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Man! Today sure has been busy! I've gotten a bunch of photos taken. I've talked to a lot of really cool people. I've gotten a demo of a brand new game (demo report forthcoming). And I've had Portillo's. Can't get any better than that, really. So if you've not been following the coverage over on the TGN Facebook Page, here's what you've been missing:
It's been quite a while since we've had us some Brushfire news. Basically, the game went on a hiatus while On the Lamb worked on Endless Fantasy Tactics and some other items. Well, now there's a chance that Brushfire will be coming back.
On the Lamb Games is once more offering their limited edition Black Kiwi mini over in their webshop.


From the website:

Originally released for a limited time during Halloween of 2012, The Black Kiwi rides once again! Not only are we re-releasing the miniature, we are also including a stat card to make it playable in Endless: Fantasy Tactics along with a Halloween themed scenario. Already own a Black Kiwi? We got you covered, you can order the new card directly from WargameVault.

On the Lamb Games is getting a list together of all of your Brushfire (or potential Brushfire) players out there that would like their new Loxodon mini when it's released.


From the announcement:

Zabar Players! We're nearly done getting Loxodon molded and ready for casting, so we've opened him up for preorder! We won't have his final price until we get a full cast of him, but we've set the preorder at the lowest it'll be... So get your order in early to guarantee this price.

On the Lamb Games didn't get this posted up early enough to make their "regular" 2pm spot. So it's going here instead. They've got their Cult of Exomorphism book for Brushfire now available in print.


From the release:

The time to rise has finally come! The greatest power the world of Brushfire has ever known now crawls and chitters across the globe. The insectoid menace, known to the civilized world as “Exomorphs”, marches forth from the deep places of the world to reclaim what is once theirs.

This book contains a new faction for Brushfire V2. Included within these pages are:

• 2 Hero Types and 4 Unique Heroes
• 3 Exemplars
• 8 Troops
• History of the ancient empire of Bharat, the land from which the Exomorphs return.
• First hand accounts recovered by WATCHDOG of each Exomorph incident.

Birth new soldiers in a neverending wave of terror; See the fear in the mammal’s eyes as your spawn burst from their dying bodies; Chitter in madness as cultists worship your insectoid heroes. Take back the surface!

On the Lamb Games is showing off the green for Kardaax, a new mini soon to be available for Brushfire.


From the preview:

Kardaax, Scyazantine exemplar coming soon...

On the Lamb Games is taking down names of those of you gamers out there that want their Cult of Exomorphism miniatures for Brushfire as soon as they're released.


From the announcement:

Time for a Bug Hunt! The Cult of Exomorphism, Brushfire's 9th Faction, is now up for Preorder!

On the Lamb Games now has their Brushfire Second Edition available in Digest form (I.E. - Just the "crunch" and none of the "fluff"). Go order yours now.


From the release:

This Digest Edition gives you just the rules and unit information without any fluff or art, great for quick reference!
Animals go to war!

Brushfire is a skirmish war game in which animals fill the role of historical parodies. The Badgers of Aquitar, the Reptiles of Scyzantium, and the Dogs of Axony fight across the world in 19th Century warfare. This fast and easy war game plays great with between 10 and 50 models. Special rules for each soldier, heroes that level up, and a deep campaign system provide more content for players looking for a unique tabletop game.

This rule book includes all the rules and statistics that you need to play Brushfire:

Complete rules for a basic game
Squads can be broken up and reformed on the fly
Your Heroes and Generals level up and gain new abilities
3 Resource/Point Types, Upgrades do not reduce your model count
Take Siege Weapons or Fortifications to support your army
8 Factions to choose from

On the Lamb Games has posted up their Second Edition Brushfire cards on their Wargame Vault page for your downloading pleasure.


From the update:

Brushfire Second Edition Stat Cards are now available! Aquitar, Ribenguo, and Vandalands players can now purchase replacement stat cards through our WarGameVault publisher page. Axony, Chugoku, Civitas, Scyzantium, and Zabar will be coming soon!

On the Lamb Games is taking names for those that want their upcoming Tamatama model as soon as it's available.

From the announcement:

New Brushfire preorder on the website! Ribenguo's second Exemplar: Tamatama. He'll be shipping mid September.

On the Lamb Games gives us a look at the preview artwork for their upcoming plastic Rat Raiders for Brushfire.
I actually got to watch Heath "BA" Foley do the majority of the sketching while at the CoolMiniOrNot Expo a couple weeks back. It was pretty awesome.

From the preview:

After the Otter Ashigaru plastics will be Rat Raiders.

On the Lamb Games posted up a green WIP of a new Zabar miniature for Brushfire.

From the preview:

Zabar needed some more love.. big love.

On the Lamb Games posted up the preview artwork for their upcoming Otter Ashigaru for Brushfire.

From the preview:

Otter Ashigaru concept sheet by Heath Foley, the first planned Plastic Troop for Brushfire, coming Q4'2013/Q1'2014. More details to come closer to release.

On the Lamb Games retakes their 2pm posting slot with some new WIPs for upcoming Brushfire models.

From the preview:

Bob sent along a few new WIP Greens: Axony's Bearded Highlander, Chugoku's Changshu Dun, and Ribenguo's Tamatama.

On the Lamb Games is showing off the green for the first of their upcoming Cult of Exomorphism minis, Legion.

From the preview:

The first green for The Cult of Exomorphism is Legion, these Ants will make up the bulk of most CoE forces. Legion was sculpted by Curtis Fell.

On the Lamb Games announced that they're coming out with Brushfire version 2.0 as well as expanding the game's factions with the addition of the Cult of Exomorphism.

From the update:



On The Lamb Games is proud to announce the new Second Edition rules for its BRUSHFIRE tabletop miniatures game.

The public will get their first look at the BRUSHFIRE Second Edition rules in April through a semi-open playtest, allowing players to become familiar with the changes while providing feedback that will help On The Lamb in making final adjustments to BRUSHFIRE Second Edition before going to print. We will be following a process similar to the ENDLESS: FANTASY TACTICS beta.

The BRUSHFIRE Second Edition rulebook will be released to the public in early 2014. All tournaments, leagues, and release events that make up On The Lamb organized play will adopt the new edition on its release.

CoolMiniOrNot Expo is shaping up to be an awesome event. Here's a look at another of the excellent vendors that is going to be showing off their wares at the show. Today (and since it's 2pm) it's On the Lamb Games!

The first thing up is information about Endless Fantasy Tactics.

On The Lamb Games’ newest project, Endless: Fantasy Tactics will be available to the general public at CMON Expo! Coming off a great Kickstarter in November, Endless brings tactical RPGs to your tabletop. Build a party of adventurers, pick their abilities, equip them with items, and battle it out on grid-based multi-level battlefields!

Next is about On the Lamb Games flagship game, Brushfire.

For Brushfire, OTL’s Wargame, the eighth starter set will be available. Based on Three Kingdoms China, the Chugoku Warband will include: Wu Xian, a tiger general; 2 Red Wu, red panda river pirates; and a Lem Han, a chicken-riding lemming Cavalry. A few other secrets are also in the pipeline, so make sure to stop by and find out what we’re cooking up!

OTL will be running demos right at their booth, come drop by and learn how to play both games. Visit with our Art Director, local Georgian, Heath Foley (OTL, Mantic Games, Hyacinth Games, Warlord Games).

So make sure you go and register now!
We've made it even easier to get your hotel room, too! All you need to do is follow this link and you'll be getting the group rate of $84 a night!
Brushfire, from On the Lamb Games, gets their largest single model release to date with the Valkyr Mk. 1.

From the release:

Scyzantium isn't the only Brushfire faction getting new releases this month, Vandalands players finally get their hands on the Valkyr Mk.1! This is currently the largest model in the Brushfire range, and is available in a solo box for $34.99.

A 2-Pack of Engineer and Pilot Gerbils is available separately as part of the Historia Rodentia line for $9.99

On the Lamb Games has a new Brushfire starter available over in their webshop. This one's the Scyzantine Empire.

From the announcement:

Scyzantium's Warband is our 7th 1-Player Starter Set released for Brushfire, as usual it contains 25 Resources worth of Troops, a Hero, Dice, and Quick Start Rules: Everything one player needs to get started with Scyzantium for only $34.99.

On the Lamb Games gives us a preview of the upcoming Tajir Serai, a special model from their Brushfire Kickstarter from last year.

From the preview:

During last summer's Brushfire Kickstarter we had the option to create a hero or exemplar, and here is the first of those - Tajir Serai!

On the Lamb Games will have an exclusive Brushfire mini at Adepticon: Jacques of Martinique. Pre-register for the Con and get yourself one.

From the announcement:

Decked in the Crusader’s armor, Jacques of Martinique leads the forces of the Knights Bubonic into battle! As Grand Marshal of the Order, Jacques commands respect by mammals across the world of Brushfire, but sheer disdain and ire from the reptiles of Scyzantium. His gilded shield bears the angelic rat deity Tengri and the Mouse warrior rests assured that his faith will protect him.

Jacques is both an official Brushfire model, and the exclusive AdeptiCon Fantasy miniature. Available to the first 2000 preregistered attendees with an AdeptiCon 2013 Weekend Badge, this solo miniature works for any Brushfire faction and includes his stat card!

On the Lamb Games (yes, I know it's not 2pm) has posted up a review of their 2012 and a look forward to their 2013.

From the update:

2012 has been a good year for OTLG! We ran two successful Kickstarter campaigns this year, got a new distributor, and added several new retailers to our listing of stockists. The following is a quick rundown of each of our currently active product lines, and what is going on with them:

On the Lamb Games is showing off the new Vizier for Brushfire from their Kickstarter funding campaign.
They've also wanted to say that the Veiled Assassins (Sculpted by Jason Wiebe) is now shipping

From the preview:

We've finally gotten the Vizier, and it will be getting molded/casted up very soon.
Because of the delay in getting this done, I've sent word to our caster to get us the Viziers needed for backers with just the Master Mold, rather than waiting for production molds to be completed. This should speed things up in getting them out the door to you.

On the Lamb Games posted up a preview of the Lem Han cavalry model for Brushfire.

From the preview:

Daniel has completed the sculpt for the Lem Han, Chugoku's cavalry unit and will be moving onto Wu Xian, the Red Claw hero unit, shortly.

On the Lamb Games gives us a look at their Valkyr MkI for Brushfire. It's a big 'un.

From the preview:

Our caster just sent along this pic of the Valkyr Mk.1 for Brushfire, along with a Privateer Press model for scale comparison.

Edit to add: They've also updated their Kickstarter with a look at the green for the Earth Troll.