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Burn In Designs

It's odd. Each day this week I've found myself, at some point, looking at the clock and going, "How is it only (time)?! Geeze! Today is taking forever!" And yet, in contradiction of that, I've also found myself going, "Whoah! It's already (day)!? This week is flying by!" So while each day is taking forever, the week is just speeding past. I don't really get it, but it does mean we're already most of the way to the weekend. I'm in my Thursday shirt, and that means it's time to make your gaming tables look as good as possible.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New Steampunk Ironclads From Burn In Designs, Tabletop Scenics Giving Away An Orc Quarters, Skull Forge Scenics Halloween Sale Happening Now, Acheson Creations at Fall In! and Millennium Con, New Modern Civilian 28mm – 32mm Vehicles From Antenociti's Workshop, and New Masons and Brewers Terrain For Guild Ball.

And we're back in the office. Wee!
Ok, so I'm actually exceedingly tired because I got very little sleep last night. So, if you want, you could play "Find the Typos!" here today. There might be more than usual. :P
But what is just as usual is making sure your gaming tables look as good as possible. For that, we've got our Terrain Corner.

In it, today, we haev (is that one on purpose? You may never know) : Deep-Cut Studio releases Gotham game mat, The 'Roc' Dropship Up On Kickstarter, The Bumblebee Air Transport Available From Burn In Designs, and Lands of Mars Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame.

It's December. Yesterday, we had some pretty nasty storms roll through here in Atlanta. Today, it's definitely a bit cooler than it had been. Sure, a high of 54 might not seem too cold to someone in Chicago (where I grew up). But it's colder than the 70s it'd been the previous couple days. Staying in and playing some games sounds rather nice. So let's make sure those gaming tables look good.

Today in our Terrain Corner we have: New Firefly Airship from Burn In Designs, Heroic Maps - Explorer: Night Camps Now Available, Deep-Cut Studio releases a new Neo-Tokyo game mat, Infinity Scenery: Pwork Wargames gaming Scenery Sets Now Available, and Crossroads gaming mat by Warzone Studio Now Available.

In a way, it's Monday, because it's the first day back in the office after the weekend. But it could also be seen as Wednesday, since it's only 3 days from being the weekend again (Woo! Thanksgiving! Woo!). But what makes it once more feel like a Monday is that it's time for a Terrain Corner.

In this Corner we have: New Terrain Kits by Burn In Designs, Goal Post Terrain Up On Kickstarter, Tabletop World released the new Watermill, Tabletop World Holiday Sale Happening Now, StudioLevel Terrain Now Available, and Lifeless Land: Pwork Wargames Sci-Fi Gaming Mat Now Available.

Hello there, Thursday. How's things? That's good to hear. You know, it's almost time for the weekend. I know, you feel sad because you're always almost to the weekend, but never there, yourself. That's gotta be rough. But hey, at least you get to help people make their gaming tables look better. That's gotta count for something, right!? Right! Good now, let's get on with it.

In today's Terrain Corner we have: New Modern Food Trucks and Cargo Vans from Burn In Designs, Final Week for Neo Tyrannis Kickstarter, Nine New Fantasy-Football Playmats Available From Deep-Cut Studio, West Land: Pwork Wargames Fantasy Gaming Mat Now Available, and Wizard Kraft Modular River Terrain Up On Kickstarter.

As fast as the week's gone, it's hard to believe it's already Thursday. With the weekend just ahead, I'm watching all my friends checking in to various events that are happening. Mostly, it's people headed downtown here in Atlanta for Dragon*Con. I do hope everyone has a great time at whatever shows, events, or just regular weekend activities they have planned. But before we actually get to the weekend, we've still got today's Terrain Corner and tomorrow's Snippets to post. So let's get to the one for today.

In our Terrain Corner we have: New Construction Site Buildings From Burn In Designs, Maki Games To Launch Modular Underground Project Kickstarter on the 6th, Heroic Maps release The Knight's House & The Ranger's House, Deep Space: Pwork Wargames Sci-Fi Mat Now Available, and New Prairie design game mat from Deep-Cut Studio.

It's once again time for Monday. But it's ok, it happens every week. We should be used to it by now.
... Right?
Ok, so every week it's not always easy, but what is easy is making your gaming table look great, with the help of our Terrain Corner.

Today we have: Manorhouse Workshop Kickstarter Ends, Deep-Cut Studio releases new Alien Planet gaming mat, New Terrain From Mechanical Warhorse, Battlefield: Pwork Wargames Science Fiction Gaming Mat Now Available, New Cinematic Effects Now Available at Armorcast, and New GBHQ Firehouse Available From Burn In Designs.

Taking a break from the RPG Kickstarters for a minute.
Is the week going by quickly for anyone else? On my ride in to work today, I looked down at my dashboard and saw my odometer and, for a moment, went, "why is that so high? It's only Tues... oh... wait... it's Wednesday. Ok, that makes sense."
But seeing as it is Wednesday and all, we should have ourselves a Midweek Snippets.
Man, this is also the first Wednesday in a couple weeks where I don't have tomorrow off. Makes me a little sad, but I'll get through it, somehow.

Anyway, today's batch of bite-sized stories includes: Skirmisher Publishing Releases 100 Oddities for a Wizard's Tower, New Year's Sale Happening Over at Advanced Deployment, Pulposaurus Entertainment Updates About the future of Conan: Rise of Monsters, New Praetorian Helmeted Heads From Puppets War, Chemical Spill: the Chemistry Card game: two weeks left on Kickstarter, Massive Awesome Announces Launch Date For Shattered Earth Kickstarter, Purgatory Posts New Previews, New Year's Sale From Dark Art Miniatures, Iron Cross Miniatures Posts New Fireteam Release, New Dwarf King from Scibor, Too Fat Lardies Christmas Special, BattleGateGames Releases New Bust, New Battlefields XP Tufts From The Army Painter, ArmiesArmy 15mm Cold War Kickstarter is Live, New Paint Storage Systems from Burn In Designs, New Lower Pricing on Legends of Kalidasia Starter Sets, New Releases Available From Hinterland Miniatures, "Shieldwolf vs Orcs" launches on Kickstarter Tuesday 12th January, and Chicago Shootout reaches 50% funded on Kickstarter.

We're making our way ever-closer to the weekend. Thursday is upon us and soon it will be Friday. After that it will be Saturday, glorious Saturday.

But at the moment, it's still Thursday. As such, it's time to look once more at some bits to help make your gaming tables look their best.

Today's batch of stories includes: New Blacksmith Shop From Burn In Designs, Manorhouse Workshop Update #5 – 3D Bases – Modular Terrain: Skirmish & Wargame, and Free asteroids, scenery, acrylic tokens, or Other With Spartan Games Purchases.

It's Monday.
Let's not try and dwell on that fact too much and instead just think about what cool things you might be planning for next weekend. If plans include gaming, you'll possibly need some terrain. That's why we're here with our Terrain Corner.

Today's batch includes: Heroic Maps - Storeys: The Aelfmynster Ruins, and Burn In Designs New Products - All aboard the Steel Horse Express.

YayforFriday! That means group lunch here at the office. We did Indian last week. Not sure what we'll do this week yet. But when this posts, assume I'm eating yummy things.

Speaking of bites, we've got our regular section of bite-size stories that we present to you here.

Today's batch includes:
New Word War II Single Storey Houses from Warlord Games and Sarissa Precision
DC Comics Deck-Building Game Playmats are now available from Cryptozoic
Critical Injury and Critical Hit Decks Are Available Now for the Star Wars RPG from Fantasy Flight Games
Khurasan releases 15mm Napoleonic Persians
Last Hours for Swamped on Kickstarter
New Female Raider mini from Brother Vinni
Rebel Minis Releases 28mm Earth Force Pathfinders
New Bank terrain kit from Burn In Designs
Inverse Metal Dice Currently Funding on Kickstarter
Grinning Skull Wave 2 Set Released
Topside Minis Releases WWII Atlantic/Med Sets
New range of 28mm post-apocalyptic vehicles from Pardulon Models

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope the week has been treating you well. I've... actually been sick this week. Don't worry, I've made sure to disinfect every post just before it goes up, so you shouldn't catch anything.

Anyway, we've collected the various bite-sized stories that we've come across recently and present them to you now.

In this batch we have: Outer Limit Games announces Kickstarter launch date for TAU CETI: Planetary Crisis, LaserCutCard Updates and re-Releases New Art Deco Ruins Terrain, MidKnight Heroes Kcikstarter Reboot Coming Soon, Acheson Creations Releases Orc House, Mounted Heroes Kickstarter Launches, New Pwork Wargames Battle Mats Available, Play Blackwater Gulch at Origins, Final Days of Ramshackle Robots Kickstarter, New Brigade Models - 15mm Armoured Infantry, Sally 4th Releases Pub Interior Terrain Set, and New Furniture and Table Detail kits from Burn In Designs.

It's Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Hopefully your weekend has been going well. D&D was rather epic yesterday. At one point, it involved using Unseen Servants and Glibness to move an ogre corpse around Marionette-style in an elaborate plan to scare/intimidate other ogres and giants. It... was an interesting session...

Anyway, what we're here for isn't stories of extremely ill-conceived gaming plots, we're here for some bite-sized gaming stories.

In this installment we have: New items from Thomarillion, First Knight by Kabuki Models soon available for purchase, Kromlech New Release - Goblin Grease Monkeys, Corner shop added to Sally 4ths range of 28mm photo realistic terrain, Burn In Designs release new church set for their Welcome to Rock Ridge Terrain Kits, New Mats and Terrain from Paper Wargames, Heroic Maps - Storeys: The Trip & Trap, and a Hitech Miniatures new release.

We've made it through another week. *throws a party*
It seems to be the general consensus that this week "took forever." Has that been the case for you?
Anyway, that's all in the past, as the weekend will soon be upon us. What sort of gaming do you have planned?

We've also, as usual, been collecting some of the shorter stories together for presentation. And here you go.

This time we have: More of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, Godslayer Gnolls Swarm the Battlefield, More $1 shipping from LaserCutCard, Ludus Magnus Studio presents Vezio the Executioner, New Female Punk Heads and Shoulder Pads from Brother Vinni, New ISO Shipping Container Variants at Burn In Designs, Heroic Maps - Encounters: Winter Wilderness Locations, New MDF Paint Racks from Advanced Deployment, Beardy Brothers Announces Project Green Plunder, Tooth and Sword chibis now availible, New Kromlech Mutated Shoulder Pads, New Hardfoam Container Sets from Micro Art Studio, and the Final Days for Theomachy up on Kickstarter.

Hey everyone. Here's another batch of news snippets for you.
Remember, snippets aren't "leftovers" or "scraps" or anything like that. They're news like everything else. They're just... smaller. There's good stuff in here and we want you to know about it. It's just that the story's shorter, but no less important!

So what do we have in this round? Well, there's a new punk green from Slow Death Games, an announcement from ThunderChild Miniatures about a new Kickstarter, a new release from Hitech Miniatures, a new adventure for Fantasy8s, new Pulp Alley templates from Sally 4th, a notice about the final days of the Rise of the Kage pre-order, some new goblin nurses from Kromlech, a Squadron Strike: Traveller Preview, an announcement about the Death Saves Anthology release, and some new accessories for Robotech from Burn In Designs.

Burn in Designs has posted up their newest terrain sets, Dagger's Reach. There's a whole town you could potentially pick up.


From the announcement:

Burn In Design is pleased to announce its latest terrain set, Dagger's Reach. Modeled after the classic Tudor style buildings, this set goes well in both fantasy and steampunk game systems. With a large selection of building and both inner and outer wall kits the design and table options are endless.

Burn In Designs gets your hobby area in order with the release of their Hobby Storage Master Collection kit.

Hobby Storage


From the release:

Burn In Designs has just released their latest solution to taming hobby clutter with a new design take on paint and hobby storage. The system is fully modular and designed to grow with your hobby collection.

Burn In Designs has a new Quick Kits section for some of their smaller sets.


From the release:

Burn In Designs has just added a new section to their site for smaller, specialty and pre-release kits. New kits will be added to this section on a weekly basis.

Burn In Designs has added a new pledge level to their The Skyway Project Kickstarter campaign they've dubbed "The Landing Party."


From the update:

When we started this project we thought we covered every possible combination then inspiration struck and we added more kits. Now we have to go back and add more combinations and pledge levels. I present the Landing Party pledge level.

Burn In Designs is up and over their goal for their Skyway terrain project over on Kickstarter.
Now, the skyway's not the limit, so it's stretch goals for the next 30 days.


From the campaign:

The key objectives for the Skyway System were a futuristic modular design, high play ability through movement access, a high level of detail and cinematic appeal.

Burn in Designs has launched their Skyway Project Kickstarter campaign. They're already about 3/4 of the way to their goal with still 33 days to go.


From the campaign:

The key objectives for the Skyway System were a futuristic modular design, high play ability through movement access, a high level of detail and cinematic appeal.

Burn in Designs is counting down until the launch of their Skyways Kickstarter campaign. They've got sample previews up of what you can expect to see.


From the preview:

Burn In Designs is continuing their countdown to their Skyway project Kickstarter. They are diving in a little deeper and giving out more information of the project and including a preview Kickstarter link for people to get a better understanding of what the project is all about.

Burn In Designs is showing off a teaser image of their upcoming Kickstarter campaign they'll be running soon.


From the preview:

Burn In Designs has released a new preview for their upcoming Kickstarter. The latest preview is of the Echo System pledge level. This level is designed to give the owner enough terrain to complete a 4'x4' or 4'x6' table. The full modular design allows users to customize the set to match their own gaming style.

Burn In Designs sheds some light on the subject (well, not really. The lights, themselves, are separate) with their new Stadium Light terrain kits. They're pretty huge, actually.


From the release:

Burn In Designs is please to announce new products in our modern/scifi terrain sets. Stadium Lights Kits. These kits are designed to mimic the large stadium lights you see at sporting events. The kits stands over 14" tall giving a commanding view of the event below. The kits are designed to easily integrate with lighting sets from Powered

Burn In Designs has a new line of terrain they're calling the Welcome to Rock Ridge collection.
Rock Ridge, Rock Ridge, splendid...


From the release:

Burn In Designs is expanding their Welcome to Rock Ridge terrain set with 2 new buildings ans extras to improve the look of your gaming table. The new sets are larger and extend on the added detail included in the previous set and are a perfect companion for games like Deadlands and Wild West Exodus.