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Arena Rex

Red Republic Games has their Arena Rex webshop now open. They've got all their goodies from their Kickstarter campaign now available. Adding to that group is their first new release since the aforementioned opening. Medusa takes her place as the head of the Gorgons. Just... don't look to closely at that head. It might be the last thing you look at.
Well, we've painted ourselves into a corner... a Terrain Corner!
Look, it's a busy week. Not all the jokes are going to be good ones. But that doesn't change that it is once again Thursday and so that once again means a Terrain Corner segment of the show.

Today we have: Tabletop World re-releases their Guard Tower, Arena Mat available at, and New Pre-painted Catalogue from Manorhouse Workshop.

It's always cool to see a game that had been funded on Kickstarter see a general release. This is one of those times, as Red Republic Games has opened up their Arena Rex webshop. Now, if you missed out on the campaign, you can get your hands on the miniatures originally only available there. You can recreate your own alternate-reality gladiator battles.
Red Republic Games has released their first post-Kickstarter campaign minis over in their Arena Rex webshop. You can pick up Sulla, Stheno, or Acerbus now.
I really need to look more into these minis. Their sculpts are pretty awesome.


From the release:
Red Republic Games has a preview up of the completed sculpt of the Leo mini they've been working on.



From the preview:

Leo is nearly complete and ready to be baked.

Red Republic Games is showing off some new previews for Arena Rex.
The sculptors they have doing the modelling are just knocking this stuff out of the park, if you ask me.


Red Republic Games has posted another progress report on how things are coming along with their Arena Rex Kickstarter. There's some delays, but some new art and WIP models to show off, too.


From the update:

Greetings all,

Delayed Shipping:

Shipping will be delayed further than anticipated. The project is running smoothly, if a bit slower than we hoped. Don't worry, the project will be fulfilled. We apologize for the additional delay, we know the wait can be frustrating. We want Arena Rex in your hands as much as you do. At this time we have decided to simply continue updating you on our progress rather than setting another estimated ship date.
Red Republic Games has done a major overhaul of their Arena Rex website. It can now be a one-stop-shop for all thing related to the game.


From the update: was due for a solid update. We've reworked the site and included new galleries that showcase everything that's been created thus far thanks to our Kickstarter campaign. Now, thankfully, everything is in one place. It's a great resource for new fans who are discovering Arena Rex, and those who backed us from the start.

Red Republic has some more previews up for Arena Rex that they've been working on.
Plus dice. I love dice.


From the update:

Hello hello all, the RRG team is preparing to spend some quality holiday time with our families this week. But first, we wanted to be sure our backers got a nice holiday update :) Let's begin with some new minis.

Red Republic Games has new previews up for minis for Arena Rex they've been working on. The one below's Marcus Furius.


From the preview:

Greetings backers! We have several new sculpts to share with you today, let's jump right in with the latest. Marcus Furius was sculpted by Patrick Masson, this is his second sculpt for the Arena Rex line and we think it's mighty good. We hope to work with Patrick again in the future. Each Marcus Furius mini will come with the optional shield visible in the second half of this GIF

Red Republic Games is showing off some WIPs of minis they've been working on as part of their Arena Rex Kickstarter campaign.
Note: One of the minis further down their the page isn't totally safe for work.


From the update:

Benoit Cauchies finished sculpting Iason just last week. His spear is completely separate from the arm that wields it. Modelers will have fine control over how "choked-up" his grip is, I think that's pretty cool :) Iason is Benoit's 5th sculpt for the Arena Rex line.

Red Republic Games is showing off some preview pictures of their WIP for Viatrix for Arena Rex.

Brueckenkopf takes a look at Arena Rex's Aquila model and gives you their thoughts on the subject.

From the review:

In another article of our big resin-week we take a closer look at Aquila, the great gladiator from Red Republic's new game Arena Rex.

Red Republic Games has posted an Arena Rex gameplay video over on their Kickstarter page.

From the update:

It’s here, finally. The long-anticipated (and long labored-over) gameplay video will guide you through the basics of Arena Rex: the model cards, combat, and the turn structure. Thanks everyone for your patience while we restructured the video. Enjoy!

Be sure to turn up the quality to 1080 if your connection supports it!

Arena Rex had a good weekend, unlocking the Wendigo for their campaign and showing off the next several stretch goals.

From the update:

Wendigo is now available in the Field of Titans!

You guys are unstoppable! Next up Septimus on foot, at $100k, along with a slew of bonuses! For those who missed it short hours ago, the full list is:

Septimus on foot in the Field of Mars
All backers will receive an art card for each miniature they select as a reward.
The new Ludus Ultimus level will receive a free Leo
Ludus Maximus will receive a free faction dice set and 5 additional favor dice (for a total of 15).

And it has finally happened -- our supporters have finally outpaced our artists! We currently have several characters that are still being finalized, and we don’t want to rush concepts out. The next stretch goal after 100K will be determined by the order of the incoming art. Congratulations on kicking our butts with the biggest day since the opening of the campaign!

Red Republic Games is showing off some more greens for Arena Rex, which broke through their $80k stretch goal.

From the preview:

Noxius and Micon , presented for your viewing pleasure! Benoit Cauchies's Noxius sculpt now has the hair and beard that make him so striking in the art -- here you can see it from a couple of angles. We can also finally show you a near-final Micon to give you a better taste of what's to come. Valentin Zak has done a terrific job of creating this towering figure, a monument of a man with a heart and fists of stone.

Red Republic Games continues to rise on Kickstarter. They're showing off a lot more stuff for the campaign, including WIP models, dice and battle mats.

From the update:

Red Republic Games has 20 days left for their Arena Rex Kickstarter project, and things are starting to really come together. At over 350% funded, RRG has been able to contract several amazing sculptors (Sebastian Archer, Benoit Cauchies, Valentin Zak, Olivier Nkweti, and MIKH) to work on the different models for this game.

RRG just released another work in progress. While this is still just the start of Noxius, the WIP shows how much motion and energy this model will have and the amazing ability of Benoit Cauchies. The level of quality that each model will portray, from what has been shown so far, is going to be amazing.

Additionally, there are now Ludi specific dice. These can be purchased in quantities of 10 (1 faction) for those looking to support a specific group or in a set of 20 (5 from each Ludi) for collectors, and a 3 X 3 vinyl battle mat, for those quick games and easy portability.

Red Republic Games made it up and over $60k on Kickstarter and thus has unlocked another model for Arena Rex.

From the update:

Red Republic Games is hard at work keeping up with all the unlocked stretch goals. Having passed 300% funding, what started as a project with 10 models, is now at 20, with 1 more in the works and many more to come. These new models stretch the gamut, with two that are Egyptian themed, two that are a mix between Norse and Native America traditions, one that was a prisoner, another that is a "regular" looking female, a gladiator atop a charging bull, a lion, a veteran of the arena, and a decapitated soldier who was brought back to life by a druid. While only three WiPs have been posted, Red Republic Games is working with some of the leading traditional sculptors around (MIKH, Sebastian Archer, Benoit Cauchies, and Valentin Zak). These had pulled, high quality resin models are a great deal. At the "Ludus Magnus" level, you get 5 models (6 if the next stretch is unlocked), dice, and the rules. This is everything you need to play a 2 player game, and all that comes out to about $14 a model, which is a great deal for this kind of quality.

Red Republic Games continues to unlock stretch goals in Arena Rex. Their next set to come up include some Egyptian-inspired models.

From the update:

In 5 days, Red Republic Games and their project Arena Rex has surpassed funding and achieved 6 stretch goals. New Stretches for Arena Rex lead the way to some fantastic look Egyptian themed miniatures from the royal ludus of Aegyptus.

The Morituri elevate and twist the munera far beyond the scope of anything Roman. Believing these sacred funerary games not only honor the fallen, but have the power to breach the boundaries of the afterlife, the Morituri eternally prepare for the next royal munera to aid in the restoration of their divine rulers. The Morituri aesthetic features the opulence of the pharaonic tomb, zealous and exotic warriors, and a dark fascination with death.

Red Republic Games has been doing rather well over on Kickstarter. They've made their goal and should be at 200% funded soon (if not already by the time you read this). They've unlocked a bunch of good stuff along the way.

From the update:

In the past three days, Red Republic Games and their project Arena Rex has been extremely successful. To date, the project has been funded and three stretch goals have been surpassed, unlocking several amazing new models, including Septimus and Nero (A wicked pairing of man and beast, Septimus and Nero are united in purpose on the sands. Only the most willful daredevil could survive such a mass of muscle and rage as Nero, let alone direct him. Septimus embraces the bull’s violent charges and unpredictability to strike viciously at those who escape being gored by his steed. It is hard to say whether the man or the bull has more kills in the arena, but their shared thirst for the razor-edged chaos of battle ensures the unspoken competition between them will continue); Noxius ( A captive too unruly for slavery and condemned to death in the arena, this man bears no name to speak of, and no tongue to speak it. He makes do with minimal equipment granted only for the sake of spectacle, and continues to survive despite terrible odds.); and Leo (Known for savaging not only arena combatants, but feeders and handlers, Leo has slain hundreds on the sands, and dozens in his pen. This king of beasts lives up to his reputation in every outing, satiating the crowd’s bloodlust while he feasts on his kills.) Next up, the lovely Ban-Luca.

Red Republic Games got their Kickstarter campaign underway.
Do you ever watch movies about gladiators?

From the campaign:

Gladiator miniatures and an arena skirmish game in a world where history, myth, and legend intersect.

Arena Rex is a line of high-quality, 35mm resin miniatures and an engaging skirmish game for 2 or more players. The world of Arena Rex is historically inspired, mythic in scope and legendary in proportion. Join us in bringing that world to life.

Red Republic Games is giving you the chance to become an Arena Rex mini.
How awesome is that?

From the contest:

Get ready to step into the world of Arena Rex with this opportunity to put on your gladiator face, and put your face on a gladiator. That’s right, in our newest contest we aren’t just giving you a chance to win one of our minis, we will make you into one!

The grand prize for this giveaway is one of every model we produce for Arena Rex in the next year, and one of those models will also be based on the likeness of the winner. Check out the rules at , and then show us what you’ve got!

Red Republic Games, makers of Arena Rex, are having a giveaway where you could win one of their Aquila models.

From the contest:
Note: Everything referring to "we" and "our" means Red Republic Games.

We are giving away some very advance copies of Aquila to a few lucky fans. There will be three separate drawings: one for Facebook, one for Twitter, and one for subscribers to our Newsletter. We'll pick two winners in each category -- feel free to enter each one to improve your chances (entries prior to contest announcement will still be counted). The drawing will take place on Wednesday, March 6th. Good luck!

We've also updated our website with our first rules preview, an intro to the world, and a look at some upcoming gladiators!
Red Republic Games now has their full Arena Rex website up and running, along with a nice video turntable preview of their Aquila model.

From the announcement:

Red Republic Games launches . The new site features more info on the forthcoming game and miniatures line. We look forward to sharing even more in the months to come. For now, enjoy a full HD turntable of our first miniature - Aquila, Champion of the XIII, sculpted by Sebastian Archer. Sign up for the newsletter to keep up to date on all the exciting developments we have planned for Arena Rex

Red Republic Games continues our theme of new company (or at least, new to us) announcements. Though this time there's an extra bit of goodness as they're announcing a new minis line and game system. Arena Rex is coming soon!

From the announcement:

Red Republic Games announces Arena Rex, gladiator combat in a mythic age. The spectacle begins March 15th.


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