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Black Cats Gaming

Players often will hang on to rules systems the like and not be too thrilled about having to learn a new one for a game. Saying, "it's a rules sysem you already know" is a good way to get someone to join your game. So, if you have friends that know and love the 5th Edition rules, but you want to play something with more espionage, The Spy Game is just right for you. The new setting and campaign guide is up on Kickstarter now.

Gamers can sometimes be uninterested in learning a whole new rules set, and can be set in their ways. But what if you want to play in a different setting? Thankfully, many rules can be adapted, especially RPG rules. As such, if you want to play an ultra-modern espionage and action RPG, you can still do that while using the 5th Edition rules many of you already know. That's because Black Cats Gaming is releasing The Spy Game. The full game is coming to Kickstarter soon, but you can snag a copy of the Quick Start rules now.