Arcknight Running Patreon Campaign

Patreon’s a crowdfunding source that more gaming companies are looking into. For a monthly pledge (basically, you could think of it as a subscription fee), you get access to special material and extras that may or may not be available to the general public down the line. In this instance, it’s Arcknight that’s got a Patreon campaign up and running.
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Friday Snippets Corner

Hey everyone.
Well, the first week of the year is coming to a close. It’s been… an odd one. Monday I had off. Tuesday I had to take my car in for repairs (which got finished up on Thursday, since they had to order in a part). Wednesday and Thursday I had some stomach issues. Now it’s Friday and everyone here in Atlanta is bracing for a “huge snowstorm” that’s on its way. Hopefully it’s not too bad and everyone out there stays safe.
But just as everyone is stocking up on bread and milk, let’s stock up on some bite-sized gaming stories, as well as some terrain pieces from this week.

As such, we have: Flat Plastic Miniatures 2 Up On Kickstarter, New Sleeves Unlocked in Mage Company Kickstarter, New Metalized Discworld Death Bust From Micro Art Studio, New Magnetic Foil Sets Available From Tabletop-Art, Avatars of War Having Plastic Harpies Sale This Week, Brigade Models 6mm Habitation Dome Released, Heer46 launches Gebirgsjaeger Kickstarter, Molecules of Hatred: Wulfrim Irongrudge Available, and Acheson Releases More Dungeon Worlds Part 2 Figures.

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New add-on for Arcknight Flat Plastic Minis Kickstarter

Arcknight keeps adding more to their Flat Plastic Minis Kickstarter campaign. There’s some new artwork and a new add-on bundle to go check out.


From the campaign:

The core deal, referred to early on as the “I Want It All” tier is 310 Miniatures, Legendary Creatures, 80 bases, and domestic shipping for $75.

Once the name was locked in, it was history, and as we kept adding new stuff, people want all of that too.
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Arcknight close to 3x funded for Flat Plastic Minis

Arcknight is getting closer to 3x funded for their flat, plastic minis over on Kickstarter. There’s still quite a long way to go, though, for more stretch goals to be unlocked.

User Submissions


From the campaign:

Here are some sketches for four of the User Submissions that we’ve received so far. If you have selected a User Submission tier, feel free to email us at with details (which Marta reads). If you mentioned your submission in the comments, please send them to, since it’s too many things to keep track of.

Also, if you’re interested in a User Submission that doesn’t line up with a currently unlocked pack, just email us and we’ll discuss the details.

Arcknight running Flat Plastic Miniatures Kickstarter

Arcknight has a Kickstarter campaign up and running for Flat Plastic Miniatures. Pretty self-explanatory in the description there.
They’ve made their goal, so check out stretch goals and extras they’ll be aiming to unlock for the next 57 days.

Flat Plastic Miniatures


From the campaign:

Something NEW in miniature gaming – hundreds of affordable, quality tokens printed onto transparent plastic with front and back art.

We want to bring a new option to tabletop gaming – miniatures printed on thick clear plastic, with great double-sided art that’s pre-cut and ready to use for pennies on the dollar.

The Flat Plastic Miniature (FPM) is similar to a cardboard pawn or papercraft mini, except that it’s produced on thick transparent plastic. They are artistically pleasing without any white edges and can be used to create a library of miniatures OR supplement the existing miniatures you already have.

Arcknight launches silly KS, creating tokens for VTT programs

Arcknight launched a little Kickstarter campaign to create sets of tokens for VTT RPGs.



From the campaign:

I don’t know what you think is fun, but I love tabletop roleplaying, and the concept of modern online VTT’s like roll20, Playsets, and 3D Virtual Tabletop excites me even more. So I sat down to make my own online adventure, import some maps, and ran into a little problem: I needed tokens… heroes, monsters, horses (… well probably not horses) and without these things my online tabletop experience came to a screeching halt. I had two options: import my own (bad) tokens or buy some (bad) tokens from an online store. It’s probably more common than not that like me, you don’t have 100+ correctly sized transparent .png hero tokens on your computer.

And that is how this project was born!

Veteran Cartographer joins Arcknight’s Map Development Team

Arcknight has added Josephe Vandel to their team for their Roleplaying Maps campaign over on Kickstarter.

From the update:

Josephe Vandel, aka Schwarzkreuz, has just signed on to Arcknight’s map development team. This should help us with the workload, and bring some very different skills to the table.

Josephe has worked as a freelance cartographer for over 5 years, with his work appearing in numerous Roleplaying Games, Video Games and Novels. He has a Master of Arts degree in Design, specializing in Illustrations and is well studied in Art History and medieval architecture. He lives in Leipzig Germany and has travelled all over Europe visiting medieval castles, baroque churches and other ancient buildings.

Arcknight launches Roleplaying Maps Kickstarter campaign

Arcknight has started up a Kickstarter campaign to fund their Roleplaying Maps packs. They’ve already passed their initial goal and then some, so it’s stretch goals for 28 days.

From the campaign:

We created a series of full color, high quality, 11×17 maps that are designed to fit together (typically in pairs) and that are specifically engineered to be rotated and rearranged, creating alternate layouts. Using this technique, you can cater to most types of encounters a party will face in a typical fantasy roleplaying game with fewer total maps scattered about your table.