New Napoleonic French Imperial Guard Head of Column Available From Warlord Games

I love a parade. I mean, I was in Marching Band for many years, and so I’ve participated in quite a few. The pomp. The pageantry. The colorful uniforms. Granted, it’s not just a parade when it’s during a campaign. Those long lines of troops aren’t just showing off. They’re headed to the battlefield. At the head of the column is usually a band and certainly drummers, letting people know that the military is on the move. Warlord Games has a new Napoleonic French Imperial Guard Head of Column set available to order, to give your Black Powder games a bit more ceremony.
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New Napoleonic Army Starter Bundles Available From Warlord Games

If you’re a big fan of historical miniatures gaming, one of the biggest settings is the era of the Napoleonic Wars in Europe. The Little Emperor (who was of average height, actually) wanted it all, and he damn-near got it. You can reply out those battles and see if you can do better than he did, or take on the role of the other side of those conflicts and keep the French out of anywhere but France. And helping you get involved in Warlord Games, with several Black Powder army bundle deals.
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New Prussian and Polish Releases Available For Black Powder

Warlord Games is expanding their Black Powder range. This time around, it’s the Polish and Prussians getting new units. I guess it’s the “P” month for new releases. Anyway, if you’re looking to bulk up your forces with some new line units, or a new set of cavalry modelsContaining enough models to make a complete Brigade, the Prussian Landwehr make up the backbone of this durable army.

This Brigade force contains:

78 Prussian Landwehr Infantry (3 Regiments) 1813-1815
2 Prussian Landwehr Mounted Officers 1789-1815

, now is definitely your chance to do so.
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Warlord Games Taking Pre-orders For A Clash of Eagles Expansion Book For Black Powder

Napoleon had basically conquered all of Europe. Then he decided he’d go an invade Russia. History tells us how well that worked out for him. But you never know. Maybe you could’ve done better if you’d been in charge. That’s what you’ll get to try out with A Clash of Eagles, a new sourcebook coming for Black Powder from Warlord Games. Pre-orders are being taken now. And, as is usual with Warlord Games, you can get an exclusive figure from them when you order.
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New Napoleonic Releases Available From Warlord Games

One thing with miniatures is that you can change just a couple things on a figure and get a whole new miniature out of it. This economy of sculpts lets a company put out a large number of figures in a relatively short amount of time. By changing the type of weapon on a gun carriage, for example, you can get several different types of artillery piece. Or, if you change who’s at the head of a mule train, you get a different-looking diorama piece. Well, with the new sets of figures from Warlord Games for Black Powder.
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New Black Powder Releases Available From Warlord Games

Warlord Games is letting you British players bulk up your forces a bit with a trio of new releases for Black Powder. There’s a new Highland Regiment, a British Household Brigade, and a British Union Brigade. Because who likes having to wear pants or walk to battle?
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Warlord Games Previews New British Cavalry and Regiment for Black Powder

For a long time, the British had some of the best fighting forces on the planet. Their various units of cavalry and regiments led them to conquest all over. Warlord Games is letting you bring some of that to your tabletop with some new cavalry units as well as an infantry regiment for Black Powder. They’ve posted up a preview of what you can expect coming out next month.
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New Marlborough’s Wars Units Available From Warlord Games

The War of Spanish Succession was much more than just a small scuffle on the Iberian Peninsula. People all over the world found themselves fighting over the next person to sit on the Spanish throne. Now you can recreate those battles with a bunch of new Malborough’s Wars units that are available from Warlord Games.
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Warlord Games Taking Pre-Orders For Marlborough’s Wars 1701-1715 Starter Army

Warlord Games has quite a lot they’re working on over in their shop. Those that are looking to expand their Black Powder collections will want to take a look at this particular thing. The War of Spanish Succession was a lot more than just a couple Iberians getting into a scuffle about who should sit on the Spanish Throne. It was one of the first true global conflicts and would set much of the political stage for the rest of the century. Now, you can get yourself some figures for it, as Warlord Games is taking pre-orders.
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Warlord Games Previews Napoleonic British Cavalry

Throughout much of military history, men on horseback have been some of the most formidable forces in warfare. Their fast, powerful charges into enemy lines could be the deciding factor in a battle. Later this year, Warlord Games will be coming out with some new British Cavalry models for Black Powder and they’ve got just a teaser preview up for them.
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Waterloo Starter Bundle Deal From Warlord Games

Along with all the other deals that Warlord Games currently has going on, they’ve got another one for you to check out. This time, they’ve got a special Black Powder offer to help you recreate one of the most famous battles in history.
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New Christmas Specials From Warlord Games

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are long gone, but that doesn’t mean that all the sales are done for until the After Christmas ones being. No, there’s still deals to be had, especially from Warlord Games.
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New Buffalo Hump and His-oo-san-chees For Black Powder

The Comanche had one of the most powerful Native American empires in the 1800s. One of the Chiefs in charge of it was Po-cha-na-quar-hip, also known as “Buffalo Hump.” He helped lead bands during the Great Raid of 1840, where numerous Comanche groups took part in retaliatory raids of white settlements due to the massacre of other Comanche Chiefs during a meeting in San Antonio.
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Two Black Powder Supplements Now Available in PDF

Technology is ever-advancing. These days you can keep a whole library’s worth of books right in your pocket. Digital books are easier to carry, and can be easier to sift through to find exactly what you need. Warlord Games is adding to your available digital library now with two supplements for Black Powder, Zulu and Blood on the Nile, available in .pdf format.
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Pre-Painted Bolt Action and Black Powder Sets Available From Warlord Games

Not everyone has time to paint their minis. As such, they like the idea of getting them either painted after they get them, or just buy models that have already been painted. Well, Warlord Games has been kicking around the idea of selling pre-painted minis for a while. They got the first batches of samples in for both Bolt Action and Black Powder. They’ve given their notes on how the models look, and now they’re available to you.
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New Starter Set Available To Order And Rules Supplement in PDF For Black Powder

Warlord Games has a pair of news stories pertaining to Black Powder, their miniatures war game set in the 16th and 17th centuries. The first is that Rebellion!, their American Revolution supplement, is now available in .pdf form. The other is that they are taking pre-orders for a new starter set based on the battle of Waterloo.
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New Special Deals Available From Warlord Games

We’re working our way through convention season. Last weekend was KingdomCon. The week before that was PAX East. Next week is CMON Expo. If you’re out going to shows, you might have less funds than usual for gaming. Well, the folks at Warlord Games still want you to be able to get the figures you want, so they’ve got various different deals going on right now over in their webshop.
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New British Infantry 1877-1885 For Black Powder

Warlord Games’ team-up with Perry Miniatures brings you even more figures for you historical wargame fans. This time around it’s British Infantry styled on the uniforms used by those stationed in Afghanistan and Sudan from 1877 to 1885. They’re suitable for use if you’re playing games set during the Second Afghan War, Sudan, and the Third Algo-Burmese War.
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Warlord Games Running Special Deals for Their Games

Everyone likes to get more for their money. Whether it’s because you don’t have a lot and want to keep what you can, or you have a lot but want a whole lot more, we all love to save a few bucks if we can. Well, Warlord Games is here to help out. They’ve got a special deal for an Armored Patrol for Bolt Action as well as a sale on starter armies for some of their game systems.
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Napoleonic French Hussars Available To Order From Warlord Games

The old saying goes that, “Clothes make the man.”
And before anyone really thought, “you know… maybe we shouldn’t have our soldiers stick out like sore thumbs to get shot down,” many army units were known specifically for their flashy uniforms. One such were the French Hussars, which you can now get from Warlord Games.
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Glory, Hallelujah Available To Pre-Order From Warlord Games

Living in Atlanta, there’s plenty of opportunity to learn about the events of the Civil War (just don’t talk about that Sure-Man guy. That’ll get you beat up). It was certainly a very tumultuous time in this country’s history (a “no, duh” statement, I know). Now, Warlord Games is bringing that to your tabletop with Glory, Hallelujah, a new supplement for Black Powder that they’re taking pre-orders for now.
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Plastic Napoleonic Hussars Available for Pre-Order From Warlord Games

For full effect of this news post, feel free to put on the 1812 Overture.
Yes, for all my fellow Americans out there, the 1812 Overture has nothing to do with “our” War of 1812. It’s about the French and Russians. The French, specifically, are the object of this post, with new plastic Hussars available to pre-order from Warlord Games.
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New Napoleonic French Lancers Available From Warlord Games

Get on your bikes and ride!
Err… get on your horses and ride!
In their day, cavalrymen armed with lances were some of the most formidable soldiers out on the battlefield. They were fast, deadly, and could turn the tide of an entire battle with one of their charges. And now you can add some to your Black Powder French forces.
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New Releases For Black Powder Line From Warlord Games

While Bolt Action might encompass a very specific set of years, Warlord Games’ Black Powder line spans quite a number of years, as well as numerous conflicts that took place all across the globe during said time periods. There are a couple new releases for the line that are separated by as much as 60 years.
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Pre-Orders for American War of Independence Hessian and British Available From Warlord Games

I’m a Hessian without no aggression.
Warlord Games recently started taking pre-orders for their Colonial troops for their new American War of Independence sets. Well, you can’t really have colonial troops without some redcoats to fight against them. So that’s what they’re taking pre-orders for now. One might even say that the British are coming.
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New American War Of Independence Plastic Sets From Warlord Games

Warlord Games has expanded their stock of plastic sets for the American War of Independence line. So if you’re looking to add some backbone to your colonial forces, that’s certainly a possibility now. There’s three different groups of troopers, as well as different sets you can get them in.
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Warlord Games Taking Pre-orders For New American Revolution Miniatures Sets

Warlord Games might be breaking into the sci-fi miniatures business with Beyond the Gates of Antares and Terminator: Genisys, but they’re still mostly known for their historical miniatures, and for good reason. They’ve got quite an extensive catalog of figures and they’re constantly adding to it. For example, they’ve got a whole bunch of new sets for the American Revolution era that they’re taking pre-orders for now.
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Napoleonic Era Units Added to Warlord Games’ Build An Army Deal

The “Build An Army” deal for Bolt Action has gone over very well. People are using the website to make a force using the drop-down menus, then getting themselves a free tank with the deal. Well, Warlord Games is expanding the deal to their other game systems. First up is Black Powder.
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Summer Starter Sale Happening at Warlord Games

Warlord Games is giving you an opportunity to get into one of their game systems with their Summer Sizzling Starter Sale (holy alliteration, Batman!). Pick up the rulebook for one of their various systems and you can get a plastic box set from that system for free.
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New Napoleonic Prussian High Command and Jagers from Warlord Games

Told you it wouldn’t be long before Warlord Games came back with another Napoleonic release. We once more go back to the fields of Waterloo where we have some new Prussians, arriving back just in time to save Wellington’s butt after the French had initially sent them into retreat. There’s a new High Command set as well as some new Jagers (no word on if they’re carrying any bombs).
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Napoleonic Bundles Galore from Warlord Games

Waterloo. It was 200 years ago. One of the battles that set the course of history after it. I’d like to think you’ve heard about it by now if you’ve been paying attention to the site at all, since… yeah, we’ve had a lot of companies doing things in honor of the anniversary (and rightly so!). Warlord Games had announced some bundles and deals earlier, but now they’ve gone all-out with even more sets and bundles so you can re-create your own reenactment of the events of 200 years ago.
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Napoleonic Deals Going on at Warlord Games

This month is the 200th anniversary of the battle of Waterloo, arguably one of the most well-known battles in Western Civilization. Napoleon met his epic defeat that effectively ended his rule of the French empire (except for the Hundred Days a little later on). In recognition of this historic event, Warlord Games is having a couple sales that any Napoleonic fan would be interested in.
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New French Old Guard Grenadiers for Black Powder from Warlord Games

While, thanks to The Simpsons, the current joke is that the French are a bunch of “cheese-eating surrender monkeys,” the truth is that for much of their history, the French army was one of the most-feared fighting forces in Europe. And some of the most-feared were the Grenadiers of the Old Guard. Warlord Games brings these soldiers back to the battlefield with the release of their new Grenadiers of the Old Guard box set for Black Powder.
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Pre-Orders for French Chasseurs a Cheval Light Cavalry now from Warlord Games

Cavalry has always been an important part of an army. Napoleon certainly knew that, and so he made heavy use of the Chasseurs a Cheval (or mounted hunters, if you will) to scout and raid the enemy. In the days before satellites and even aircraft, you simply had to go and look for the enemy to see where they were at. And having a group of well-trained riders on very fast and light hordes was the best way to get that done. You can now bring these figures to your tabletop to aid in your much smaller battles, as Warlord Games has started taking pre-orders for the plastic Chasseurs a Cheval box set.
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New British Royal Artillery at Waterloo For Black Powder from Warlord Games

Warlord Games gives your British soldiers some punch at Waterloo with a trio of artillery pieces. They’ve got a 6lb cannon, a 9lb cannon, and a 5.5 inch howitzer with which to blast holes in the enemy ranks. Send Napoleon reeling with these formidable guns and crew.

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