Anvil Eight Previews More Rhommox Sculpts for Aetherium

The Rhommox are unlike other factions for Aetherium. They’re not out for a particular ideology or simply trying to conduct business in a new form. They only want to spread, infect, and destroy. As such, their tactics are different from how others operate. And their figures are much more alien. Check out the Volatile sculpts below.
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Monday Terrain Corner

So… it’s Monday.
Maybe we shouldn’t dwell on that, but, instead remember the games we all (hopefully) played on the weekend. Heck, my gaming started before I even left the office on Friday with a game of the Bloodborne Card Game. Then a game of Guild Ball on Saturday. Always wanting to get in more games of that. Plus, there’s always looking forward to next weekend’s games… and the terrain they’ll be using. And with that, we go to the Terrain Corner.

Today we have: Anvil Eight Previews Rhommox Faction Pylon, ShipWorks 3d Printable Ship Terrain Up on Kickstarter, Operation Alpha: SciFi Gaming Mat Available from Pwork Wargame, and Return Of The Gaming Mat From Battlefront.

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Anvil Eight Previews The Vector For Aetherium

In physics, a vector is something that has both velocity and direction. In Aetherium, it’s a nasty program that is part of the Rhommox faction. That isn’t to say that it doesn’t also have velocity and direction. The velocity is “as fast as it can” and the direction is “into the heart of the enemy forces, where it’s bound to tear stuff up.”
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Anvil Eight Previews The Wurm For Aetherium

We’ve all heard about computer worms. They’re nasty, little programs that can infect your system and just keep on tunneling through. That might be annoying enough as-is, but in the world of Aetherium, you might just run into The Wurm, one of the terrors of the Rhommox Faction.
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Anvil Eight Previews Micros For Aetherium

Just about anyone that’s gotten a computer bug knows just how hard they can be to get rid of. Once your computer is infected, it seems to take the combined might of several IT professionals, multiple anti-virus programs, and no less than 4 sacrificial offerings to clear your computer. Well, in Etherium, those computer bugs are personified in the Micros. These little critters might not do much damage on their own, but they’re almost impossible to get rid of.
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Anvil Eight Previews the Beetle For Aetherium

The Rhommox are not like any other faction that’s in Aetherium. These beast-like programs aren’t out for personal gain or some political agenda. They’re just looking to destroy. And within that horde, the Beetles are some of the biggest and toughest. They’re also able to make sure their disruption effects trigger automatically, certainly something to watch out for if you see one charging at you.
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Anvil Eight Previews Trojan Artwork For Aetherium

Aetherium takes place in the digital world of a cyberscape filled with programs. And, like most of us know, there’s malevolent programs out there wanting to just gobble up your normal programs and make your computer melt. In the game, those are the Rhommox. In this preview, we get a look at the artwork for a Trojan. I think we’re gonna need a bigger horse.
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Anvil 8 Games Previews New Artwork for Aetherium

Aetherium, the minis skirmish game in the realm of cyberspace, is getting itself a new faction. They’re led by the Rhommox, a gigantic hulking thing. They’re showing off the artwork for that, as well as the first program that goes with it, the Wasp. Check ’em out.
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Photos From Gen Con Day 3

Gen Con this year has been everything I was expecting it to be. Mostly: filled with awesome stuff to see and filled with lots of people! Saturday has always been the busiest day, and yesterday was no exception. And while there was a mildly-noticeable larger crowd, we weren’t all packed in like sardines, for the most part. You could still get around to see all the great booths here at the show. Though taking pictures was sometimes difficult. But take them I did. And here they are for you to see.
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Gen Con Day 2 Photo Galleries

So, it’s coming up to 8pm. Day 2 is definitely in the books for Gen Con 2016. It’s been a very busy day. I’m tired, but still pretty amped about everything that’s gone on. And I’m sure you all would like to know about some of it. There’s been about a billion things to see. So, relatively, here’s a rather small percentage. More will come tomorrow.
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More Photos From Adepticon

Man! Today sure has been busy! I’ve gotten a bunch of photos taken. I’ve talked to a lot of really cool people. I’ve gotten a demo of a brand new game (demo report forthcoming). And I’ve had Portillo’s. Can’t get any better than that, really. So if you’ve not been following the coverage over on the TGN Facebook Page, here’s what you’ve been missing:
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Aetherium: House Ikaru Kickstarter Running Now

Aetherium is getting 50% bigger. House Ikaru, a new 3rd faction for the game, is up on Kickstarter now. This new faction is sure to shake up the balance of the Aetherium, as their operatives move in to show that financial control of the real world is only the start of the aspirations of this giant megacorporation.
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Anvil Eight Games Webshop Now Open

Anvil Eight has just opened up their webshop. You can now get all those Aetherium miniatures (and, of course, the game, itself) for your very own. Another one of those products that come from a successful Kickstarter campaign, it’s always good to see those turn into general releases, and I look forward to seeing more upcoming releases for this new game.

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Final hours for Aetherium

Anvil Eight Games is in their final hours of their Kickstarter campaign. They’ve made their goal and then some, along with other backer-numbers extras as well, so go check them out and don’t miss on your chance to get in on the ground level of this new game.



From the campaign:

Hi all! Just one more day and 16 backers to unlock the House Ikaru avatar, Mother of Machines. We can do this!

And speaking of avatars, today we finish our focus on the different program types in Aetherium with an in-depth look at one of the Nanomei’s key avatars, the elusive Masque.

Five days left for Aetherium

Anvil Eight Games has 5 days left in their Aetherium Kickstarter campaign. There’s still plenty to unlock and add to your pledge.



From the campaign:

Hey everyone! Aetherium continues to gather steady momentum as we enter these final 5 day -absolutely fantastic. We are tremendously excited not only by the response so far, but also for the future that you have opened (and continue to unlock) for this game.

Computer Viruses are nasty

Anvil Eight Games is showing off a new bit of concept art for Aetherium over on their Kickstarter page. Check out The Rhommox.

The Rhommox


From the campaign:

One week to go! It has been an incredible 23 days, with 7 more to go… We are positively elated by all the feedback, as well as by the growing enthusiasm of this new community. We cannot thank you enough for believing in Aetherium and for giving this incredible new game the impetus it needs to reach your tabletop. Glorious.

Because of you, Aetherium is real and it is here to stay! With that in mind, here is a very brief sneak peek of what we mean when we say that.

Looking forward. Several of you have asked about House Ikaru with some considerable interest; however, House Ikaru is just one of several tremendous factions we have in the works. Quite a few supporters have also asked about a faction we mentioned during the interview with Bill at Gamer’s Lounge: The Rhommox.

Cut through the noise to the stretch goals

Anvil Eight Games made it through 2 stretch goals in just one day. Up next, dice. We all love dice.

Alternate dice


From the update:


Kent called it. We hit two stretch goals yesterday!! Absolutely amazing. We are extremely pleased not only to include the mousepad playmat in every Starter Box (and as an add on), but also to see the community grow and grow and grow. We are a new company and there is nothing more exciting for us than to see firsthand your interest and enthusiasm for Aetherium. We cannot thank you enough for your support.

Later today, I will be updating the stretch goals to include some more goals for everyone based entirely on the number of supporters. Let’s make this community grow. Tell a friend. Tell two!

In the mean time, our next goal allows an option for custom colored dice to suit your needs. If unlocked, we will take orders for these as part of the pledge manager after the campaign has completed. Have a look:

Gamers Lounge Interviews Anvil-8 about Aetherium

Gamers Lounge sat down with the fine fellows from Anvil Eight and talked a bit about Aetherium. Go check out what they had to say.


From the chat:

In this special episode of the Gamers Lounge, Bill spends time speaking with Brian Niro and Chris Tavonatti about a new game, Aetherium. This is a fantastic 90 minute interview where you will hear all about the game, upcoming plans, and how the Anvil-8 guys experience at Adepticon went.

Aetherium Reaches Goal

Anvil Eight Games has passed their funding goal for Aetherium over on Kickstarter.
So for those that were waiting for that to happen before they pledged, your time has come.
Let’s see how many stretch goals they can make it through in the next 12 days.


From the campaign:

And there it is! Thank you everyone for all of your tremendous support and enthusiasm for Aetherium. We are absolutely thrilled by this response and cannot wait to bring you more and more and more. We have 12 days to go yet, so there is still time to really explore the space.

Aetherium Game Play video posted

Anvil Eight Games updated their Kickstarter page with a link to a game play video. They’ve also got photo scale comparisons of their minis vs. many other popular mini lines out there.


From the update:

Our gameplay mechanics video has been completed and is now up for viewing.

I will apologize in advance for my voice in this video. This was filmed around midnight or so during Adepticon after a long day of running demo games, (I think I ran 9 or 10 that day!) and my voice was a bit shot, not to mention my head was spinning. Hopefully you can all understand my blabbering madness and finally understand how the game works.

Again, if anyone has any questions about the game after watching the video, do not hesitate to ask!

New Pledge Levels and Previews for Aetherium

Anvil 8 Games updated their Kickstarter campaign with new pledge levels and a new 3D render of House Ikaru’s first model.


From the update:

Hello Everyone! We are marching along with over 100 backers, and getting closer and closer to our goal every day. Tremendously exciting!

We want you to know that we have been listening very closely to your feedback. With that in mind, we have several key announcements that we wanted to make today:

More Pledge Levels: We have added two “in between” pledge levels in the transition from Subroutine and Function Pledge Levels. Each offers all of the models for one faction or the other, as well as the bonuses from the preceding levels. These pledge levels now offer that medium pledge level, and are ideal for players who find themselves drawn primarily to one faction. There’s a lot to like here.

Clear Pledge Levels: In the last week, some of you have expressed a bit of confusion about what exactly comes in each level. We have tried to clear that up with revised graphics that more clearly express what you get at each level, and specifically that show exactly how many models can and will be included in each level.

New Stretch Goals = More Stuff!!!: Please have a look at a few new Stretch Goals that we hope will excite you about the ways in which you can get more from your pledge and support.

A demo of Aetherium

Anvil 8 Games is one of the many companies here showing off their games at Adepticon.
While moseying through one of the gaming areas, I came across their demos for Aetherium, the game they’re currently funding over on Kickstarter. So I sat down and tried out the game.

Aetherium is both the name of the game as well as the setting. Think a little bit Tron, a little bit The Matix and a little bit Inception and you’ll get an idea of what the Aetherium is. The game is played on a grid board. On the board are terrain tiles. However, the tiles don’t cover the entirety of the grid. The spaces in-between the tiles can be moved across… but at a price. More on that in a bit.
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Anvil Eight Games takes you to the Aetherium

Anvil Eight Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Aetherium, their new sci-fi board game.


From the campaign:

Enter the Aetherium – a world between worlds, a place capable of containing the human mind, a place of infinite possibility, a place that is no place at all.

Atherium is a miniatures board game by Anvil Eight Games for 2 or more players.

Control the tyrannical and neo-fascist government of the Axiom, or fight for your freedom alongside the anarchist Nanomei.

Aetherium requires roughly one hour for a full game. Assemble your collective of hackers, agents, activists, or anarchists and lead them on a hyper-fast run through a dangerous virtual reality. Aetherium is a contest of mental skill, as players try to outthink their opponent using programs, resources, and the world itself in order to carve a space inside this fluid reality. Fight for control of the greatest discovery of human existence.