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Blight and Boon

It's that weird, interim time between Christmas and New Year's. I've been enjoying a bit of a vacation, though it's not been everything I expected (hooray for sudden $500 car repairs for Christmas! Whee!), but it's been good to unwind. It seems most game companies are taking some time off, too. As you can tell from the bit of silence here (the news room isn't exactly flooded at the moment). Don't worry, the site's still going strong. We're taking the opportunity to rest and recoup some. Anyway, as you wait out your midnight celebrations, maybe tune in to some gaming podcasts.

On the dial we have: Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk Episode 79: Eberron with Keith Baker; Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk Episode 80: A License to Game: An Hour with Ryan Dancey (originally recorded in 2014); Meeples & Miniatures Episode 283: Gaming Review of 2019; Game Classy Episode 202: Rise of Game Classy; Polyhedron Collider Episode 76: The Best Games of 2019; Tabletop Talk Episode 53: Playing Malifaux Online: Vassal with Dan Brown and Steve Johnston; Tabletop Talk Episode 54: Why Ray (and you) Should be Playing Marvel Crisis Protocol; Exploding Dice Radio Episode 13; Blight and Boon – A Godtear Podcast Episode 19: Organised Play Isn’t Just Tournaments; The D6 Generation Pip Episode 33: 2019 Prediction Results; The D6 Generation Pip Episode 34: 2020 Predictions; Blue Peg, Pink Peg Episode 161: The Taverns of Tiefenthal; The Secret Cabal Episode 197: Sanctum, Auztralia and Our Christmas Wishlists; and The Offline Gamer Episode 44: Top Games of 2019.

So long, Monday. We're moving on to Tuesday. I hope your week has started off well. And I hope it goes by quickly so we can get back to the weekend and some gaming. I've got all sorts planned for Friday and Saturday. So let's get there as fast as possible. That includes listening in on some gaming podcasts.

Today on the dial we have: Epic Gaming Night Podcast Episode 167 Atomic Empire with Jennifer Bedell!; Blight and Boon Episode 13: Discussing The Guardian Class; The Rolistes Episode 30: Meeting Everyone & Doing All the Things in London with Satine & Ruty from Maze Arcana; Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 150: Gen Con 2018 in Review w/ Special Guest Rodney Smith; The Cardboard Herald Episode 93: Marc Davis: The Thoughtful Gamer; Playin’ and Slayin’ Episode 21: Gen Con Champions; The Secret Cabal Episode 165: The Reckoners, The Godfather and a Short Topic Extravaganza; and The D6 Generation Episode 242: Gen Con 2018 & Play by Mob.

I'm sure there's quite a number of you in planes, trains, and automobiles, headed to Indianapolis. And when stuck in those modes of transportation, there tends to not be much to do. Well, one thing you can do is listen to some gaming podcasts. And that's just what we've got for you here.

Today on the dial we've got: Game Classy Episode 168: Tourney Blues; Playin’ and Slayin’ Episode 20: Gen Con 51 Prepisode; Blight and Boon Episode 12: Scenario Focus – Life; Blue Peg, Pink Peg Bonus Episode: Designer Deep Dive- Detective with Ignacy Trzewiczek; The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 45: The cutting edge of gaming; Epic Gaming Night Podcast Episode 165: Gencon preview!; Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 149: Detective, Carthago, Istanbul the Dice Game, Warhammer AoS Champions & Kill Team; The Cardboard Herald Episode 90: Greg Loring-"The Loremaster"-Albright explains what the heck is a "pervasive game"; The D6 Generation Episode 240: Scouting Geeky Tours & Teaching Game Design; The Secret Cabal Express 40: Gen Con 2018 Preview and Gen Con 2017 Look Back; and The Offline Gamer Episode 32: The Great Indoors 2018.

Monday is over. Mine... wasn't so great starting off. I'm certainly glad that its in the past. My Tuesday is going much more smoothly, not least of which because of this.
Nowthen, to continue the streak of good stuff with some gaming podcasts to get us through the rest of the week.

Today on the dial we've got: Game Classy Episode 167: 3D; Chance of Gaming Episode 111; Singled Out Episode 71: An Interview With A Perkins Part 33.3 – vCalculus and vCinder; Blight and Boon Episode 11: Scenario Focus – Knowledge; Cardboard Herald Episode 88: Jackson Pope Wants You To Get Creative!; The Rolistes Episode 29 (Part 1): UK Games Expo 2018, featuring Paizo Publishing, Mythic Games & Elite Dangerous RPG; The Scholarly Warrior Episode 2; Blue Peg, Pink Peg Bonus Episode: Designer Deep Dive- Founders of Gloomhaven by Isaac Childres; Playin’ and Slayin’ Episode 19: Sigmar Bears All; Lords of the Dungeon 17: Knowing What Your Players Can Do and Experience; and Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 148: Coimbra, Century Eastern Wonders, Steamrollers.

As I mentioned before, this is a short week for me in the office. But it just means I'll be hanging out at home listening to these podcasts instead of at my desk. I've actually got quite a bit of gaming set up for the latter half of the week. Should be a good time. So, as you're waiting for the grill to heat up, let's get you some gaming podcasts.

This week on the dial we've got: Game Classy 166: Soul Wars; Blight and Boon Episode 10: Discussing The Slayer Class; Singled Out Episode 70: An Interview With A Perkins Part Deux – sSpigot and vFangtooth; The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 44: Back to Reality; Epic Gaming Night Episode 162: Up & Down Time; The D6 Generation Episode 239: Raef's Round Table & Announcement; The D6 Generation Pip 1: WH40K 280+ power point game thoughts; Chance of Gaming Episode 110; Meeples & Miniatures Episode 250: Q&A Extravaganza!; Playin’ and Slayin’ Episode 18: Origins and Lords of Waterdeep; The Offline Gamer Episode 31: Board Game Bash!; The Cardboard Herald Episode 86: Jamey Stegmaier - Friendship is Magical in My Little Scythe; The Secret Cabal Express 39: Age of Sigmar Second Edition Discussion and First Impressions; and Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 147: Origins 2018, Age of Sigmar Soul Wars, Lorenzo Expansion.

Monday has come and gone. Tuesday is here for a while longer. The Work Week does its thing as we make our way back to the weekend, where I'll be celebrating Free RPG Day by playing RPGs and streaming it for everyone to point and laugh at. :P
But before I get to my streaming, it's time to listen in on some gaming podcasts.

This week on the dial we've got: Guilds of the North Episode 6: East National Championship; Man Battlestations Podcast Episode 31; Exploding Dice Radio Episode 10; 40K Radio Episode 29; Breathing Flames Episode 3: Bias-Hazard; News of the North - 2018-06-12; Epic Gaming Night Episode 157: board game popularity; Drive Thru FM Episode 15: Boardgame Community (NSFW); Blight and Boon Episode 9: Grimshalla and Galana Mashup; Cardboard Herald Episode 83: Scott Almes is Rescued From Neverland; The Secret Cabal Episode 160: Big Trouble in Little China, Watson and Holmes and Our Favorite Gaming Memories; The Offline Gamer Episode 30: UKGE 2018!; Chance of Gaming Episode 108; and The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 43: The Great UK Game Expo Caper 2018.

Monday's gone. Tuesday is upon us. The work week will hopefully go by quickly, as it's a 3-day weekend coming up. Of course, I'm excited about any weekend, but a 3-day is just that much better. To help speed things along, I'm gonna be going with some gaming podcasts while I work on proofing rulebooks and writing some product sheets.

This week on the dial we've got: After Dragons Episode 01: Origin Stories and Such; Blue Peg, Pink Peg Episode 123: Trajan; Nerdherders Episode 26 (116): Teras and the Fantastic Fiction Faves; The Secret Cabal Episode 159: Lords of Hellas, Clank! and A Short Topic Extravaganza; The Cardboard Herald Episode 80: Sean Epperson of Thing 12 Games & Seals of Cthulhu; Blight and Boon Episode 8: Champion Power Rankings; Singled Out Episode 68: Vengeance 2018 Live Report; Epic Gaming Night Episode 155: The Epic Gaming Bracket!; Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 144: Crystal Clans, Rising 5, Raiders of the North Sea, Prowler’s Passage; The Rolistes Episode 28 (Part 1): Globe-Trotting, Roleplaying & Coffee Roasting with François (with also a Lone Wolf Manly Baby Shower); and News of the North - 2018-05-22.

Monday is gone and we're firmly entrenched in Tuesday. The work week continues along as we make our way back to the glory of the weekend. If you're like me, you fill up as much of your day with gaming as you can. To help with that, as we do every week, we've collected together the podcasts and present them here for you now.

On the dial today: Geeks of the North Episode 44: Adepticon 2018; Guild Ball Tonight Episode 81: You're Not Wrong; The Secret Cabal Express 37: Having and Managing a Game Collection; Dungeon Masters Ludus 04: Just Starting Out As A Game Master; Chance of Gaming Episode 105; Singled Out Episode 66: Talking Season 3 Butchers With Greg Day; Blight and Boon Episode 7: Rangosh and Lorsain Double Team; Meeples & Miniatures Episode 246: Burrows & Badgers; The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 40: Vadoran Gardens, Rise to Nobility and Dungeons and Dragons; Nerdherders Episode 25 (115): It All Adds Up to Adepticon!; Epic Gaming Night Podcast Episode 153: Marvel Madness!; The Offline Gamer Podcast Episode 28: We're Back!; Blue Peg, Pink Peg Episode 121: Heroes of Land, Air & Sea; The Cardboard Herald Episode 77: Samuel Bailey, co-designer of Forbidden Stars & Designer of the recently cancelled Deep; SAGA THORSDAY Episode 87 – Skraelings and Milites Christi Battleboard and Tactics Pt 2; and News of the North - 2018-05-01.

Don't touch that dial, gamer fans. It's time to turn it up for some great gaming podcasts. As we've got for you every Tuesday, we've collected them together and present them here for you now.

This week we've got: Blight and Boon Episode 6: Mournblade and Titus Focus; Epic Gaming Night Episode 152: Top 10 Cooperative games!; Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 142: Council of 4, Shards of Infinity, Space Base; The Cardboard Herald Episode 76: Nate Zabel of Damage Buff Wants to Develop Your Games!; The Secret Cabal Episode 157: Civilization A New Dawn, Onward to Venus, Anachrony and Immersion in Board Games; SAGA THORSDAY Episode 86: Age of Crusades and Milites Christi Battleboard and Tactics Pt 1; The D6 Generation Episode 235: Screen Writing Inspiration & Tavern of Heroes; and The Rolistes Episode 27: Kat P. the fellow Kaiserschmarrn Lovin’ RPG Fan (also we checked Black Panther).

Welcome back to Tuesday. We've got the work-week off and running, so let's hit our full stride and keep things going until we get back to the weekend. To help out, we've got our regular batch of podcasts for you to listen to, you know, instead of Nina in corporate accounts (payable).

This week we have: Chance of Gaming Episode 104; Blight and Boon Episode 5: Champion Background and Backstory; Singled Out Episode 65: Talking Exiles With Jamie Perkins; Epic Gaming Night Podcast Episode 151: Crystal Clans with Colby Dauch; Meeples & Miniatures Episode 245: Stand To Games; Guild Ball Tonight Episode 80: Hey Phil; Playin’ and Slayin’ Episode 15: Game Movies and Gaslands; Lords of the Dungeon Episode 14: End of the World Followup, GMs Playing Characters and Great Villains in RPGs; Cardboard Herald Episode 75: Carla Kopp of Weird Giraffe Games ROUND 2!; SAGA THORSDAY Episode 85: Battle Report – Scots vs Anglo-Danes; and News of the North - 2018-04-17.