New Blood Bowl Pre-Orders Available From Games Workshop

Ready! Set! Hut! Hut! Omaha… Hike!
The gridiron knows no downtime on the tabletops of the world. The Blood Bowl pitch is always ready for a game. But what teams will play on it, and which pitch will they play on? Games Workshop is taking pre-orders for a new Dark Elf team, as well as some new accessories and a couple of pitches.
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Josef Bugman Available to Pre-Order For Blood Bowl

The world of Blood Bowl has many legendary players. But few are as legendary as Josef Bugman. Player, coach, master brewer, he does it all. And Forge World is taking orders for two new figures for him over on their website. Get yours now before the season begins.
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Games Workshop Previews The Naggaroth Nightmares For Blood Bowl

The American Football Season is still a little bit away, but it’s drawing ever closer. Soon, players will be hitting the gridiron. Of course, you can play year-round when you play some Blood Bowl. And for those coaches looking for a new team, you might want to check out the upcoming Naggaroth Nightmares. We get a look at them in this preview.
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New Idoneth Deepkin, Necromunda, and Blood Bowl Figures Available From Games Workshop

Games Workshop’s hitting a bit of everything with this week’s pre-orders over in their shop. There’s some new Idoneth Deepkin heroes to fill out your army. There’s a new book for Necromunda, as well as a new gang. There’s also a new Chaos Blood Bowl team. And dice. There’s also lots of dice.
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New Blood Bowl, Blood Angles, and Hobbit Pre-orders Available From Games Workshop

Games Workshop’s a little bit of all over with this week’s set of pre-releases that you can order now. The biggest one is probably the new Blood Angels codex, as well as a bunch of units for them, including Primaris Marines with Blood Angels insignia. Second would be the Blood Bowl items, which includes a new Elf team, along with an Elf pitch, team cards, and other various and sundry. Finally, there’s some new The Hobbit releases, including a Battle Companies book.
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New Blood Bowl Team, Nurgle Daemon Prince Available To Order From Forge World

Over the next three days, high school, then college, and then pro football players will be hitting the gridiron to see who is the best. I’m sure that there are many of you out there that will also be hitting the tabletop gridiron to prove much the same in games of Blood Bowl, as well as games of 40k. Well, Forge World is here to bring you a new team, as well as a new Nurgle Daemon Prince to bolsters your forces.
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New Hobbit, Blood Bowl Releases Available To Order From Forge World

It’s Friday, so that means it’s new-order-day over at Forge World. Today’s releases could’ve partially ended up in a Terrain Corner post, too, but since everything’s all in one place, we’ll put them here. They’ve got a new set for The Hobbit in the form of Bard the Bowman’s Family. They’ve also got a new bundle for Blood Bowl, as well as some new tokens and a couple new pitches to play on.
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New Horus Heresy Character, Star Player Available to Order From Forge World

Forge World once again has two far ends of the spectrum available to order from this week. For you 40k (or, I guess, technically, 30k) fans, they’re expanding their Horus Heresy Characters range with Magistus Amon of the Thousand Sons Legion. Meanwhile, on the Blood Bowl pitches, Skaven players can recruit Glart Smashrip to their team.
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Games Workshop Taking Pre-Orders For New Age of Sigmar Starter Set and Blood Bowl Teams

Well, you’ve had the new 40k set for a couple weeks now. I’m sure you’re all just so tired of that and want to get back to the Fantasy side of things… or not. But if you’ve been playing 8th Edition and had someone go, “do they make it with, like, wizards and chariots and stuff?” then you can point them towards the new Age of Sigmar starter set that Games Workshop is taking orders for. They’ve also got several classic Blood Bowl teams they’re making to order.
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Classic Blood Bowl Teams Returning For 1 Week Only

It goes without saying that Games Workshop has been making miniatures for quite a long time now. Many sculpts have come and gone, thought to be never seen again. Well, occasionally, they’ll grab some molds from a bygone time and whip up some figures if you ask them nicely. For Blood Bowl coaches, there’s some classic teams that will be available next week, for one week only, that you can special-order.
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New Blood Bowl, 40k Bundles Available To Order From Forge World

Forge World is hitting two ends of the timeline spectrum this week with their releases. On one side, they’re in the far off and mythical past of Blood Bowl with some new goblin secret weapon figures, plus a new pitch to play on, as well as bundling those in with teams and the base box game. On the other side, with the release of the new edition of 40k coming out tomorrow, they’ve created a bunch of different bundles for some of their figures for the various factions, along with the Imperial Armour books to go along with them, available individually or together in a set.
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New Thunderhawk, Imperial Armour Books, and Star Players Available To Order From Forge World

It was hard to decide which item to feature here for this latest set of releases from Forge World. They didn’t have anything last week, but they’ve certainly made up for it this week. There’s a new version of the famous Thunderhawk Gunship, a pair of new Imperial Armour books, and a set of several Star Players for Blood Bowl.
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Blood Bowl Season 2 Available For Pre-Order

The new season of Blood Bowl is now available to order from Games Workshop. If you were hoping for some of the teams from the older version of the game that weren’t there in the latest version (for example, Lizardmen for me), you’ll be happy to see that they’re here, as well as some new teams, as well as expanded league rules, updated general rules, and more.
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New Ratlings Available to Order from Forge World

Some people see rats as pests. Others see them as pets. Still others see them as a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield or pitch. That last group are Ratling players. They should be excited about a new Star Player for Blood Bowl and a Verminlord for Age of Sigmar being available to order from Forge World.
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New Blood Bowl Team, Automata Available To Order From Forge World

Once again, we’ve got two very distinctly different releases available from Forge World on the same day. Whether you’re looking for a new Blood Bowl team to put onto the pitch or some giant battle robots, they’ve got you covered.
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Games Workshop Taking Orders For Old Blood Bowl Teams

With a library of miniatures going back literally decades, Games Workshop couldn’t realistically keep everything they’ve ever made in stock. That’d be ridiculous. But since they aren’t made regularly, some older pieces can be really hard to find. Well, occasionally, GW will dive into the vault and come back out with some models they’re willing to spin up for you. And that’s just what they’re doing now with certain Blood Bowl teams and players.
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New Blood Bowl, Modelling Supplies Available to Order From Games Workshop

On just about every Blood Bowl team, you’ll have “the big guy.” You know, that one player who literally towers above the rest, daring the opponent’s players to try and tackle them. For many, that “big guy” comes in the form of a Troll, and Games Workshop has started taking orders for a new one over on their website. They’ve also got a pack of Special Play cards, plus a bunch of hobby tools with which you can put your team together.
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New Blood Bowl, 40k Kits Available to Order From Forge World

One expects to see tanks out on the battlefield when playing a game of 40k. There’s all manner of them around. And normally you might not expect to see one when playing Blood Bowl. Well, if you’re playing for or against a Dwarven team, that might not be the case. And this week, Forge World has tanks for both games available to order (ok, so the Deathroller isn’t really a tank, but it’s as close as you’re gonna get in Blood Bowl). There’s also a new Legio Custodes unit and upgrade kit.
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Two New Blood Bowl Players Available To Order From Forge World

Forge World is once more letting you expand your Blood Bowl rosters. This time, it’s the Skaven that are getting some love in the form of their Rat Ogre (you’re gonna need a bigger mouse trap). And an old fan favorite once more returns to the pitch. Griff Oberwald has a new figure that you can order as well.
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New Ogre Available To Order For Blood Bowl From Games Workshop

Just the other day I got the new Blood Bowl box set and put it together. It’s been funny to see how the models have gotten bigger over the years. I know there’s even more extreme examples out there. So if you’ve got yourself an Ogre for your team, your older figures might not be so big by comparison. But Games Workshop is here to help with a new Ogre mini in their webshop.
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Blood Bowl, Horus Heresy, The Hobbit Releases Available From Forge World

Forge World is once again hitting a bunch of different games with this week’s set of pre-orders. Blood Bowl is getting another legendary Star Player. The Horus Heresy has the latest book. And for The Hobbit, the dwarves get a couple different reinforcements.
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New Demon Prince and Star Player Available To Order From Forge World

Just about every day I see someone posting about the new Blood Bowl set. I really have been meaning to pick it up. I’ve just never gotten the chance. Perhaps this weekend. We’ll see. If you do have it and are looking to add a new Star Player to your lineup, Forge World has one for you. They’ve also got a new Demon Prince figure for Age of Sigmar for you to order.
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New Blood Bowl, 40k, Dice Available From Forge World

Forge World’s hitting a couple different bases with this latest set of releases. For you Blood Bowl fans, you can get one of the most famous star players, The Mighty Zug. For you 40k players, there’s some happy puppies in the form of the Wolf-Kin of Russ. Finally, there’s dice, because I know you people love dice.
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Review Roundup

The holiday season is well and truly upon us. It’s the last weekend before Christmas and all through the house, my D&D group had to cancel because everyone had last-minute stuff come up due to the holiday and the end of the year :/ … But waddyagonnado? Me? I’m gonna probably bake some cookies and just chill, watching some Christmas movies, including MST3K’s Manos, the Hand of Fate. Why is that a Christmas movie? Because it’s in the same 2-disk box with Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. But that’s me.

As for the exact moment, it’s time to get you a bunch of reviews.

Today we have: Mythos Tales, BattleGoats, Murder at Blood Mansion, Timeline: British History, The Refuge, Ice Cool, You Gotta Be Kitten Me, Colony, CVlizations, Star Wars: Destiny, Pocket Madness, The King’s Armory, La Granja: No Siesta, Escape Room: the Game, Ponzi Scheme, Doom: The Board Game, Deathwatch: Overkill, and Blood Bowl (2016 Edition).

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New Blood Bowl, 40k, Lord of the Rings Releases Available From Forge World

A bit of a scatter-shot set of new releases from Forge World this week. There’s some new pieces for Blood Bowl. You’ve got some new bits for your 40k armies. And there’s a new unit for The Hobbit. Pretty much all we’re missing is an Age of Sigmar release.
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Games Workshop Taking Pre-Orders For Blood Bowl

Well, it’s been the one people have been clamoring for. Ever since Games Workshop stated that they were once again going to be backing their specialty side-games, this is the game everyone’s been anticipating. Sure, Calth and Quest and Overkill are cool and all, but they’re not the games that have spawned entire industries creating specialty teams for them. Nope, that honor goes to Blood Bowl. It’s back. And you can pre-order it now.
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Games Workshop To Open Specialist Design Studio

Well, this one had been running around the rumor mill pretty heavily this morning. When I first heard about it, I thought, “there’s no way.” And I’d been not wanting to post anything here until I got something from what I considered a “really, truly, official source.”
Well, the GW App has the news now, so I think it’s safe to share.
Games Workshop is going to be creating a Specialist Design Studio. But what does that mean?
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Aussie Block Dice adds more bottlecaps to their campaign

Aussie Block Dice has some more of those bottlecaps for you in their Indiegogo campaign. I admit it, I chuckled when I read a few of them.

From the update:

Over at Aussie Block Dice we’ve cracked the $4000 mark, which means more Bottlecaps of course!

This second set of Soft Drink bottlecaps joins the original Beer Bottlecaps unlocked a while ago.

Plenty of the perks come with a free set of Bottlecaps, and anyone who’s getting dice can just add an extra $5 for more caps.

Next stop, Uluru Twilight at $4500!

Rainbow Serpent dice colors unlocked at Aussie Block Dice

Aussie Block Dice broke through another stretch goal and has unlocked Rainbow Serpent as a color choice.

From the update:

If things go quiet from me around January next year, it’s because I’ve been buried under a mountain of dice 😉

I’m happy to report that the Aussie Block Dice project keeps going from strength to strength, we’ve hit $3800 and have unlocked a multiple colour design (a white die with each face a different colour).

Next stop, new Old World Bottlecaps at $4000, and a new Purple “Uluru Twilight” design at $4500

New designs at Aussie Block Dice

Aussie Block Dice is almost at 2x funding, with still a lot of time left on the clock. They’ve got some new designs unlocked and some new ones available over on their Indiegogo campaign page.

From the update:

Wow what a day, we’ve smashed our first big stretch goal and unlocked the Croc Hunters, and are well on our way to the next goal… Baggy Greens! Supporters will get a free set if they are unlocked, even if you support at our $10 Random Set level.

We also had a very generous contribution to our “Design Your Own” level which has given us another new design, Blue with Metallic Silver!

BL!TZ magazine issue 4 available online now

BL!TZ Magazine is available for free online and issue #4 is now up for you to read at your leisure.

In this issue:

Issue four of the Australian Blood Bowl magazine BL!TZ has just been released. Check it out for the latest info on the hobby both within Australia and worldwide. Includes news, reviews, match reports and hobby articles that are sure to interest any Blood Bowl fan.

Blood Bowl: Team Manager rules available

Fantasy Flight Games have posted the rules for their upcoming Blood Bowl: Team Manager card game.

From their website:

Blood Bowl: Team Manager – The Card Game is filled with the pivotal, action-packed moments that puts fans in the seats year after year, and keeps the managers employed!

Lead a team of Dwarf, Wood Elf, Orc, Human, Chaos, or Skaven players to victory as they compete in head-to-head weekly highlights over the course of a brutal five-week season. Survive the competitions, draft the best Star Players, hire staff, upgrade your equipment, while gaining as many fans as you can, and you’ll be sure to end up with Spike! Magazine’s “Manager of the Year” award.

This exciting standalone card game of bone-crushing sports action for 2-4 managers was one of the stars at Gen Con Indy 2011; advance copies of Blood Bowl: Team Manager – The Card Game sold out the afternoon of the first day of the convention. Further, every Blood Bowl demo table was busy the entire weekend with attendees eager to test out their managerial skills, and lead their teams to glory.

Eucalytpus Bowl 2011 early registrations close June 1st

Early registration for Sydney Australia’s Eucalytpus Bowl 2011 Blood Bowl tournament is ending soon.

From their announcement:

Sydney’s Biggest Blood Bowl Tournament, Eucalyptus Bowl, is being held at Burwood RSL on the 6th and 7th of August 2011. Historically Eucalyptus Bowl is the biggest Resurrection tournament in the Southern Hemisphere, second only to the Australian Nationals at CanCon in terms of overall coach numbers, and this year we’re pulling out all the stops with new player gifts, new prizes and new competitions which are combining to help make this the biggest tournament yet. Ticket prices are currently $40, rising to $50 after the 1st of June, so now is the perfect time to register for the event.
The event includes six games of Blood Bowl across two days, with a venue that includes ample free parking and easy access via public transport. We also welcome international and interstate visitors, with prizes for the furthest travelled and best newcomer, and plenty of nearby accommodation. The event is being sponsored by a host of amazing local and international companies, including CNC Workshop, Darkson Designs, Greebo, Impact Miniatures, KOed Dice Bags, KR Multicase, Micro Art Studio, Neomics Miniatures, Q-Workshop, Shadowforge, The Army Painter, The Combat Company, Thomarillion and War and Peace Games.
Every player will receive a free gift pack valued at more than $20 including custom dice, a Dog Tag from US Challenge Coins, a custom “Combat Wombat” mini by Greebo and a FAME token made by Southpaw Art & Design. Alongside the main tournament we will be running several mini events including an Unlucky Door Prize and Boggy Hunt, please see our forums for more detail.