Review Roundup

Ah, Saturday. And it’s Games Day at the Milton Library. So, of course, that means it’s raining. Funny how that seems to be happening. 3rd weekend of the month, we’ve got some rain. But, seeing as I like rain, it’s all good. Rain and gaming. Seems great. Anyway, we’ve got our reviews for you here. Let’s get to them so I can go back to gaming.

Today we have: Airecon 4, Faith: A Garden in Hell, Original Laser Design Dark Age MDF Buildings, Banzai, Battles in the Age of War, Killer Katanas II, Mystic Miracles iOS, Incorporated, Grand Prix, Deep Sea Adventure, Ethnos, This Belongs in a Museum, Galactic Rebellion, and BrilliAnts.

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Sphere Games Launches BrilliAnts Board Game Kickstarter

Winter is coming.
No really, it is for us here in the Northern Hemisphere. And, y’know, you could say it’s coming for the Southern Hemisphere, too. It’s just further away for them.
Anyway, it’s time to stock up and prepare for the cold season. But what if you’re an ant? You’ve gotta make sure the whole colony is ready, and there’s plenty of other insects out there looking to grab those necessary resources for themselves. That’s the story behind BrilliAnts, a new board game from Sphere Games up on Kickstarter.
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