live June 10th. Also at the show will be some sneak previews of up coming releases.