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Blood Rage

Aaaaaah... Saturday.
What a glorious day. What cannot be achieved on such a day as Saturday?
Well, I know I can be working on various articles for the site. Hopefully you're getting in some gaming, like I am, too.

At the moment, though, we've got ourselves the Review Roundup.

In today's feature we have: Vikings Gone Wild, Blood Rage: Mystics of Midgard Expansion, Codinca, Blood Rage: Gods of Asgard Expansion, Imperial Settlers: Atlanteans Expansion, King's Forge: Queen's Jubilee Expansion, Talon, 13 Days, 51st State, The Grizzled: At Your Orders, One Night Ultimate Vampire, Area 1851, Tesla vs. Edison: Powering Up, No Thank You Evil, Valeria Card Kingdoms, Legends of the American Frontier, Jail Break, Adventure Land, Anachrony, Android: Mainframe, Shogunate, T.I.M.E Stories: Under the Mask, Aya, Porta Nigra, The Gallerist, Doctor Panic, and Knit Wit.

Sure, I'm having myself a blast here at the CMON Expo, but that doesn't mean I'm too busy to take a bit of time to get you your Review Roundup this week. That just wouldn't be right. So let's get to it.

Today we have: Team Play, Raid and Trade, Beast of Balka, Witch’s Brew, Blood Rage, Blood Rage - 5th Player Expansion, Blood Rage - Kickstarter Exclusives, The Siblings Trouble, Temp Worker Assassins, Android: Mainframe, Rubicon's M8 Greyhound/M20, Across the Dead Earth miniatures and, THMiniatures Terrain.

It's been a great day here at the CMON Expo. Lots of cool stuff going on. Lots to see. Lots to do.

What? You don't believe me? I thought we were better friends than that. But fine, if you want photographic evidence of the awesomeness, that's alright. I've got you covered.
It's Saturday. Those of you that are at KingdomCon, be sure to selfie responsibly. #RossFace
For me, it's the weekend before CMON Expo, so I'm super-busy getting things put together for the show. Lots to do, both work-related and just other things I need to get done.

In the meantime, though, I'm taking a break from baking German Chocolate Cake Cookies to bring you your regularly-scheduled Review Roundup.

Today we have: Blood Rage, Gempacked Cards, Star Realms, Polyversal, Scathach Games M.T.S Shipping Containers, Tash-Kalar Everfrost Expansion, VS 2PCG Defenders Expansion, Twilight Struggle Digital, Onimata, Warfighter, Stronghold 2nd Ed., Adventure Land, Thunder & Lightning, Celestia, Greedy Greedy Goblins, Splendor iOS, Feed the Shoggoth, Kingdom Death: Monster, and Res Publica 2230AD.

And we've successfully made it to Saturday. After the... incredible craziness that was this past week, I'm extremely thankful for just a low-key, simple Saturday. Once I'm done here I've got a Colossal to put together for a friend. Then I'm gonna just watch some movies. What movies? ... I've not really decided yet. Perhaps Snatch, The Blues Brothers, something Monty Python, ... obviously I haven't really decided yet, but it'll be good to just chill.

Before that, though, I need to get you some review articles. So let's do that.

Today we have: Savage Forged Miniatures' Stalker Zed, Crooked Dice Danger 5 7TV starter set, Legends of Andor, Escape Room in a Box, Food Chain Magnate, Blood Rage, Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game, A.D.A.P.T., Pittsburgh 68, Fuse, Karuba, Kemet, Star Wars Timeline, Terra Mystica, Elysium, and Splendor.

As we hunker down here for what could potentially be the first major winter weather event here in Atlanta (in which the temperatures are supposed to be above freezing, except for an hour or so, I'm not really expecting much of an issue here. Though the Northeast looks like it needs to brace itself), we think about what we could be doing with all that potential time spent huddled in our homes, unable to go out. So how about some gaming! Seems like a perfect time. So we've gathered together some bite-sized gaming stories for you to snack on.

Today's stories include: Prime Battlewalker Arms Available From Puppets War, House of Borgia Coming to Kickstarter, Blood Rage Foam Trays Available From Battle Foam, New Iron Reich Orc Taskmaster with Gnaw Hound Available From Kromlech, and New Biomechanic Heads Available From Tabletop-Art.

December rolls along and CoolMiniOrNot keeps coming out with more and more cool stuff. This week is no different. For those that are playing Blood Rage, Rum & Bones, or Dark Age, you'll want to check out the new goodies that are available over in the webshop. There's still time to possibly get them before the end of the year.
The Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale that CoolMiniOrNot is running isn't the only news they have going on this weekend. They have a bunch of new releases to show off as well. Blood Rage, Rum & Bones, Dark Age, and XenoShyft! Oh my!
Happy Halloween, everyone!
Whether you're going out to a party or staying in, celebrate the holiday with some spooky-themed gaming. At least, that'd be my suggestion.

But how do you know what will and won't be a good game? You read a review, of course! And we've got a whole new batch for you here today.

They include: Blood Rage, The King is Dead, D&D Miniatures White Dracolich Miniature,Battle Foam P.A.C.K 432 Molle Army Bag, Apocalypse Chaos, Conflict of Heroes – Awakening the Bear Second Edition, Brother Vinni Minis, The Grizzled, Pandemic Legacy, Bright Future, Nautilus Industry, Warband Board Game, Stealing Mona Lisa, The Batman Miniatures Game, Isle of Trains, and Sneaky Cards.

Gen Con is fully underway now. The first day went by in a flash. The energy in the air was palpable. Everyone I've talked to agrees that this year is much busier than last. When the doors open, there's a huge rush as all the eager gamers head to the various booths in order to get the latest and greatest. One booth that attracted a lot of attention was CMON's. With lots of new games available for the first time, the line quickly wrapped around the whole double-booth that they have.
I told you that gaming companies were going to be putting up their announcements and such for Gen Con. Well, here's another one. This time around it's CMON. They've posted up both their pre-releases they'll have at the show, as well as the various events they've got planned.
The order of days has progressed as it always does and we once more find ourselves deposited in Saturday. It's certainly my favorite day of the week. As this gets posted, I'm working on putting minis together. That activity is my favorite part of the entire gaming hobby. As such, I'm having a really good day. Hopefully you are, too.

But to the business at hand: reviews of games.

Today's batch includes reviews/previews of: Splendor App, Ticket to Ride: Alvin and Dexter, Rhino Hero, Word on the Street, Awkward Family Photos, Traders of Osaka, Blood Rage, and Dawn of the Zeds 3rd edition.
Blood Rage is in their final day up on Kickstarter. The viking-themed board game from Guillotine Games and the mind of Eric Lang has come a long way since the launch. Check below the break for a graphic showing all you get for your $75 pledge. It's quite a lot. There's all sorts of extra minis and sculpted tokens to see. For add-ons, they've got art books and a 5th faction you can bring to the party. It all ends at 7pm Eastern on Tuesday. Get in before it's too late.

From the campaign:
Blood Rage continues to make its way through stretch goals over on Kickstarter. The most-recent unlock is the god of thunder, himself, Thor. Next up is bringing the connection between Midgard and Asgard to the table: shamans. There's still 5 days to get in on the campaign.

From the campaign:
Monolith Games is doing a crossover with their Conan board game and the Blood Rage Kickstarter. The Conan game will now include a scenario using models from the Blood Rage game, since they're the same scale, same theme, and heck, even have some of the same concept artists!

From the update:
Guillotine Games launched just shy of 24 hours ago and they've certainly taken no time to get through some stretch goals. There's been several new monsters added, some sculpted tokens, and each clan also has a new sculpt added to their lineup for warriors.
The campaign isn't running for a very long time. It's just until March 17. So if you want in, you'd better hurry.

From the campaign:
Guillotine Games brings out the viking in you with Blood Rage, their latest board game to hit Kickstarter. The campaign just launched. Go check it out.
The game design is from Eric Lang, creator of such games as Dice Masters, Quarriors, and the Battlestar Galactica board game. You want cool-looking minis? They're by Studio McVey, a worldwide leader in miniature creation.
Players are in charge of a viking clan trying to gain the most honor before the end of the world. It's part worker placement, part resource management, part territory acquisition. Card-based with a unique drafting mechanic for how you get your hand of cards, Blood Rage brings a lot of tactics to the tabletop.

From the campaign:
Guillotine Games gives us another look at some of the minis and artwork for their upcoming Blood Rage board game, which will be launching on Kickstarter on the 2nd. Have yourself a look-see, while learning a bit about the sculptors and the design philosophy for the game's minis.


From the post:
Guillotine Games has a bunch more information and preview photos of their upcoming game, Blood Rage, to show off. The game is part resource management, part worker placement, part battle strategy, and all a good time had by all (I know. I've played it). Players are in charge of their own viking clan and trying to gain the most glory before the world ends, and then ends again, and ends some more times just for good measure.
Game design is by Eric Lang, with miniatures created by Studio McVey.


From the preview:
Guillotine Games has posted an announcement about the next board game project they're going to be bringing to Kickstarter. This time it's Blood Rage, a viking-themed board game where your clan looks to gain the most influence before the world ends... and then it ends again... and then it ends a few more times.
I've had a chance to play an early prototype of the game and am really looking forward to it. It's some strategy with some resource management with some worker placement all thrown into one.
Expect the game to be on Kickstarter on March 2nd.


From the announcement:
Time for some more News Snippets.
These are more stories we want you to know about, but they're just a bit shorter in nature.

-New Shoulder Pads from Mad Robot Miniatures
-Team Covenant release Cherry and Mahogany, Templates for Gentlemen
-Kabuki Models unveils the revised Nerah model
-Khurasan releases Manchu Chinese cannon and crew
-Siren Miniatures - new renders publised
-New Tapestry and Bedroom Accessories from Thomarillion
-Blood Rage previews Bear Clan Warrior art/sculpt
-Dracci Breath - An Orcs in the Webbe Original Scenario
-2 Hour Heroquest - An Orcs in the Webbe Original Rules Supplement
-Time to go On the Road with Moebius Adventures
-Escenografia Epsilon posts Rare Imperial Buildings WIP

Blood Rage is a new board game coming out from Guillotine Games and Studio McVey. They've started posting up previews of concept art and some of the first minis.
I had a chance to play this game several months ago. It was a good time had by all. You play as a viking clan who is out to out-pillage, out-conquer, and out-glory-acquire your opponents before the world ends (because if you're gonna have an end scenario for a game, have it be an end scenario for a game).


From them to you: