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Bones III

With the weeks streaming by quickly, we're already coming to the end of the Bones III Kickstarter campaign. There has been quite a lot unlocked, with a couple hundred more figures being made into the Bones material. But, of course, there's always more they would like to add to it. There's certainly one figure I'd like it if they unlocked. And it's a big one.
At some point, I'm sure someone at Reaper, during the planning for the Bones III Kickstarter said, "You know, for this campaign, we really have to bring out the big guns." Apparently, someone took that statement fairly literally. They then called up the fine folks over at Victoria Miniatures and said, "So... we need to bring out the big guns for this Bones III Kickstarter." And then the Victoria Miniatures people also took that literally. At least, that's how I hope the decision to add the Sledgehammer artillery piece to the campaign went.
Well, Reaper continues to roll along with their Bones III Kickstarter campaign. They've made it through the first page of their stretch goals and have rolled over to the next. Helping this along are the number of add-ons that've been unlocked. There's several dragons. There's some sci-fi soldiers. There's some mouselings. All pretty good stuff. But recently they posted up their Stoneskull Expansion set, which is a whole different ballgame.
Victoria Miniatures has announced that they will be creating a special "guest spot" miniature for the Reaper Bones III Kickstarter campaign. The piece is going to be specially designed for the campaign and cast out of grey bones material (as opposed to the regular white). They have a small preview up, with the full announcement on the Bones III campaign coming around the halfway point of the project.
From one big Kickstarter and directly into another. Reaper Miniatures has just launched their campaign for Bones III. This campaign's a pretty short one, only going for 18 days. Watching the ticker go, they're already well over their funding goal. It'd be impractical to say what the number is right now, since it'll change, possibly drastically, by the time I finish this sentence (and looking back at the page, this is very true).
Reaper's Bones line of minis has made quite a splash with gamers. The first campaign made just shy of $3.5mil. and it seemed like everything Reaper could possibly make into their new material was done. Then came Bones II, and another $3mil. in pledges. It seemed there was always more to release from them. Well, now Bones III will be coming to Kickstarter in just a matter of weeks.