Barking Irons Spotlight On: “Short Fuses at the Bridge” scenario for Flintloque

Barking Irons has posted up a new scenario for Flintloque on their website. Everyone loves new scenarios.

From the article:

Heya Folks,

Alternative Armies’ recently released Centaurs of the Duchy of Coltz unit takes centre stage in Mark Lesny’s Flintloque scenario “Short Fuses at the Bridge”.

The Centaurs, along with their Werewolf allies, are tasked with defending a critical bridge… and they have a cannon. Can Captain Viktor Von Grossedogge and his brave sappers push past them and destroy it? Find out by following the link

More Starport Denizens by Eli Arndt available from

Barking Irons is showing off some new Starport Citizens minis that are available from

From the release:

It’s been a busy two weeks here at First we had the lauch of our sister brand The Ion Age and then we released the first two re-mastered Laserburn vehicles in resin. That kept us on our toes and no mistake. Today we are adding four new great miniatures to the SHM 15mm science fiction page on These four were sculpted by Eli Arndt ( Loud Ninja Games) and painted up by Sam Croes (The Ion Age) . Excellent additions to the Starport Denizens collection that Eli has been adding to for the past couple of years. There are now twenty six different miniatures in this part of the SHM, the majority of them designed by Eli. You can assemble a great collection of bizarre characters to go with any military force in your collection. Once more if it was not for the open policy of and the SHM range you might never have had the chance to get these fine sculpts.

You can get them as singles and also as a value pack.

From left to right SHM62 Varlish Envoy, SHM63 Numuan Orator, SHM64 Burgansian II and SHM65 Tandapash Musician.

15mm Zombie Dawn – Z Deal until 08/07/13 from is having a sale on their 15mm Zombie Dawn minis that they just got back in stock.

From the announcement:

To celebrate the return of USEME Zombie Dawn to our shelf of publications we have a short term offer for you. Purchase this ‘Z Deal’ and we will send you a copy of UM009 and also a pack of HOT21 Zombie Horde along with it for only 6.25GBP.

That is a saving of 30% off list prices!

So you get:

UM009 Zombie Dawn (A6 Booklet) 3.50GBP
HOT21 Zombie Horde (16 Miniatures) 4.00GBP

for only 6.25GBP

New 15mm Executioners Released from has some new 15mm models available over in their webshop. These are hooded Executioners.

From the release:

Fans of the mighty HOT 15mm Fantasy Range we know you have not had the goodness that the science fiction ranges have had over the last year but that is due to change this summer with some new releases into fantasy. We are kicking this off with a Human code, something of a rarity in HOT, a brand new pack of a kind not often seen in this scale: Hooded Executioners. HOT93 contains sixteen miniatures in a mix of three poses and is interesting enough to be included in all kinds of armies as a unit or a vignette. In HOTT they could be a Warband or Lurkers for example. Or set up around a scratch built block, blood dripping, where your captured enemies are given a steel edged dispatch. Have a look!

Grinning Skull Miniatures Launched from has launched a new line of minis they’ve called Grinning Skull Miniatures.

From Barking Irons:

We have been a bit quieter than usual here at for the last few weeks. You might ask why. Well a couple of things firstly the massive response to the free shipping offer which had us running about like mad men for quite a while and secondly… well we have been working on releasing a new range for all you great gamers to get in on. That range is now here and its called Grinning Skull!
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The Burrovian Guard Arrive, new for Flintloque and Slaughterloo

Barking Irons put up a new article featuring the new Slaughterloo and Flintloque units, the Burrovian Guard.

From the update:

We have brand new Flintloque and Slaugtherloo releases this week in the form of the large Rabbitmen of the Burrovian Grenadier Guards, a release requested last year now here in all its white metal glory. Big and tough veteran infantry ready to crush the enemies of the Emperor Mordred.

Now released for Flintloque and Slaughterloo, three new codes for the Rabbitmen of Burrovia – Veteran Grenadier Guards!
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New blister pack bundles available from has a bunch of new blister pack bundle-group-things available over in their webshop.

From the announcement: have just released a huge expansion to their blister packs of their SHM range of miniatures. Each pack contains a spread of miniatures thematically grouped, all priced at only 4.00GBP each.

There are now eighteen different packs available so if you fancy supporting aspiring designers by putting a whole squad down on your gaming table this is the range for you.

Click on the link above to see all of the packs

More Vergans available from expands their sci-fi range with a new set of Vergans over on their website.

From the announcement:

The Vergans, one of’s alien raves created by Eli Arndt, have been expanded from the original popular single miniature SHM20 to a total of five with four new poses under the title of ‘Vergan Free Traders’. Space Opera allies or foes the Vergans are fitting to grace any battlefield of the future.

Suitable for use with USEME, HOF Fire-Team, Laserburn or any other 15mm sci-fi wargame system add them to your forces today! and Alternative Armies sales going on for Salute and Alternative Armies are holding sales for the month in honor of the Salute Games Show.

From the sales sheet on Barking Irons:

Heya Folks!

Alternative Armies and are once again running their annual offer the month of Salute! From now until Friday April 26th 2013 you can get 15% off any online order from either of them placed through thier webstores.

All you need to do is to enter this code as it appears here ‘ 2013salute ‘ into the discount/promo box on the white backgrounded checkout screen (once you have placed all the items you want in your cart and selected your shipping region) and the total on the screen will instantly reduced by 15%. Huzzah!

The discount applies to all products except PDF downloads on their websites.

And, if you are heading to Salute, you can select ‘direct collect at Salute’ from the postage rates table and pay no postage just show up on the day! They will bring your order packed for transit to their stand (TE14) for you to collect.

Barking Irons releases A New Unit for Flintloque and Slaughterloo

Barking Irons brings you the Wyndorc’s 3rd Korsucan Rangers, a new unit for Flintloque and Slaughterloo.

From the release:

Heya Folks!

In the first of a new series of wargame articles we look at a customised section of Flintloque miniatures belonging to Gavin Syme, lead writer for AA and head of the World of Valon,
which he uses in his own games of Flintloque and Slaughterloo. Let’s take a look at Wyndorcs Rangers

Age of Might & Steel Errata Now Online on Barking Irons

Barking Irons has posted up the latest Errata document for Age of Might & Steel. Be sure you’re playing the game correctly!

From the announcement:

Heya Folks!

Today Barking Irons brings you an official errata for’s fantasy mass combat rules, Age of Might and Steel.

AoMaS has hundreds of loyal players around the world and, as with any ruleset, questions often arise asking for clarifications on certain rules. In this article the games creator, Steve Hazuka, and its new owner, Gavin Syme at, answer those questions for you.

New Optional Unit for Slaughterloo – The Albion Base Camp

Barking Irons has a new optional unit for Slaughterloo up on their website: the Albion Base Camp.

From the website:

Heya Folks,

Continuing it’s support of the newly released rulebook, today Barking Irons brings you a new Optional Special Unit for Alternative Armies’ Slaughterloo.
Whilst Elven surgeons piece together their fallen bretheren the Orcs of Albion have a somewhat different approach to getting their injured back onto the battlefield. These rules give Albion players a way to heal their troops in the same vein as the Elf Field Hospital. A seperate and very different unit to the standard Orc Camp Followers they can add an extra dynamic to your games of Slaughterloo.

Interwar Tanks Rules & Counters for Use Me Now Online

Barking Irons has more Use Me content up online. This is for Interwar Tanks, including both rules and counters.

From the article:

Heya Folks,

Today sees the release of the third and last article in the series by Alistair McBeath presenting some cracking counters you can print to represent vehicles in your games.

The third set of counters, Interwar Tanks, contains no less than 6 tanks along with full stats to use them in’s USE ME series of wargames.

The Battle of Murda – Slaughterloo Scenario Now Online from Barking Irons

Barking Irons expands on their Slaughterloo content right away with their new Battle of Murda scenario.

From the announcement:

Heya Folks,

Continuing it’s support of the newly released rulebook Barking Irons, Alternative Armies’ official content portal, brings you a scenario for Slaughterloo.

Written by Gavin Syme, head of the World of Valon and one of the game’s authors, The Battle of Murda sees Orcs and Elves face off against each other in the early days of the Mordredian Wars.

As well as full scenario details it includes three optional rules you can use in your own battles.

Slaughterloo Redux Released by Alternative Armies

Slaughterloo has a Redux version up from Alternative Armies and you can find it on Barking Irons.

From the announcement:

Alternative Armies’ has re-released Slaughterloo in a fantastic new ‘perfect bound’ edition to match it’s current Flintloque 3rd Edition range of rulebooks.

Barking Irons, the official content portal for Alternative Armies, has a new page fully supporting Slaughterloo where you can read an introduction to the game by none other than Gavin Syme, head of the World of Valon and one of the game’s authors, as well as finding links to download the free support files folder which includes the C in C cards, the General cards, a quick reference card, battlefield counters, blank division rosters and more.

Interwar Aircraft Rules & Counters for USE ME Now Online from Barking Irons

Barking Irons has yet another USE ME update available. This one’s for Interwar aircraft.

From the announcement:

Heya Folks,

Yesterday saw the release of the first article in a series by Alistair McBeath presenting some cracking counters you can print to represent vehicles in your games.

The first set, Interwar Aircraft, contains no less than 14 planes along with full rules to use them in’s USE ME series of wargames.

The Trolls of Valon Excerpt – Now on Barking Irons

Barking Irons has posted up their Trolls of Valon excerpt on their website.

From the announcement:

Heya Folks!

Today on Barking Irons you can find an excerpt from The Trolls of Valon, the official booklet for the realm of Skandavia, homelands of the monstrous Trolka and their smaller brothers, the Trolkin.

New Optional USE ME Mechanics Online Now at Barking Irons

Barking Irons has posted up some optional rules for the Use Me gaming system. Add some variety to your game.

From the update:

Heya Folks,

The sensational USE ME wargames series by is a complete Ultra Simple Engine for Miniature Engagements (clue’s in the name) but today on Barking Irons you can find optional additional rules for use in your games…

You do not need to use them, you can pick and choose from them to fit your own games. USE ME is very much a base for you to build your own gaming universe upon.

Advanced Mechanic for Firing into Close Combat
Shallow and Deep Water with Aquatics on the Table
Trenches and Razor Wire in Play
Vehicles and Ramming in Play
Optional Rule for Firing at the Rear of Vehicles

New Age of Might and Steel Article Now on Barking Irons

Barking Irons is holding true to their word of more articles. This latest one is for Age of Might and Steel.

From the update:

Heya Folks,

Today Barking Irons brings you full background and stats for using the mercenary army of “Grey Eye” Blackthorne in your wargames set in The Age of Might and Steel.

New Articles and Aliens over at Barking Irons

Barking Irons has posted up a pair of new articles as well as some new aliens over on their website.

From the update:

Heya Folks,

As I’m sure the eagle eyed among you have already noticed, Barking Irons has been updated with a couple of new articles for your perusal.

Keep coming back every couple of days for new content. This year Barking Irons will be bringing you at least three articles a week.

Yep. Three.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from now on at around 8am. That works out at around 12-15 articles every month which is pretty much the same as the mainstream wargames magazines out there.

Barking Irons, the ‘Dapper Miniature Gaming Magazine’ has returned.

Alternative Armies having a sale on Firefight

Alternative Armies is running a sale on their Firefight game line. Go get yourself some rules and models for cheaper than usual.

From the sales sheet:

We are offering ten percent off the Firefight 2.0 urban combat game system this time. Intense grid based combat with unique mechanics make this a tense and thrilling game every time. Choose from the game book on its own or the complete set which includes the book along with miniatures, based and dice.’s USEME Terminus Campaign Continues on Barking Irons

Barking Irons continues their Terminus campaign for the USE ME gaming system.

From the update:

Gavin Syme, author of the 15mm USEME Science-Fiction ruleset (and a plethora of other titles in the series) has just released the next mission in the massively popular Terminus campaign.

HOF Retained Knights – Single Figures now available at is now selling single figures of their various Sci-Fi lines. Want just several of a particular guy? You can do that now!

From the announcement:

This week has taken a step that literally hundreds of 15mm science fiction wargamers have been asking for over the last year. Now on our website you can get the seventeen different miniatures from HOF1 to HOF4 as single figures for only 0.40GBP each for exact choice of your forces. Choose from Command, Knights, Heavy Weapons and Assault Troops. Power Armoured Humans suitable for any game system. Bases not included. You can also buy these miniatures as packs on the same page.

15mm Boiler Suited Goons – Now Released from has released their new Boiler Suited Goons. Go have a look-see.

From the announcement:

This week has a new release in the form of HOF81 Hired Goons to add to your pulp, spy based and sci-fi forces in 15mm gaming.

This brand new pack contains ten white metal 15mm scale miniatures taken randomly from three poses of Boiler Suit wearing Goons armed with Sub-Machine Guns. Bases are not included – click below to see the miniature packs.

These miniatures are perfect for aiding an evil mastermind in his plans for small scale world domination. Got an nefarious base or lair that needs protecting? Hollowed out a volcano or built a dome on the moon? Yes, then you need goons to keep out those pesky secret agents and other law abiding buffons!.

Pacification – ‘Season One’ of Barking Irons’ Firefight 2.0 Campaign

Barking Irons put up the arc for Season One of their Firefight 2.0 campaign. Go check out what they’ve got in store for the missions this season.

From the update:

Today Barking Irons is spotlighting the epic Firefight 2.0 story arc, Pacification.

Written by Greg Rumbles and set in the Ion Age, Alternative Armies’ science fiction setting, Pacification is a series of nine linked missions highlighting the problems suffered by an occupying force in a built up area in time of war.

Each mission also adds to the dynamics of Firefight 2.0 with the inclusion of special rules that can also be used in future games.

Whilst written for Firefight 2.0 the Arc itself, along with the special rules, can easily be adapted to any other science fiction skirmish ruleset.

New USE ME templates available on Barking Irons

Barking Irons put up some templates for use in their USE ME gaming system.

From the update:

Heya Folks!

Wargamer Alistair McBeath has put together some templates for use in your games of USE ME which Gavin Syme, the games’ creator, has in turn passed on to me for publication on Barking Irons.

USEME Boxed Set Success – New Title Announced

Barking Irons has a new Use Me boxed set available and has a new name for the set.

From the announcement:

Three weeks ago we released the first in a planned series of starter packs for the popular USE ME wargame system. We would like to thank everyone who supported this by buying a set and also by suggesting other titles we could create in the series. We have already exceeded expected sales to the point where extra boxes have had to be brought in!

With this support we can announce the title of the next USE ME Starter Pack – UMS02 The Ziggurat of Clem IV. The Zidhe wish to capture the secrets of the Progenitors but will the Octopods let them have their way? This next pack will be coming this autumn. If you wish for more information please email us and ask. In the meantime here is a re-cap on the first starter set.

UMS01 Danger at Outpost 32 is a boxed USE ME Starter Set which contains the following items: UM001 USE ME 15mm Science Fiction rulebook, 27 White Metal Miniatures 15mm scale, 27 Plastic Round Bases, 2D6 Dice, Set of UMS01 Scenario Sheets including Rosters. Can the militia defending the outpost survive the attack by Grey Aliens? having a sale on Retained Knights is having a sale on their Retained Knights.

From the sales sheet:

This week our special offer is on some of the best loved and best selling miniatures we have ever made; Retained Knights. Power Armoured Humans in codes HOF1-HOF4.

HOF1 Retained Command
HOF2 Retained Knights
HOF3 Retained Heavy Weapons
HOF4 Retained Assault Troops

You can get each pack for ten percent off, no codes, no vouchers, the price is already reduced on the website. Also if you have a valid discount code you can use it too saving even more! Act now… this offer is for one week only!

Aquafids now available from has released a new set of aliens over on their website, the Aquafids.

From the release:

This brand new pack contains ten white metal 15mm scale miniatures taken randomly from three poses of Alien Infantry armed with Rifles. Bases are not included. Useful for many different near and far future settings. As well as a pack you can also purchase these and many other HOF miniatures as singles.

Flintloque Krautian Dwarves on sale now from Alternative Armies

Alternative Armies is having themselves a sale on Flintloque Krautian Dwarves. The models are small, so they figured the prices should be as well.

From the announcement:

No discount code needed, other promo codes can be used in conunction with this offer!

New Flintloque Releases – More Trolls

Barking Irons announces new Trolls for Flintloque.

From the announcement:

Hello Everyone !

The Trolkin of Copendaz get some more muscle!

Now released are three new codes for the Ferach Empire allied Trolkin. A mounted officer, a civilian character on foot and a pack of dead infantry.

Noble USE ME Support Pack, USE ME Cyberpunk, USE ME Eldritch Horror now out as downloads

Barking Irons now has several more of their USE ME sets available as downloads.

We have added three more titles to our paid downloads page for the USE ME Series taking the total to twelve titles. UM010 Support Pack gives you all you need for Tactics, Stategy, Terrain Building, Weather and more adding to any other USE ME title. UM011 Cyberpunk gives you rules and more for skirmish wargaming in an age of tech and corporate war. UM013 An Eldritch Horror presents a twisted vision of the British Isles in the 1930’s filled with creeping death for your skirmish wargaming. Each download purchase contains a full version of the title, seperate colour covers and an ‘ease print’ plan version for home printing should you so desire. Designed from scratch for on screen viewing and searching. Each is an instant download for only $5.00 by Paypal. Superb Value!

Danger at Outpost 32 – USE ME Starter Set Now Available

Barking Irons and bring you the new USE ME starter sets.

From the announcement:

Danger on Outpost 32

“Craft Delta Tango 3 please identify yourself. I repeat this is Outpost 32 controller traffic please identify so that we can direct you to landing pad Alpha for customs inspection.”

Lorn Abbott had attempted contact with the incoming star craft for more than ten minutes and it was becoming clear that who or whatever was on the ship was not in a talkative mood. Lorn tried again and then waited as the broad spec beam gave him nothing but empty signal in return. He turned to the assistant controller. Continue reading