Battlefront Announces Tiger I Tanks Marsch Edition

The German Tiger Tank was one of the most feared pieces of war on the battlefields of Europe during WWII. It was no small feat to actually defeat one in combat. Many allied tankers would just do their best to avoid conflicts with one. Well, Battlefront is letting you field groups of them in your Flames of War armies, and they’ve also made very limited numbers of Marsch Edition boxes with extra content.
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Battlefront Features the M109 Field Battery For Team Yankee

It’s WWIII and it’s time to bring out the big guns, literally. The British are hitting the field with their M109 Field Battery. If you want some artillery support, you can’t get much bigger than these 155mm behemoths.
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Battlefront Features Chieftain Armoured Troop For Team Yankee

During WWII, the Allies weren’t known for their huge tanks. No, the Germans, with their Tiger and Tiger II are what’s remembered as the big tanks around. Well, in WWIII, that’s no longer the case. The idea of taking lots of fast, light tanks has given way to a new form of thinking. That brings us to the Chieftain, which has the thickest armor and biggest gun in all of NATO’s forces. Take a look at it for Team Yankee in this article from Battlefront.
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Battlefront Shows Off Harrier Close Air Support Flight For Team Yankee

In the conflicts of present day and the near future, having close air support for your ground troops is vital. Aircraft can provide a high vantage point to the battlefield and get fields of fire that no ground troop would be able to manage. Then there’s the maneuverability factor. In Team Yankee, your British troops can be supported by a set of Harrier Close Air Support fighters.
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Monday Terrain Corner

The days have circled around again and we find ourselves deposited in a Monday. I hope you had a good weekend. I spent Saturday playing Small World and Ascension with some friends. Then on Sunday I assembled a bunch of another friend’s Guild Ball models, because I enjoy assembling figures and he’s been super-busy lately.
But that’s as may be. It’s time to make sure your gaming tables look as good as possible.

Today in our Terrain Corner we have: Battlefield in a Box: Automobile Garages (BB211), Exotic Locations Pulp Terrain up On Indiegogo, Manorhouse Workshop Update #7 – Hard Plastic -Forgotten Halls: Stairs & Upper Floors, Early Bird Sale from Miniature Building Authority Happening Now, Heroic Maps – Discover: Valley of the Ancients Now Available, Great Again Gaming Mat Available From Warzone40k, Deep-Cut Studio launches 9 new game mats for Fantasy Football, Manorhouse Workshop Update #8 – Hard Plastic – Forgotten Halls – A scale, and Warland: Pwork Wargames Fantasy Gaming Mat Now Available.

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British Mechanized Platoon For Team Yankee Now Available

The British got themselves their Mobile SAM Launcher the other day, but SAM launchers aren’t really going to be able to take and hold ground. I mean, I guess they could, but it wouldn’t be very effective. No, for something like that, you’ll want to get the British Mechanized Platoon for your Team Yankee army.
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Battlefront Releases Tracked Rapier SAM Section For Team Yankee

The British Tracked Rapier SAM Section also goes by a bit more rocking name: Iron Maiden. Though while the band flies airplanes (or, at least, their lead singer does), the Iron Maiden of the British forces in Team Yankee is designed to ground airplanes, permanently. The missiles the Iron Maiden fires aren’t traditional “homing” missiles. Instead, an operator uses a headset to guide the missiles to their targets.
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Iron Maiden Weekend At Team Yankee

The British are coming!
The British are coming!
Sorry, it was that or a bit about watching Peter over at Gale Force Nine headbang to Iron Maiden, Slayer, Pantera, and Sepultura all weekend… which would be cool to see.
Anyway, no. This is about Team Yankee, where the British will be making their entrance with the Iron Maiden book, available this weekend.
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Team Yankee Leopard Launch Weekend Starts Tomorrow

“Why’s there a gun in your trousers?”
“For protection.”
“Protection from what? Ze Germans?”
Actually, Turkish, Ze Germans are coming. Tomorrow, in fact. And Battlefront is welcoming them with pomp and fanfare. Leopard, the new set for Team Yankee, releases tomorrow, you see.
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Battlefront Previews The Leopard For Team Yankee

“Protection? Protection from what? Ze Germans?”
It might actually not be a bad idea to protect yourself against Ze Germans (specifically in this case the West Germans), as they’ll be making their way to Team Yankee in a couple months. Battlefront has posted up a preview of what you can expect in their book, Leopard.
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Gale Force Nine Announces Tanks WWII Skirmish Game

What is it about tanks that is just so damn appealing? Let’s face it, a lot of us get weak in the knees over those multi-ton behemoths of the battlefield. Originally created to break the siege-like nature of the Western Front in WWI, they really came into their own during WWII. Dozens of types were created by the warring nations, each with upsides and downsides. Some were heavily armed and armored, but had the top speed of a brisk walk. Others were quick and maneuverable, but could be taken out by any upsized gun on the battlefield. Well, now Gale Force Nine is letting you find out which are best on the battlefield against one-another with Tanks.
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Team Yankee Launch Event Happening This Weekend

WWIII is upon us! Or, it will be tomorrow, anyway… and only on our tabletops (hopefully, anyway!). Battlefront is launching Team Yankee and they’re starting off with a bang. If you’re in New Zealand, you can stop by and see all the things that are going on first-hand. If you’re not in New Zealand, as I’m sure most of you are, such as myself, you can still be there in spirit by checking out everything that’s going to be going on over on the Team Yankee website.
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203mm obr 1931 Howitzer released for Flames Of War

The Russian military isn’t necessarily known for subtlety. The phrase “bigger is better” certainly seems to be alive and well in their strategist’s minds. From gargantuan tanks to massive airplanes to huge artillery pieces. Even the equipment used for fighting among the buildings and along the streets of a city are bigger. Such is the case with the 203mm obr 1931 Howitzer, now available for Flames of War.
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Battlefront releases plastic Cromwell Armoured Platoon for Flames of War

You’re welcome.
Sorry, it’s a Monday morning and sometimes the horrific jokes are just what happens. For those that want some more armor in your British forces in Flames of War, Battlefront has a new Cromwell Armoured Platoon that you can pick up.
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New Plastic Strelkovy Company from Battlefront

It’s generally not a good idea to poke the sleeping bear that is Russia. Historically, very few forces were able to conquer this large territory. It’s usually a combination of a harsh winter and the fact that they have quite a large population that they can throw at an enemy that does it. Now Battlefront lets you bring that population to the battlefields of Flames of War with their plastic Strelkovy box.
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Battlefront’s ‘Battle of An-Nakhl’ Arab-Israeli Wars Sale Going On Now

June 1967 was a good month for Israel’s military. In the course of just six days, they defeated their enemies. A major battle during the conflict was fought at the old Turkish fort of An-Nakhl. Battlefront has a new Desert Fort kit coming out and figured people might want to recreate the battle of An-Nakhl on their tabletop. So they’re having themselves a bit of a sale on Fate of a Nation figures for a couple weeks.
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Battlefront Releases Local Resistance for Flames Of War Vietnam

One of the things that made Vietnam such a difficult conflict was that just about anyone could be working for either side. Unlike previous wars, there was no real set “front.” It wasn’t so much that you could easily point at a spot on the map and go, “the enemy’s here, but they’re not over here.” There are many factors that led to this. Many local peoples were working for either the Communist or Imperialist forces, and it was nearly impossible to tell who was who. Now, that confusion can come to your tabletop with Battlefront’s new Local Resistance box for Flames of War Vietnam.
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Colours Of War paint sets out now from Battlefront

Getting just the right colors for your models is a big part of making them look great. Sometimes that can be rather difficult. This green just isn’t green enough, or that shade of brown isn’t really what you were looking for. This can be doubly-difficult when dealing with historical miniatures. Having the exactly-right shade for your tanks and uniforms is of utmost priority. Well, Battlefront is here to help you paint your Flames of War minis with their new Colours of War paint sets.
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Battlefront releases Local Forces Anti-Air Company for Flames Of War Vietnam

Battlefront helps protect your soldiers from overhead attack with the release of their Local Forces Anti-Air Company for Flames of War Vietnam. Used to great effect against enemy helicopters, these Type 54 12.7mm anti-aircraft guns would be placed in a triangle, and when the enemy would be near the center, they would open fire, catching their foes in a killer cross-fire. They could then be taken apart quickly and moved before enemy counter-fire could pin them down.
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Dust Operation Babylon Wave 2 Shipping Soon

As promised last week, Dust Studio has given us an update about the situation with Battlefront and the shipping of the Wave 2 models from their Operation Babylon Kickstarter. Good news, everybody! It looks like people will be getting their alternate-history figures after all (more than likely). Apparently payments and shipping instructions are being exchanged and shipping should begin within a week of that exchange being made. You can read the letter from Dust Studio below the cut.
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Battlefront and Dust Studios are Partners No More

Paolo Parente has posted an update about the Wave 2 shipping of items from the Operation Babylon Kickstarter campaign. Spoiler alert: The news isn’t very good. The relationship between Dust Studios and Battlefront is officially ended. Dust Studios is asking backers of the Kickstarter campaign to call their credit card company and ask for a refund. They will also have a further update about the project and shipping out product that has been produced next week on the 17th. You can check out the full letter from Mr. Parente below the cut.
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TGN Sunday Snippets

It’s Sunday. Hopefully you had an epic Saturday of gaming. For those that went to Salute, I hope it was a blast. I’m really jealous of those that were able to go. It’s a show I’d love to make it to at some point in time.

My Saturday was full of building the Eisenkern APC from DreamForge-Games. Expect the review of that kit later this week. Sneak Preview: There are 12 trooper minis inside the model. Each model is made up of about 11 pieces. So that’s well over 100 parts just for models inside the tank.

Anyway, on to our regular Sunday piece of collecting the bite-sized stories we’ve come across over the past couple days and presenting them to you now.

In this batch we’ve got: Entire 28mm Fantasy Dwarf range now released at Alternative Armies, Zen Bins Dice Masters Cases on Kickstarter, More Installments of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, CROM: Conan Rise of Monsters Circle of Iron tease, Kromlech New Release – Legionaries Spike Hammers and Biker Legs, Battlefront releases Twin 8.8cm FlaK37 Railway Car, Sally 4th Free textures & furniture for Terra Blocks, New Dwarf Beer Maiden from Kabuki Models, Dark Art Studios Spring Releases posted, and Terrible Kid Stuff – New release – The Child Thief.

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Battlefront releases plastic British Comet Platoon

Battlefront has released their plastic British Comet Platoon for Flames of War. Note: They’re not actual comets. They’re tanks. If they were real comets, that’d change Flames of War from a Historical game to a Sci-Fi one. Though, perhaps some day in the far future, we will use actual comets during warfare, so it could be Historical then. But I’ve gotten way off-topic here.
Anyway, their new plastic British Comet Tank Platoon is now available.

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Battlefront Releases SAS Jeeps (Europe) for Flames of War

Battlfront expands their SAS line for Flames of War with the release of their Jeeps kits. If you need to get somewhere fast, like scouting out the enemy location, or perform a flanking maneuver, there’s not much better. Capable of quick hit-and-fade strikes, they’re a good addition to your invasion force.

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Flames of War State of the Union

Battlefront might be busy dealing with Dust Studios right now, but they’ve not forgotten about the game that got them to where they are: Flames of War. They’ve posted up a look at what they have coming up for the game. Expect to head to Germany’s borders and then further on to Berlin. There’ll be fights on the Mekong river in Tour of Duty. There’ll be a trip back again to WWI. Then we rocket back forward again to conflicts between NATO and the Warsaw Pact in Fulda Gap. Finally, the year will end in the Pacific with conflicts between the Japanese and Americans.

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Operation Babylon, Battlefront replies (redux)

Battlefront has posted an updated addressing Dust Studio CEO William Yau’s statement on the Operation Babylon Kickstarter.

It was very disappointing to hear, via a recent Facebook message from Dust Studio CEO William Yau, that mediation has been rejected out of hand. To clarify, we have never had any independent third-party mediator try to help us resolve this dispute. The three times we have offered it has been rejected outright. As English is not the first language of several people involved, it’s understandable that the terminology has been a little blurred. But, while there have been attempts at negotiation, nothing resembling external mediation that has taken place.

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Dust Tactics Operation Babylon saga continues

Regular readers may be aware of the continuing saga around the Dust Tactics Operation Babylon Kickstarter – (you can catch up here).  What little glimmer of hope there was of resolving the matter amicably appears to have evaporated with this recent post by Dust Studio claiming legal action has commenced.

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A reply from Dust Studio About Project Babylon

Dust Studio and Battlefront are having issues with the release of Project Babylon, the next expansion for the popular alternate-history Dust game. We’ve recently heard from Battlefront, and have been in contact with Dust Studio. Here’s the latest reply, straight from Mr. Paolo Parente.

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A word from Battlefront about the situation with Dust Studio

The situation between Dust Studio and Battlefront continues on. TGN reached out to both sides for comment last week, but due to legal reasons, neither were able to say more at the time.
We just received a comment from Battlefront via James Brown, their web administrator.
He lays out a bit more about what was going on behind-the-scenes as to what Battlefront has paid for and what production is moving forward in terms of Operation Babylon.

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Dust Studio and Battlefront in public spat over Kickstarter (UPDATED)

Is Battlefront refusing to pay for the remaining Kickstarter rewards for Operation Babylon?

Dust Tactics is a Weird War II game set in an alternative super science version of World War II, created by Dust Studio – of which Paolo Parente is one of the principals.

In 2013, Fantasy Flight Games dropped publishing and distribution of Dust Tactics, and Battlefront (of Flames of War fame) took over.  Battlefront, in cooperation with Dust Studios then launched a Kickstarter in 2014 for a new expansion, entitled Operation Babylon, which ended up raising close to $470,000.  It now seems the future of the project is in doubt.

Update: Paolo is asking for Kickstarter backers to send him their Kickstarter invoice. Details below.

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Battlefront Features the M50 (155mm) Gun for Fate of a Nation

Battlefront continues their “all artillery, all the time” previews for Fate of a Nation with a look at the M50 155mm gun. It certainly can’t be said that you don’t have options in your methods of bombardment in that game.
I’ve got basically no knowledge of the conflict the game surrounds, but it seems there were lots of artillery pieces present.
Napoleon would’ve loved it.


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Battlefront Features Artillery HQ and Crew for Fate of a Nation

Battlefront doesn’t want you to have to leave your artillery pieces without crew and looking like there’s no leadership. So they’re showing off their Artillery HQ and Crew for Fate of a Nation. While most of the artillery was surplus from WWII, it doesn’t mean it was any less effective on the battlefield.


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