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For their big events throughout the year, the folks at Battlefront like to create special objectives for the players to go after during their games. In this article, they show off the ones that'll be gracing tables in 2019. Have yourselves a look, as well as a schedule of where you can pick them up.

Battlefront is heading back to WWI (a personal area of interest for me from my history grad student days) with Great War. The new version will be hitting store shelves in March, but they've gone ahead and opened up their webshop for pre-orders. Be the first gamer on your block with these kits when they're available.

The latest sets of releases for Flames of War are now available over in their webshop. Continuing with their Ghost Panzer sets, there's a bunch of German armor that you can fill your side of the field with, as you take on the Russians in the Eastern Front of the war.

Friiiiiiiiiiiiidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Woo! *runs around with arms over my head*

With what has been a rather busy week, I'm ready for the weekend. I've got D&D tomorrow and then just chill stuff on Sunday. Might make gumbo. We shall see. But, in the meantime, let's fill up on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: New Spare Wheels Available From Puppets War, Dice Coins 2019 Up On Kickstarter, and New Tourney and Event Calendar Website From Battlefront.

The one thing the Russians never lacked in WWII was manpower. With such a vast country to draw from, they could fill out their ranks with men more easily than the could even with weapons, sometimes sending troops into battle saying, "when that guy dies, you get his gun." So, with this in mind, Battlefront is flooding the battlefield with new Russian troopers for your Flames of War games.

Battlefront's Late War Sale is happening now for Flames of War. If you're wanting to get in on all the figure sets they've currently got available for a cheaper price than usual, now's your chance to jump in.

I know, that sounds like a weird headline. Battlefront is bringing helicopters into their popular tabletop miniatures game, Tanks. Hence, "Battlefront Brings Helicopters to Tanks." Take to the skies with these tanks of the air, and rain death down upon your enemies with this new expansion.

The Eastern Front during WWII was home to some incredibly fierce fighting as the Russians and Germans each looked for weaknesses in the enemy lines. It also saw the use of some of the most powerful weapons of the war, and you can bring those to your tabletops now with the newest Flames of War releases from Battlefront.

Battlefront will be focusing Flames of War this year on the late-war period in WWII. They have a whole timeline set up for getting you the action of the beginning of the end stages for the conflict. They've got a whole host of new releases planned, but they already have some Late War stuff that you can pick up to supplement their later releases. And they've announced that, in a couple days, they'll be starting up a sale so you can pick up those figures cheaper than usual.

World War II went through many distinct phases over the course of the conflict. Equipment and tactics that were used at the start of the war were often radically altered by just a couple years later. As such, it can almost seem like several, smaller, different wars that just happened to follow one after the other. This year, Battlefront will be focusing on the Late War period in Flames of War, and they've put up a timeline of what you can expect.

The year's almost at an end. And while we should reflect on the year that was, we should also look forward to what's coming up next. Battlefront gives us a peek into what they've got in store for Flames of War, Team Yankee, and Tanks with a little teaser video they've put together. Have yourself a look-see.

The Germans had quite an arsenal of tanks and other armored vehicles during WWII. Battlefront is featuring them with their Ghost Panzer releases for Flames of War. Four new kits are available for purchase now.

Just about back to normal, everyone. Well, at least, as "normal" as we get around here. One thing that's nice is that the weekend is almost here. And weekends mean gaming. And gaming often means terrain. So, let's get your terrain game upped with some awesome stuff.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Battle Ball Field : A Fantasy Football Arena Up On Kickstarter, Iron Age Farmstead 28mm Miniature Wargaming Terrain Up On Kickstarter, The 2019 Battlefront Premium Terrain Pre-Order is now open, Rampart: Magnetized Modular Terrain for Tabletop Games Up On Kickstarter, War Sands Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame, New Hay Bales Set Available From Tabletop-Art, Heroic Maps - Storeys: The Church of St Pixtus the Martyr Now Available, and Dark Star Station Rubber Battle Mat Available from Loke BattleMats.

We just passed the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI. It was, I consider, the true foundation of the rest of the 20th century. In honor of the end of the war, Battlefront is having a sale for the rest of November on Great War. They are also announcing that they are upgrading the rules to the current format for Battlefront games. Head on over and get your figures now.

The battles over in Russia are fierce. Russians and Germans continuously send new arms and men to the front, looking to regain lost land and push the other forces back. It's savage. It's deadly. It's something you can recreate on the battlefield soon with Red Banner and Ghost Panzers, a new batch of pre-releases available to order for Flames of War. Check out stuff that's coming out for the game all the way into January over on the Battlefront site.

The Germans are heading to the front with a trio of new releases for Flames of War. Scout Vehicles abound, as does a new tank hunter platoon.

Battlefront is filling out some more releases over in their webshop for Flames of War this week. As I have said before, just walking into battle is no fun. Better to go in style in some form of transport. And that's what the Germans are getting this time around, with two different APCs, as well as a new scout vehicle.

Battlefront is adding to their popular TANKS game with models from Team Yankee. In this article, they give us a look at the Wester Germans and how their technology has changed in the interim since WWII.

The folks at Battlefront have been rolling along with their new Team Yankee releases. There's a trio of new kits over in their webshop that you can check out. You need som mobile howitzers? Maybe a huge rocket launcher? What about an APC? They're all available now.

You've been asking and Battlefront has been listening. You've wanted a way to quickly and accurately get the info you're looking for when playing Fate of a Nation and 'Nam. Well, Battlefront has created just such Quick Reference sheets for you and put them up on their website.

Battlefront's loading up the fields of Europe with some new releases for both Team Yankee and Flames of War. Whether you want to fight in WWII or WWIII, there's something new for you. The Russians have some new armored vehicles going to battle against the Germans, while the Polish and Czechoslovakians are fighting against the forces of NATO.

Battlefront's popular Tanks game lets players command rolling behemoths of steel and oil across battlefields, trying to take out their opponent. The original relases focused on WWII, but now, WWIII is going to be rolled into the mix. Battlefront is bringing the Team Yankee gear into Tanks, and you can get a first preview in this article.

No army is going to survive with just basic soldiers alone. They need all kinds of support weaponry to get the job done. Artillery, tank-hunters, mortars, heavy machine gun squads, these are all the new releases coming for Flames of War from Battlefront, continuing their Eastern Front releases.

In this announcement, they're also looking ahead to the holida season, giving you details about their Toys for Tots initiative.

Team Yankee plays a "what if" scenario with World War III. What if The Warsaw Pact and NATO really did go head-to-head across the plains of Europe? If you're wanting to find out for yourself, you'll need an army, and Battlefront has started taking pre-orders for both the Czechoslovakian and Polish forces. Get your name on the list and be the first gamer on your block with these kits when they release.


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